KL Polish Havana Heat Summer 2018 Collection


Hello everyone! Today I wanted to do an overview of the KL Polish Havana Heat Collection. I have been collecting KL Polish nail polishes since the Fall 2017 collection came out, and I have really come to love them. So without further adieu, let’s jump right in!


About KL Polish

KL Polish is a brand that was started by the very popular Youtuber Kathleen Lights just over a year ago. All KL Polish nail polishes are vegan, cruelty free, 12-free, and made in the USA using a high-quality, long-lasting, non-chip formula.

12-free means that these polishes are free of: Toulene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, MEHQ/HQ, MIT, Parabens, Animal Derived Ingredients or Gluten

My thoughts on the KL Polish Formula

As soon as I first tried the KL Polish formula last Fall, I knew I was hooked. However, I’ve been back and forth on whether it is my favourite formula since the Spring Collection.

  1. First off, the brush is a reasonable width: not too skinny and not too wide. This is important to me, since so many brushes are so thin that you have to go over the nail many many times to get full coverage (Essie is the worst culprit of this), which makes it more difficult to not get a streaky finish.
  2. The polish is pretty quick drying! For a polish where I always use two coats, this dries pretty quick.
  3. The formula is pretty chip-resistant. I notice that my manicure lasts noticeably longer when I am wearing KL Polish.
  4. However, the spring collection polishes were a lot thicker than I remember her polishes being in the past, which makes them more difficult to work with. Not impossible, but not as easy as it used to be. These summer polishes don’t seem to be quite as bad.

If you read my overview of the Spring Collection, you will know that my box set arrived very damaged. Well that happened again with this Summer Collection. But again, all of the polishes survived. I have been told that they are apparently changing their shipping packaging, so hopefully that happens soon! It’s pretty sad that when you buy luxury-priced nail polishes that they can’t bother to ship them in a way where the product doesn’t arrive almost destroyed. Yes, the point is that the polishes arrive intact, and they did, but the boxes and the plastic holder have been bent, cracked, and definitely smashed both times now. Very frustrating.

Anyways, let’s get into the collection.

“Havana Heat is a seriously hot collection that will make you feel like salsa dancing barefoot on the beach. With bright topical tones and deep sumptuous shades, you’ll wanna throw these enticing colors in your suitcase and escape for an island getaway.”





“Celia is a muted, deep hot pink for a not-so-subtle nail look you’ll want to wear all season. This pretty pink shade is an attractive tone that will add some romance to your summer fun.”




Celia is described as a deep hot pink with a crème finish. At first glance, I thought that this shade would be a typical fuchsia, but it is more saturated than other shades I have owned. It’s also quite warm for a fuchsia, which maybe also adds to the saturation. For some reason, this shade struck me as looking extra glossy compared to the others. I used the same top coat that I always do (Seche Vite), but this shade just looked way more glossy than usual, which was so pretty!


“This blue polish will make you want to run for the ocean. Matanzas is a shimmering metallic shade to match the ocean waves while you sail away on your dream vacation.”






Matanzas is described as a blue polish with a metallic finish. This shade is the clear stunner of the whole collection for me. Once applied, I literally could not stop staring at my nails for days. It just has so much dimension! This metallic also dries super fast (like most metallics), so it is super low maintenance to apply.


“Mojito is a lush green color for an unexpected summer shade that stuns. This deep extravagant green is a palm-frond inspired color that’s sure to get some envious looks.”




Mojito is described as a lush green with a crème finish. I would say that this shade of green is a hybrid between mint leaves and pine trees. It is so hard to find good green shades in stores, and this one is stunning. Just imagine how good it will be going into fall and winter!


“An enticingly original color that puts a summer twist on a classic red. Cubana is a rich burnt red color for a sexy shade that will sizzle in the sun.”



Cubana is described as a rich burnt red with a crème finish. This shade very much reminds me of a wine red, which is one of my go-to shades in the fall and winter. The description is accurate, in that it is a very sexy red!


“Tropicana is a bright yellow polish for a sleek sunny shade that is sure to stand out. This cheery color will shine like the sun, for a luminous look that’s bright enough to light up any room.”



Tropicana is described as a bright yellow with a crème finish. This yellow is truly the perfect sunshine yellow, which is so beautiful for summer. However, I found that this shade took 3 coats to truly make me happy. You could probably get away with two, but I thought a third was necessary.

Cha Cha Cha

“Cha Cha Cha is a spicy shade that will put some extra zest in your summer. This burnt orange polish is a unique tone with a lot of personality for a fierce look while you dance the night away.”



Cubana is on my thumb and pinky, Tropicana is on my pointer finger and ring finger, and Cha Cha Cha is on my middle finger.

Cha Cha Cha is described as a burnt orange with a crème finish. This is one of my favourite shades of polish to wear in the fall, because it is basically pumpkin spice on your nails. I already own a shade that is similar, OPI Piazza Cake (although it’s a bit brighter), which I imagine isn’t available anymore. So this is a great option if you have been looking for a shade like this!

Thoughts on this collection

I think a lot of people were a bit taken aback when the shades in this collection were released. Shades like Celia and Tropicana are kind of a given for summer. But deep shades like Cha Cha Cha and Cubana, and maybe even Mojito, left people with more of a fall vibe. And I absolutely felt that way in the beginning too. But when it was explained that this collection was very Cuba inspired, with all of the shades having distinct meaning, this made my outlook on a very unique collection all the more positive.

I think that I will definitely enjoy wearing all of these shades repeatedly this summer. And the best part is that they will all transition into the fall so nicely! Let’s be real, we don’t really want polishes that only work for one season do we? I know that I typically will wear a manicure for a week, and there are only so many weeks in a season. Therefore, I love that these polishes can work for multiple seasons. I can definitely see myself wearing Cubana and Mojito into the winter as well. And what wouldn’t be better for spring than Tropicana and Celia? Overall, I really love the composition of this collection. It is unique and inspired.

Have you tried out the KL Polish formula? What is your favourite shade from the collection? Let me know down below!

Disclaimer: Images that do not have my watermark are from the KL Polish website.

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9 thoughts on “KL Polish Havana Heat Summer 2018 Collection

    1. They really are, and thank you! They definitely are on the more expensive side, which is why the crappy shipping bothers me so much! But the formula is really nice 🙂


  1. I really love this collection, but I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like mojito. It’s just not my kinda shade and I feel like it looks weird on my nails. I do like it on the toes though! Celia, Cha Cha Cha, Cubana, and Matanzas are deff my faves!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I actually love green nail polish and have loved her other greens, this one just looks odd on nails to me.


  2. I love the shade Tropicana, it’s a shame that it needs three coats! I’m still not entirely sold on the collection but I guess I’m still in summer mode, you’re right that these shades would be perfect Fall shades!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it really doesn’t look quite right with only two. Like I shared with you before the collection launched, I also wasn’t that convinced because of the shade selection. But now that I have the collection, I’m totally into it and so glad that I got it. Although, I’m noticing more and more with use the inconsistencies in the formula, which is kind of annoying. Like I mentioned, quite a few of the polishes in the Spring collection were thicker and harder to work with. As I use the Summer collection more, I’m noticing that the shade Celia is the same way, which is really too bad. It’s not unusable, but it’s not as easy as it could be. The inconsistency in formula does concern me slightly when going out on a limb when buying the new collections.


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