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Hey everyone! Today I am giving you my full review on the Colourpop Mar Palette. When I saw that this was releasing, I knew I had to get it. If you have been following my blog at all this summer, you will know that I have been obsessed with blue eyeshadow. The combination of blues and bronzes is really what pushed me over the top with this palette. The colour selection is wonderfully curated too. You have exactly what you need to build up the crease, and then a bunch of lid shades to play with. So did it work out? Let’s get into it!

Packaging and First Impressions

When I first opened the unit carton of this palette, I was shocked! If you have ever used Colourpop palettes, they are usually in the typical cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. Well this palette is actually a white, hard plastic palette that has metallic blue detailing. Although this change seems like it should be an upgrade, I can’t help but feel like it feels a bit cheaper. But that’s just me.

Inside, the palette has 9 shades with a blue and bronze colour story. The shades in the pan look glorious in the sun, especially where the metallics and satins are concerned.



Price and Quantity

This eyeshadow palette is priced at $12 USD and has 0.36 oz of product. Each shade has 0.04 oz which is pretty typical, or just below the typical amount included in shadow palettes. For example, the typical amount included in palettes ranges between 0.5-0.7 oz, but Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes only have 0.02 oz per pan. I don’t usually compare drugstore brand products because the prices vary so widely between retailers, but of course Colourpop sits in kind of the limbo area between drugstore and high end, and their prices are standardized between retailers. So what I can do is compare to other brands where the prices are standardized, like high end retailers, and some mid-range retailers.

For the comparisons I tried to select palettes that are smaller (12 shades or less) and have some blues and bronzes.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value. Keep in mind that for this comparison all prices are in $USD for once:

Rank Product Cost
($ USD)
Quantity (oz) Number of Shades Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Juvia’s Place The Saharan II Eyeshadow Palette $20 1.14 9 $18/oz
2 Colourpop Mar $12 0.36 9 $33/oz
3 Colourpop X Kathleen Lights Dream St. $16 0.36 12 $44/oz
4 Huda Beauty Obsessions $27 0.45 9 $60/oz
5 Urban Decay Beached Eyeshadow Palette $34 0.32 8 $106/oz
6 Smashbox Cover Shot: Eye Palettes (Sunlit Yellow) $29 0.27 8 $107/oz

Overall, it’s not at all a surprise that the Colourpop Mar palette has amazing value! Although I was surprised to see that it had better value than the larger 12 pan Colourpop palettes. It also makes sense that the Juvia’s Place palettes outrank it at first place, because their pan sizes are huge! Ultimately, I think most of us know that you really can’t go wrong with Colourpop when considering value. The prices are *almost* unbeatable!


Here are the claims from the Colourpop website:

“You’re so wavy. This teal and bronze 9-pan shadow palette is a colour lover’s dream! Insanely pigmented teals and wearable bronzes make this the perfect vacay palette. Slip this sleek mirrored palette in your luggage and make a splash!”


El Rey: metallic soft peach with gold pearl
Wild One: metallic rich orange copper
Detour: matte cobalt
Boozy: metallic orange with gold pearl
Gridlock: bright teal with silver & teal glitter
Sorbet: matte peachy soft brown
Hwy: satin sea foam green with a gold sheen
Top Down: matte dark chocolate
My Way: metallic true vibrant bronze

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, I have been very happy with this palette!

The mattes in this palette, Sorbet, Detour and Top Down all have perfect pigmentation, allowing you to build up the crease with some depth really easily. I have also been really happy with all of the metallics in this palette. When applying a metallic or satin lid shade, I always cut the crease first with a concealer so that the shadow has something tacky to stick onto, and then I apply the shade with my finger. This method worked just as well as it always does with the shades in this palette. The metallics and the satin shade all packed on really well to achieve full pigmentation.

I did notice with the shade Gridlock, however, that it was very firmly pressed into the pan, so you do need to really rub your finger in there to get the pigment. But that is actually something that I have encountered with similar blue shades in other palettes (Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 4 Florals – Blue Lagoon).


swatches labelled.jpg

Much of the same glowing remarks can be said about the performance of this palette. The mattes blended effortlessly and beautifully, and none of the shades ever faded throughout the day. There was likely fallout when I was applying the shades, but I always do my eyeshadow before the rest of my makeup, so I don’t really notice that. Honestly, I don’t have anything bad to say!

Below are some of the looks that I created, and my specific thoughts on the shades.




Shades Used:
Crease and lower lash line. This is a great warmer brown to start off the crease that is actually quite pigmented and buildable!
Top Down: Outer corner. This chocolate brown is perfect for deepening the outer corner and was easy to blend.
Boozy: Inner third of the lid after cutting the crease with concealer. This shade is like warm golden sunshine, so pretty!
Gridlock: Outer two thirds of the lid. This blue is the clear star of the show for me. It is a beautiful bright blue metallic that also has blue and silver glitter in it. The effect in the sun is incredible! However, do note that it will stain your lids.
El Rey: Inner corner. This is a really smooth peachy gold metallic.
Wild One: Lower lash line. This is a really warm metallic copper shade. I love the look of the copper lash line with blue on the lid!

To keep with the copper lower lash line look, I applied the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Lucky” to the waterline.




This look was meant to be the reverse of my first look!

Shades Used:
Sorbet: Crease and lower lash line.
Top Down: Outer corner.
Wild One: Lid after cutting the crease with concealer. I absolutely love this warm copper on the lid.
El Rey: Inner corner. I probably use this on the inner corner with about 90% of the looks that I create with this palette.
Gridlock: Lower lash line.

To keep with the blue lower lash line look, I applied the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Deep End” to the waterline.



Shades Used:
Sorbet: Crease.
Top Down: Outer corner.
HWY: Inner half of the lid after cutting the crease with concealer. This teal when packed on is so vibrant! I think when swatching it normally, it looks less than impressive. But on a sticky base, oh wow!
My Way: Outer lid. This deep neutral copper is so dreamy!



Shades Used:
Sorbet: Crease and lower lash line.
Top Down: Outer corner.
My Way: Lid after cutting the crease with concealer.
El Rey:
Inner corner.
Lower lash line. I didn’t get much of an impression of this deep blue from this look, but I will express more of my thoughts in the next.



Shades Used:
Detour: Crease. This blue applied so incredibly pigmented and blended so smoothly! I applied this look without setting my eyeshadow base, and the colour stayed so vibrant!
Center of the lid after applying concealer.
El Rey:
Inner corner.

I was surprised to see that after I removed this eye look, only the center of my lids were stained, so it appears that only Gridlock stains! I would have expected all of the blue shades to stain.



Shades Used:
Sorbet: Crease.
Top Down: Outer corner.
El Rey:
Lid after cutting the crease with concealer and inner corner. All over the lid, this was a classic peachy gold shade that looked classic and stunning.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I literally have zero complaints with this palette. It’s well-curated, the pigmentation is great, and the performance is exactly what I want: easy to apply and long-lasting. All for the price of $12 USD, you really can’t go wrong, and I am so glad that I decided to get this!

Did you get this palette? What do you think about the Colourpop shadow formula? Let me know down below!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I can’t believe how stunning Gridlock and all of those bronzey shades are. I adore all of your looks, but my favourite is the second with that pop of colour on the lower lashline!

  2. I was trying to figure out what I would do with those blues and then you go and put them in almost everything. They look great!

  3. I really want to buy this palette, but I have been buying SO many palettes lately that I think this will just have to wait. I’m obsessed with that all blue look you did though. 😍

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