Eye Look of the Week | August 15, 2018

Hello everyone! This week’s Eye Look of the Week is a little late… because I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday 😥. That’s right, all 4! I have to say, I was really quite nervous for the appointment, bordering on scared, which is unusual for me. But overall it went well with no complications, thank god! Anyways, I’m recovering now, and things aren’t so bad. Luckily I am able to recover for the rest of this week, so I can slowly get back to blogging!

This week’s Eye Look of the Week features the Violet Voss Flamingo Eye Shadow Palette. This is such a fun palette that really inspires me. I’ve been playing with it pretty continuously since I got it and can’t wait to do a full review!





To accomplish this look I used the following shades:

  1. I started off the crease with Lemonade. I love that this shade is a true medium yellow. So many palettes these days have mustards, and this one is so much better! This is the perfect transition shade to start off a warm look.
  2. I applied Sunbathe to the crease to start building some depth. This creamsicle shade is lighter but definitely added some peachyness to the look.
  3. I applied Popsicle to the crease and outer corner to add some more orange-y brightness. Unfortunately, even though this shade looks might brighter and warmer in the pan, it really comes off the same colour as Sunbathe. I haven’t yet tried this shade on a tacky base, so that might make it more obvious as to whether these two shades can be distinct or not. Maybe the pigment just wasn’t sticking.
  4. I added Sandals to the crease and outer corner, and this was the shade that ended up really amping up the warmth and orange of the look. I tried to build it up in the outer corner to deepen even more, but it didn’t really build to be as deep as it looks in the pan.
  5. So I also added a slight amount of Sunnies to actually deepen the outer corner. This wasn’t the easiest black to blend out, but when going back and forth between Sunnies and Sandals, I could make it work. I’m also just not that used to working with black shadows.
  6. I cut the crease with white concealer and pressed Pineapple onto the inner third of the lid with my finger. The metallics in this palette are so gorgeous, although some of them are different in consistency. This metallic is such a gorgeous bright yellow that is very finely milled and smooth.
  7. I then pressed Island onto the center of the lid. This metallic was also relatively smooth, but slightly more chunky, which gave it a more light-reflective appearance.
  8. I finished off the look by applying Sand to the brow bone. This is the perfect matte brow bone shade!

Even though warm eye looks are so old at this point, I really enjoyed creating this look. The metallics were really nice and it was interesting seeing how the mattes in this palette work out! Using a new formula always comes with a bit of a learning curve, but so far I have had very few problems with this palette! My main impression is that you should use a tacky base with it, instead of setting your eye primer, unless you want a more diffused, lighter washed look.

What eye looks have you been enjoying to create lately? Have you tried Violet Voss eyeshadows?

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7 thoughts on “Eye Look of the Week | August 15, 2018

  1. I have to admit that I expected something super bright and crazy from your first look with this palette given all the colourful shades but this look still really pretty! I’d love to see a blue eye look from this one xx

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    1. Haha yeah.. that photograph and editing tutorial from the other day was created from this palette too. I did a purple look, but the shadows that I used in the crease from another palette performed terribly so that was a scrap. It’s taking me a while to get together looks from this palette since it’s not exactly every day wearable. And I haven’t been wearing makeup all this week because of my wisdom teeth surgery so I’m quite behind in eye looks!


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