Eye Look of the Week | September 24, 2018

Hello everyone! It’s Monday again!

I don’t know about you, but my makeup tastes definitely change with the season. I know many people change the types of shades that they wear, but I also like different kinds of eye looks. While I usually love shimmers on the lid, all matte looks are my kryptonite during the Fall! And that’s what today’s look features!

Of course, I’m all about the warm shades right now, so I created a look using the good ol’ Yes Please! Palette from Colourpop. As you can see, mine is well used (and impossible to clean at this point).

yes please outside

yes please inside

Because I was very busy getting ready to go on a trip, I didn’t have time to take any photos, so I literally took some in the car lol. The lighting isn’t too horrible.





To accomplish this look I used the following shades:

  1. I created this look using the reverse blending method (I’m pretty sure this is what it is called when you start with the deepest crease shade, and then use progressively lighter shades to blend it out) with my eyeshadow primer left tacky. I first applied French Kiss to the outer corner and into the lower crease. I mainly placed the shade, and did not really blend the edges. I was very careful to not take this shade any higher than the lower crease, because I knew I still wanted to leave room for two more shades above it. This is a great medium-deep brown.
  2. I then blended out the upper edges of French Kiss with GNO, keeping it in the crease. GNO looks very different depending on whether you apply it on tacky or set eye primer. On tacky concealer, it appeared as a much brighter orange, whereas in the pan it is more burnt orange. I also applied this shade to the lower lash line.
  3. I then further blended the edges of GNO with Mischief, keeping it to below the brow bone. This is a pretty decent yellow, as far as yellows go. I wish it was a bit warmer (had a bit more orange in it), but it still gives the desired effect when going for a look like this.
  4. Lastly, I cut the crease with concealer and applied Full Zip all over the lid. I also used this shade on the inner corner and on the brow bone.
  5. To make sure everything blended out properly, I took GNO and blended it over the outer half of the lid, and re-deepened the outer corner with French Kiss.

To finish off the look I applied the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in the shade “Lucky” to the water line, and lightly added some of the NYX Jumbo Pencil in “Black Bean” to deepen it a bit.

Even though all matte looks seem so simple, and at times lacklustre, I just love the effect this look had! The white on the inner part of the lid just opens up the eye, and the deepened outer corner adds drama. The contrast is simple but beautiful.

What eye looks have you been enjoying to create lately? Are you an all matte, or a shimmer fan? Do your preferences change with the season?

sign off 3

23 thoughts on “Eye Look of the Week | September 24, 2018

      1. haha! When I used to do my makeup in our bathroom with bad lighting I would get in the car and be horrified when I looked in the mirror. But I love taking random makeup photos in the car, they turn out so much better than in the house for me

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, that’s why all of my photos are usually outside 😛 Even in the freezing winter, which I am not looking forward to (this coming from someone who lives in such a temperate area; try to not roll your eyes too hard in AB LOL).

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I love this palette, I can’t believe I still don’t own it, but this eye look is amazing! You always have the best eye looks! Your eyes really pop too! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Believe me, with time you can! Two years ago I NEVER wore eyeshadow. And then all of a sudden last year I got more and more into it, and now I feel I’m on my way to fine-tuning things. Anything is possible with Youtube these days!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! This was quite a while ago so I can’t totally remember but it looks like it is probably the Becca Glow Gloss in “Rose Gold”.


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