Eye Look of the Week | September 17, 2018

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Today for my Eye Look of the Week, I am featuring the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette. I know that ever since I got this palette (exactly one month ago now), I have been relatively radio silent about it. Usually when I get a palette like this, I try to create as many looks as soon as possible, and put out a review. Well… I’m feeling pretty meh about this palette. I think I would have gotten more excited about it after it’s first use, but I’m not so happy about quite a few of the shades. People are raving about this palette, but I just don’t get it.

Anyways, I think this look that I am about to share with you is pretty, but it’s the creating the look that is the problem. And maybe the word problem is too extreme… It’s just not as easy as it is with other ABH palettes. After Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam I have very high expectations, and this palette doesn’t quite meet them. It is pretty to look at though, isn’t it?




selfie 1

selfie 2



To accomplish this look I used the following shades:

    1. I started off the crease and lower lash line with Love. This is a medium pink that I would say is also medium in the amount of pigmentation it has. Building is definitely required. People keep raving about how pigmented the mattes are in this palette, but I just don’t agree, at least where some of the shades are concerned.
    2. To deepen the outer corner I added Soul. This is probably the most disappointing matte shade in the palette. It doesn’t really build well on top of other shades. You can see in the eye look that my outer corners are hardly deepened at all. Well I probably dipped into the palette 3 times to get that amount of pigmentation.
    3. I cut the crease with a white concealer and applied the shade Wild Child to the inner third of the lid. This is one of two disappointing shimmer shades in the palette. It is kind of like chunky shimmer with very little to no base pigment, so it requires a lot of packing. I obviously got the job done, but I just know that they can do metallics so much better than that.
    4. I then applied the shade Celestial to the rest of the lid. This was the same deal as Wild Child, chunky shimmer with barely any base pigment. Disappointing. But I made it work.
    5. I finished off the look by adding Dreamer to the inner corner.

Overall, this palette is fine, but it is not even close to the level of Modern Renaissance or Soft Glam. I’ve had trouble with some of the mattes becoming murky on the eye, and basically losing their colour to become more brown/neutral. Both Eccentric and Passion do this to me. I even tried these shades on top of a tacky white base with the hope of preserving the vibrancy of the shades, but in the finished look Eccentric still appeared like a deeper warm brown, rather than a vibrant mustard orange, and Passion just looked like a dark chocolate, rather than garnet. Eccentric even seems to become less warm on the eye as you wear it, and becomes even more neutral brown after hours of wear. Don’t get me wrong, you can still get plenty of pretty looks out of this palette. They just turn out more neutral than you would expect from how the shades look in the pan, which is disappointing for me.

I know people have been very happy with this palette, but what has been your experience? Let me know!

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24 thoughts on “Eye Look of the Week | September 17, 2018

  1. I have been happy with this palette, but I don’t have other ABH palettes to compare it to. I know what you mean about how wild child and celestial aren’t as pigmented as the other shimmers. I still like them and can make them work, but they take more effort to get them the way I want them. I love the look you created!

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    1. Yeah I’m not sure that I would recommend it at this point! If you are a neutral lover, sure. But if you are looking for a different colour scheme, I feel like this palette almost tricks you. You look at the pan shades, and you think you are getting something different. But in the end most of the looks that you will create will be neutral.


  2. The eye look came out great! This palette was not speaking to me. You take away the 2 purple shades and it’s just your basic neutral palette. Meh. I know some people love neutrals and never stray from them. I like color. I need color. Neutrals are ok every now and then, but I have more fun creating colorful looks.

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    1. Thank you! I know, this palette is like a neutral one with a few pops, and if you already have those pops in your collection there’s no point. For those of us that thought there was some colour in here though, I feel we have been tricked since like I said some of the mattes look more neutral on the eye than they do in the pan!


    1. Thank you! Even though the palette is still fine, you’re right, I am definitely disappointed and even a little confused. How do colours just change like that? Oh well, I won’t be returning it, but I’m not going to recommend it!

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    1. Thanks love!! Yeah I’m a little surprised people are as obsessed with this palette as they are! It’s good, but there are definitely some inconsistencies compared to their past palettes.


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