☀️🌊July Look Book🌊☀️

Hello everyone! Happy August!

I have mixed feelings about it already being August, as I am sure you do. I am excited, because I am almost done my MSc and there are all sorts of new things on the horizon for me. I’ll be finding a new job, and potentially moving wherever it takes me, including out of the country if the right opportunity comes along. However, it means that the summer is coming to an end, which is sad. But on the other hand, than means Fall is just around the corner *and pumpkin spice lattes*. So overall, I think there’s more good than bad, if I can even decide😝.

In this last month most of my blogging and instagram activity occurred in the last couple of weeks. Since I was still on vacation until the 7th, I didn’t do a lot online, especially since I didn’t have any internet access. But I still managed to get up to a few things, especially involving blue eye makeup! I was positively obsessed! So let’s get into it.


In celebration of both Canada Day and July 4th, I created an eye look for both holidays, as well as a manicure with a mixture of the two! I was so happy with how the content for that post turned out! Scroll down to see the mani and the other eye look! And check out the full post with all the details here.







The day after I got home from my vacation, I was so excited to dive back into makeup. I only wore makeup maybe 3-4 times on my trip, so I was itching to get back into it and to play with colour. This started my obsession for blue eye looks this month! Check out the close up of the look below. For more details check out my Eye Look of the Week post that features this look!



This month I got to have some fun playing with the new KL Polish Havana Heat collection. It had been a while since I had done anything even resembling nail art, so this was refreshing and a fun way to use a bunch of the shades. Check out my full overview of the collection here.


This month marked one year of blogging for me. I think this was a pretty big milestone, and overall I’m happy I’m still at it! I had no idea when I started this blog that it would turn into what it has. To see an overview of this last year, check out my Blogiversary post.


Isn’t the KL Polish Havana Heat collection pretty?! So unique for summer too! I think the shades will transition into Fall really nicely.


Oh look, more nail art! This is actually lazy nail art for me, but it looks complicated and cool! Using more shades from the KL Polish Havana Heat collection.


One palette that I have been drooling over this last month is the Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe palette. While I haven’t reviewed this palette, I’ve created at least four looks with it and I absolutely love it. When she releases her next palette, I will very likely be getting it! You can check out another look with this palette here. The metallics are just STUNNING! Some of the best I have ever used.



I interrupt this regularly scheduled programming for a bronze-y eye! Wow, not blue, you say? If you can believe it, this is only a three shadow look! So simple, yet very beautiful, especially in the sun! Check out my Eye Look of the Week on it here.


Alright, here’s some real nail art. Sort of a floral french, if you will. I was desperate to use this blue again (no surprise there), which is actually from last year’s KL Polish summer collection (“Porter Miami”). I just got it a couple of months ago, but had only used it once. The shades for the flowers were China Glaze “White on White” and KL Polish “Tropicana”.



Well I held off for a while, but ended up ordering it anyways: the Colourpop Mar Palette. I mean, it has blue!! Check out my first look with it below. I will be posting a full review soon!



Details on this look were just posted in yesterday’s Eye Look of the Week.


This month I was super lucky to receive the Vichy Aqualia VoxBox from Influenster which included a serum and moisturizer that I love! Check out my full review here!


Oh man, am I excited about this purchase! When I saw teasers about this, the Violet Voss Flamingo palette, I knew that I would get it immediately. However, for whatever reason I had been holding off and putting it off. Well I finally succumbed. It is so fun!!! I haven’t even used it yet, if you can believe it. But I will soon!



Here’s another look from the Colourpop Mar palette. Full details will be in my future review!


This month I also indulged in the new Bite Beauty limited edition French Press Lip Gloss in the shade “Dirty Chai”. You know I’m a sucker for gloss! This is a really pretty “your lips but better” shade, and I have been really enjoying it so far. Check out my full review here!

Well, that’s it for this last month! What looks did you create? What type of looks or nails would you like to see me do during August??

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