Nude on Nude Fall Mani

Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you a really simple, but perfect for the start of Fall, mani.

I’ve been realizing lately that even though I am still loving doing manicures and nail art in my own time, I hardly ever feature nails on my blog! Nail polish and nail art was my first love, starting way back when I was in high school, so I really want to be able to share this first love with you! I probably haven’t been doing nail posts on my blog just because they really don’t get views or comments, but I’m going to do them anyways, for me.

So let’s get into this mani!

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For this manicure I used the whole of the limited edition KL Polish Lips + Tips Collection (with the exception of the lip product), which launched at the end of 2017. I actually held out to purchase this collection until it went on sale at the beginning of this year, and I am so glad that I went through with it. While limited edition, this whole collection is still available on KL Polish, and you can also buy the shades individually.

  1. For this manicure you will need 5-6 nude shades ranging from pinks to browns. If you want to use all pinks or all browns, all the power to you!
  2. I started by applying my favourite base coat (Orly Bonder) and 2-3 coats of each shade to each nail in a gradient pattern (from pink to brown) across my nails. I used the KL Polishes November on my thumb, Lumiere on my pointer finger, Aquarius on my middle finger, Point Zero on my ring finger and Taurus on my pinky.
  3. I then applied a fast drying top coat (Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat) to all of my nails.
  4. Immediately after applying the top coat, I dropped one silver triangle stud at the top of each nail, except the pointer finger. The studs I use are from La Paloma Boutique, a very affordable Etsy store.
  5. After letting your pointer finger nail dry completely (I’m talking hours here, be conservative because you are about to apply a sticker stencil that you will have to pull off), I used the What’s Up Nails Knitting Stitches nail vinyl to apply a knit stitch pattern with KL Polish Alyssa. I used a sponge to apply the polish, but you can paint on directly if you want. Unfortunately this nail vinyl seems to no longer be available, so you can either hand draw the knit pattern (just little V’s in vertical rows), or use any nail vinyl that will give you a full pattern over your nail. Let dry completely to avoid streaking and then apply a fast dry top coat.
  6. Once all of your nails are dry, apply a matte top coat. I used the Orly Matte Top Coat.

Overall, I’m loving how simple but chic this nude mani is! I also almost never do matte manicures, but Fall is the perfect time for them!

What are your favourite shades or manicures for Fall? I definitely always feel most inspired during Fall and Winter!

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15 thoughts on “Nude on Nude Fall Mani

  1. You are so good at nail art! I cannot for the life of me do it – I’ve used What’s Up Nail Vinyls before and they didn’t really turn out well, which is more user error than anything.
    Love all of the shades you chose for this nail look! The matte top coat really makes it look unique. I used bright colours on my nails all summer, so now I’m super into nudes haha.

    1. Thank you! Although this mani is very minimal nail art, haha 😉 The nail vinyls can definitely be hit or miss. I just try to make sure that they are VERY firmly pressed down on my nail. And I try to wrap the vinyl under the tip of my nail if possible. I think the matte topcoat brings it all together! I also love how it slightly dulls/mutes the colour. And I totally get you on that! I’m ready for nudes, oranges, greys and deep vampy shades!

      1. Minimal but still nail art nonetheless, haha!
        Hmm, good tip about wrapping it under the tip of your nail – I never thought about that! My pain point is the area where the sides of my nails meet the skin – the nail vinyl always seems to lift up there since that area isn’t flat.

      2. Hehe 😉 Yes, the sides of the nail are definitely a problem area and I still encounter issues sometimes. The best you can do is to press it down HARD! I will use my thumb on the other hand and really use my nail to push down along the side of the cuticle. But lifting can still happen, it’s a flaw in the product for sure. But unavoidable.

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