The Beauty Sale Scale💄 | Sephora Weekly Wow July 12, 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new series, The Beauty Sale Scale, where I critique and give my opinion on beauty items that go on sale! Are they worth your money? Have I tried those products? Are they actually being offered at a good price?

I will be rating beauty products that are on sale on a 5-point lipstick scale (as seen below), with regards to how good the price is, whether I know the product is good or not, and reviews of the product from people who have tried it. If I think a product is an amazingly good deal and I would suggest it to you, the product would receive 5/5 lipsticks. If it’s a waste of your time, 1 lipstick out of 5 will be the verdict.


I mainly wanted to start this series to assess Sephora’s Weekly Wow, now that they seem to be doing it consistently for Canada. Ever since they established it, it has been always offered to the US consistently, but it has been back and forth as to whether it is available for Canada. Well, recently they seemed to have figured things out, and mostly the same items are being offered to Canada and the US. In cases where different products are offered between countries, I will state that fact and cover all of the items!

When these deals go up, people go absolutely crazy and items go out of stock rather quickly. I can only write these posts so fast, so I will still cover the items that appear as out of stock at the time that I am writing this post. Sometimes items do come back in stock when they are on sale. And remember, even if something is out of stock online, you may be able to find the product in store! It’s quicker and easier to order online, so the in-store stock remains for longer.

So, let’s get into this week’s deals!

Sephora Weekly Wow July 12, 2018


Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick



Original: $25 CAD, $21 USD
Sale: $12.50 CAD, $10.50 USD
Percentage off: 50%

Rating on Sephora = 4.3/5

Quick Take

When these lipsticks were first released in Fall 2017, I immediately ordered the shade “Sunday Funday”. The packaging was absolutely gorgeous and felt and looked so luxurious. However, I just did not like the formula. It was creamy and comfortable, but cracked and separated out of my lip lines immediately after application, leaving you with a bizarre stripey look. Not cute! Check out my full review here.

On another note, Tatcha was suing Too Faced for allegedly copying their lipstick component design. I wonder if there was some movement in the case that necessitated this sale?

SUPERNOVABEAUTY Rating = 2/5 Try at your own risk!

2 lipsticks2

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.21.21 PM


Original: $149 CAD, $119 USD
Sale: $124 CAD, $99 USD
Percentage off: 17%

Rating on Sephora = 3.8/5

Quick Take

This hot roller set includes 8 hot rollers with two heat settings to give you long-lasting voluminous curls. While many reviews on Sephora mention liking this set, too many people for comfort report the rollers breaking on them quickly, and that the plastic was too heavy for their hair, causing the rollers to fall out easily. Sounds like a no go for me, especially since 17% off is pretty pathetic for a sale!

SUPERNOVABEAUTY Rating= 1/5 Don’t bother!

1 lipsticks2

Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.21.40 PM


Original: $55 CAD, $45 USD
Sale: $27.50 CAD, $22.50 USD
Percentage off: 50%

Rating on Sephora = 4.7/5

Quick Take

I purchased this palette a few months after it came out and it is a really great all matte palette. Although, I do feel like the blending sometimes leaves something to be desired. But overall, the composition is great and most of the shades perform really well. If you want an idea of the looks that you can create, check out my Palette Roulette with this palette.

SUPERNOVABEAUTY Rating = 4/5 This could be a good buy

4 lipsticks2Canada Only

Violet Voss Matte About You Eyeshadow Palette



Original: $60 CAD
Sale: $34 CAD
Percentage off: 43%

Rating on Sephora = 4/5

Quick Take

I have not tried this eyeshadow palette, but it is an all matte palette that gives you a pretty extensive neutral library. While it looks pretty, and it is nice to have an all matte palette sometimes, so many of the shades in this palette look just too similar. Additionally, many of the reviews on Sephora say that the shades in the product pictures appear much more vivid than the palette actually does in person, which is disappointing. But at least the sale is good!

SUPERNOVABEAUTY Rating = 3/5 It’s not the best deal

3 lipsticks2

Foreo LUNA Play

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.22.28 PM


Original: $49 CAD
Sale: $25 CAD
Percentage off: 49%

Rating on Sephora = 3.2/5

Quick Take

This product is meant to be a facial cleaning device that pulses to help with gentle, but deep, cleansing. I haven’t tried Foreo, but this one is the worst option if you are going to get one. It’s not rechargable! The product promises 100 uses, but many reviewers report it working no more than 3 or 4 times! Can you imagine?! What an incredible waste of money. I would return that in an instant.

SUPERNOVABEAUTY Rating = 1/5 Don’t bother!

1 lipsticks2

USA Only

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Mask Acne Treatment Mask



Original: $47 USD
Sale: $23.50 USD
Percentage off: 50%

Rating on Sephora = 4.6/5

Quick Take

This is a mask that is supposed to help clear acne by clearing pores and absorbing excess oil. People on Sephora are absolutely raving about how this mask clears up acne! For such an expensive product to be 50% off, this sounds like something to try if you have acne-prone or oily skin.

SUPERNOVABEAUTY Rating = 4/5 This could be a good buy

4 lipsticks2

Well that’s it for this first instalment of the Beauty Sale Scale! Were you thinking about trying out any of these products? Which did you purchase? Let us know down below!

Disclaimer: All product photos are from Sephora.

A special thank you to my friend Marissa who helped me come up with this concept!

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12 thoughts on “The Beauty Sale Scale💄 | Sephora Weekly Wow July 12, 2018

  1. Okay, I was just looking at their Weekly Wow section on Wednesday and totally forgot that they put up new stuff on sale on Thursdays. I found via your post that the Too Faced palette was on sale, and I immediately went to the website to buy it! I’ve been hemming and hawing over it since it came out – but for $27.50 I’m definitely buying it!

    Thank you for the update! I probably would have missed picking this up otherwise 🙂

  2. That peachy matte palette deal is awesome! Too bad I already have it, though I got it as a gift so it was arguably free 😛 I almost ordered that violet voss palette until I read people in the reviews section saying that it was nothing like the pictures!

    1. I know haha I wish I could get the deal now too! That seems to be a common complaint with VV palettes! When I was looking into hashtag SO many people were complaining that the pictures were nothing like the real palette! Very concerning in my opinion.

      1. That’s so weird, I wonder what they do to the photos to make them so different :S I guess it’s best to just go in to Sephora and look at them first.

      2. I think they’re literally editing them to make the colour look more saturated and bright. It’s especially accentuated in the hashtag palette where it looks like it has reds in there, when it absolutely doesn’t in person! They are more like muted oranges. I don’t know if Violet Voss is in stores, but it definitely isn’t in my location unfortunately.

      3. That’s so dumb 🙁 I have seen their palettes in the Sephora by me, but only when there is a new release. They generally don’t stock the full brand collection

  3. I am such a sucker for the Weekly Wow and that Too Faced palette is 100% worth the buy. I LOVE it! This seems like a good series, especially for those looking for a good deal like me. 🙂

    P.S. I think it was Pat McGrath that sued Too Faced over the lipstick container, not Tatcha.

    1. I totally am too! Thanks so much! It’s hard to not love a sale!

      I have only read that Tatcha was seeking legal action, but maybe Pat McGrath did too? I read multiple articles about Tatcha, and it was all over instagram at the time.

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