Wow! or Waste? Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer


Hey everyone! Welcome back to Wow! or Waste? Whether a whole collection has been launched, or just a new product, I’m going to evaluate whether each product is either a Wow! buy or a Waste? of money, in terms of the price and the amount of product you get.

This time around we are evaluating the new Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer, which is currently available on the Too Faced Website, and will be coming soon to Ulta and Sephora.

Lately, I really haven’t been covering Too Faced releases because I have either just not been personally interested in the products, or because of my annoyance at their continual releases. BUT, when I learn that a product has either of particularly good or bad value, I’ve just got to share it with you!

If you are curious about whether this concealer is Wow! or Waste? then please keep reading.

Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

BTW Super Coverage Concealer_1



Product Information

“Conceal, contour, highlight, and retouch with this super perfecting, natural finish concealer/makeup hybrid. The ultimate multi-use formula for a modern and hydrated photo-ready complexion. Fully loaded pigments provide maximum coverage with an undetectable finish for a look so flawless they’ll think you were BORN THIS WAY.

  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic formula
  • Can be used to conceal, contour, highlight, and retouch
  • Weightless and hydrating so skin is never dry or cakey
  • Long wearing for 12 hours
  • Photo-friendly/No flashback”

Let’s take a second to discuss the shade range, of which there are 20 shades. While the range actually does look pretty good, and the number is almost split evenly between light-medium, and medium-dark shades, there really aren’t dark enough shades for many POC to contour, which is really too bad. If they had included two more deeper shades, right in those spaces below, they might have had the perfect range!


Price and Quantity

This concealer is priced at $36 CAD ($29 USD) and had 0.5 oz of product.

If you aren’t familiar with comparing concealers, you won’t be suspecting anything yet. However, 0.5 oz of product in a concealer is a HUGE amount. MASSIVE. So in order to make this a really comprehensive comparison, I have compared the value of this concealer to 13 other high end concealers that are pretty popular.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value:

Rank Product Cost
($ CAD)
Quantity (oz) Number of Shades Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer $36 0.5 20 $72/oz
2 Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer $40 0.5 12 $80/oz
3 Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer $31 0.34 20 $91/oz
3 Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer Conceaer $31 0.34 12 $91/oz
4 IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer $32 0.28 7 $114/oz
5 Estee Lauder Double War Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Concealer $33 0.24 10 $138/oz
6 Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer $32 0.23 18 $139/oz
7 Tate Creaseless Under Eye Concealer $32 0.225 30 $142/oz
8 Kat Von D Lock-it Concealer Creme $34 0.22 21 $155/oz
9 Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer $36 0.23 12 $157/oz
10 NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer $37 0.22 26 $168/oz
11 NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer $37 0.21 16 $176/oz
12 Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer $39 0.18 9 $217/oz
13 Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer $35 0.16 14 $219/oz

Wow! or Waste?

Well, doesn’t that comparison just say it all? This concealer is absolutely a Wow! For this concealer to rank number one in value out of 14 concealers is a true indication of how good of a buy this is. And we thought shape tape was big! There is a ton of product included, which makes a lot of sense since this concealer is meant to be multi-purpose. Contouring and highlighting the face certainly takes more product than just using it on your under eyes.

Now, I know in advance that a lot of people are going to say that they would never run through that much product, and that may be true. However, I DO run through concealer. I use the Tarte Aquacealer Concealer, which has 0.34 oz of product, so that one is huge too. For a concealer to last longer because of more product would be great for me personally. And overall, because Too Faced is clearly pricing this amount of product really well, and frankly better than other companies, it helps justify the purchase. I might try this one out!

Well that’s all for today’s Wow! or Waste? Were you thinking about purchasing this concealer? Will you go through with it now that you know its value? Comment down below!

Disclaimer: All pictures and product descriptions are from Too Faced.

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6 thoughts on “Wow! or Waste? Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

    1. Yes definitely! It’s massive, almost to the point of being ridiculous. However, it does make sense if you are using it on larger areas and not just on your under eyes. Although the coverage looks incredible, so really you may not need that much product!

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