Beauty brands that can’t take a hint 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ROASTED ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

Hey everyone! This is something that has been on my mind a lot recently.

For some reason, recent beauty releases just haven’t been jiving with me. And worse than that, some are just making me shake my head in disbelief. Whether it’s companies releasing products that the market is already saturated with, products that are out of style or season, or the same kind of products that they just can’t STOP releasing within the brand…. there seem to be some brands that just can’t take a hint.

So, let’s talk about it!

The Worst Offenders


This recent release of the “sapphire” beauty blender really just pissed me off, and truthfully, it is what inspired this post. I CANNOT believe that this company is still periodically releasing new shades of the beauty blender as if each time they are bringing the best, most innovative product to the market. Holy crap. They literally named this shade after a gemstone and took product pictures with what looks like fake sapphires. lol. Are they really trying to fancy up this overpriced sponge? It’s literally a piece of foam….

Kylie Cosmetics

My main problem with Kylie Cosmetics, and with a lot of companies that I am going to mention, is their incessant product releases! Like just stop already! I’m sick of instagrams that feature beauty product releases like Trendmood1 being flooded with Kardashian product releases. It just never ends.

These above releases are especially uninspiring. Are you seriously telling me we need another all neutral bronze palette, especially since she already has one of those in her line? I think the shades are pretty, but the beauty community has been seeing this for quite a while now. Also, 4 more red lip kits? How can she not have already had all of those reds in her line… *shakes head*.

Colourpop Cosmetics

Here’s another company that just can’t stop. Colourpop has become such a successful brand over the last four years that they have been around. They are an amazing company that produces so many great quality products for a great price. However, the releases have just become too much. It would be different if all of the releases were exciting, new, innovative. But their recent products released for their birthday month? Talk about some of the most un-inspiring and un-original palettes on the market. The one on the right does look pretty, but how can everyone not already have these shades in their collections? And Colourpop has already released so many products that have this shade range. If you can’t come up with anything original, fun, exciting, just don’t! Re-think it. Go back to the drawing board. The products that you release represent you as a brand. Are these really the products you want to representing you?

Too Faced

This will not be the first time I have complained about Too Faced, and I am confident that it will not be the last. Release after release, they also just can’t stop. And lately, they have been so late to the party with the types of products they have been releasing! Their unicorn festival collection? Talk about being 6 months to a year too late. These new metallic matte liquid lipsticks? At least a year or two late on those too. And talk about the wrong season! Who wants to wear a metallic matte liquid lipstick in the summer??
1. Matte metallic liquid lipsticks look awful. They just do. And they wear horribly.
2. Matte liquid lipsticks are totally off trend at this point.
3. Metallic lipsticks are some of the most unwearable products out there. I could understand if these were released during the holidays, but during the summer just doesn’t make sense. On many, many fronts.
Also, I just cannot understand their anniversary palette that they are about to release. 10 original shades, and then 10 more that are almost identical? Uhhh?

Tarte Cosmetics

Oooooh Tarte. You have such potential, and you really throw yourself into collections, which is great. But when you aren’t producing the most bland palettes out there, you are releasing straight up childish products. That Aspyn Ovard palette….? I really don’t need to say anything about that I don’t think. The packaging is gorgeous but the inside…?

Also, check out this new “fairy collection” that they just released. Between Too Faced and Tarte, high end beauty brands are all of a sudden targeting 6 year olds. What??? I admit, I think that that Fairy dust palette is pretty, but those brushes are just taking it too far… Girly brush set for a 6 year old, yours for only $51 CAD!!!! They look like they are from Claire’s.

Anastasia Beverly Hills


Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my favourite brands. However, I am just tired of their non-stop Glow Kit releases. We’ve had it with the highlighters already! We get it! ABH is a brand that has so much room for expansion. They have so many more different types of products that they could sell like foundations, concealers, different finishes of lipsticks etc. So I don’t know why they use these Glow Kits like a crutch when they have so much more to offer. Also, I’m unsure why we need more colourful highlighters, especially since they, personally, have already released plenty of those.

Brands that are starting to concern me

Urban Decay


Classically, Urban Decay has done very well with their product releases. They often come up with edgy and innovative products. However, their eyeshadow releases in the last 6 months have been less than inspiring, with the number one culprit being this Macy’s exclusive, the Light Beam Palette. Who else had question marks in their eyes when they saw this??? It goes without saying that this palette is incredibly boring. People have come to learn that if you wait long enough, all of their LE releases will go on sale because they are clearly not selling. This is not a good thing that their brand has become associated with that! Clearly, they need to go back to putting more thought into their releases, and releasing less in general, if necessary.

Becca Cosmetics


While I admit that these palettes do look pretty, face palettes and highlighters seem to be all Becca can produce. Recently, they did come out with lipglosses that I really like, but other than that, what else can they do? I really want to see Becca push some limits, because they produce great products as a brand.

Bite Beauty


Bite is not usually a brand that I concern myself with, because their lipstick formula just does not agree with me, even though I know everyone else likes it. But I just couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I saw the release of this collection. Oh look, another nude collection with a few reds thrown in… The types of products that they offer are really limited. I would love to see them push themselves a bit. Give us something new! I do, however, like that they are releasing zodiac lipsticks. I think that is cool.

Huda Beauty


Honestly, I cannot believe this situation. It’s just puzzling. I think everyone was excited for a new palette, and then she released the same old palette with a slightly different formula. What?? I know a few of the shades are different, but largely it’s the same palette as the original Rose Gold. If you wanted to give us a new formula, why not give us a new palette too? Why would you discontinue a palette only to re-release it almost immediately? And to tell people to buy the discontinuing one before it’s “gone for good”? That’s straight up shady.


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 6.54.25 PM

NARS is mostly a really good brand that steadily produces new and exciting products, with some very inspired collections. However, more Orgasm stuff? Seriously! How long are they going to push this agenda. I have the orgasm lipgloss, and it’s very pretty. I also have the orgasm lipstick, and that one was slightly disappointing. But now another whole collection, with a LE blush?? A blush that is already available? I have to admit, I am slightly curious about the loose highlighter and the lacquer, but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I saw that these were releasing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I just haven’t been interested in the majority of products releasing lately. Maybe it’s just my taste, and that’s fine. And really, it’s kind of a good thing that I haven’t really been interested in anything because I am saving lots of money, yay!

Ultimately, I am just feeling like brands are producing a lot of the same things lately. So many brands have such great potential to produce amazing products, and I want to see that! I want to spend money on amazing beauty items. But I won’t be so long as this keeps happening.

As a disclaimer, I do realize that products take months, if not years, to create before releasing them. Therefore, if something goes out of style before they get the chance to release, I can sort of understand. However, I can’t quite write that off as a total excuse.

If you are genuinely interested in any of these products, you are not alone! I am sure that there are a ton of people out there who are excited for these items, some of which may have already purchased them! It all depends on what your personal situation is, and these are all just my opinions. So try not to take offence. Ultimately my opinion doesn’t need to mean anything to you if you don’t want it to, but I thought that I would share my thoughts to see if anyone else feels the same way!

Have you been feeling similar things about recent releases? Which releases have surprised or annoyed you recently? What do you think brands should be producing instead? I am truly curious to hear your thoughts! 

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27 thoughts on “Beauty brands that can’t take a hint 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ROASTED ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

  1. This was a fun read, I agree with everything you said. I feel like the brands are releasing more products just for the sake of it and to make more money out of us 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I am so glad that you agree! Opinion pieces like this can go either way for people, so I am glad that you enjoyed it!


  2. Great read and I really agree with you about Tarte, it’s one of my favourite eye shadow brands but I lined up all my pallets yesterday and said to myself.. There isn’t actually that much different in each one, why do you keep buying them?? I am actually kind of glad their new collections are very childlike, stops me buying them haha, but yes I do not want to buy a mermaid tail style brush at 36 years old, the latest collection is just ridiculous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that is very true! It’s just so sad to see the state of things. The themes that brands are picking up on are really going downhill. They clearly need to take a step back and look at what they should actually be taking inspiration from that also reflects their brand. Tarte used to be so classy. Now their products seem to be targeting a MUCH younger demographic that likely can’t even afford their products! The irony! I think they are trying to branch out from neutral palettes, but they haven’t thought their decisions all the way through. You can make colourful palettes without them being childlike. They just haven’t figured that out yet unfortunately.


  3. Preach girl!! I totally agree with you! Now I don’t own very much highend makeup but when my wallet allows me I do. I do not want to buy a $40-50 product that looks like it’s made for a 13 year old I’m 24 not 13! I follow Instagram accounts like mentioned above and your right everything looks the Same!! I feel like even drugstore brands are doing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No kidding!!! I feel like all of these brands have just gotten lost in trends that started out cool, but now they have just taken it too far. I feel like brands are starting to forget that the products that they release represent them as a brand. Some products shouldn’t just be meh releases, they should all be amazing, well thought out, and representative of what that brand stands for! The current state of things is so sad! I feel like drugstore brands can get away with it more since they could potentially be targeting younger demographics because they are less expensive. But you are totally right.


  4. I am just very much over the orangey warm tone trend right now; that’s why I finally decided to purchased the very much controversial Subculture palette but I really like it. And I’ve just really been in to cooler tones lately. That’s what I hope to see by the end of this year – some great cool mauve/gray toned palettes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I definitely am not purchasing any more warm-toned palettes lately! I love a good cool-toned eye look! I can totally see brands going that way, at least I hope they do! The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons is my favourite cool-toned palette. I’m glad that you like Subculture. I initially ordered it, but returned it before touching it because I was so turned off by all the bad press. But it definitely seems to work for some people. I think you just have to be flexible in your technique when using them because they are so pigmented!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I almost completely agree with you! However, I reallllly want the Huda palette, I never got my hands on the other one and it’s just so pretty, but I get what you mean. I also really want the sapphire blender, just because I like the color. 😂 That Aspyn palette with Tarte is soooo boring, like why? I also feel bored with Colourpop’s birthday collection, why didn’t they go more out? Too Faced and UD I just don’t even bother with anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is fair enough with the Huda palette. I was at first almost considering it, but I’m just not interested in it with the season right now! The sapphire blender is pretty! I just wish they could come out with different things lol. I know, so many brands are getting boring or just plain weird these days lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I just can’t help myself! I agree though. I don’t understand why brands have just stopped experimenting, it’s like they don’t want to try new things because of the change of failure.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. LOL I have thought the same thing about Beauty Blender for the longest time! Like you just come up with new sponge colours and make it a big deal…what??

    Totally agreed that new releases are lackluster these days – there is absolutely nothing I am interested in buying. Good for my wallet but not for the part of me that wants to try new things. I don’t even bat a lash at a lot of these brands anymore, I’m also so over the orange eye trend.

    I don’t know – I feel a majority of people just wear neutral eyes all the time (like me) and it’s hard for companies to come out with fresh new ideas while still gearing towards these types of consumers? There’s only so many neutral palettes you can come out with before people are bored.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s very true and there’s really no one solution to that problem. Brands are forever going to be releasing neutral palettes because that is what brings in the money. But they also need to be branching out at the same time, otherwise they are going to get left behind. Especially with some of the creative indie brands these days!


  7. Those new colourpop palettes killed me, when I heard they were releasing a cool toned palette I got very excited but when I saw it I was like, really, this is it!?
    I have no idea what Tarte is doing with those fairy brushes. Maybe they’re trying to target a younger audience now but I still don’t understand why they would produce something that looks so cheap.
    I actually just added that ABH glow kit to my wishlist xD I don’t really own a lot of different coloured highlights lol
    UD hasn’t been wowing me with new releases lately, that palette doesn’t look like something they would have produced in the past :S

    I’m okay with not loving whats being released right now, I need to save money this summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, that cool-toned CP palette was a joke.. Like cool toned doesn’t mean 50 shades of grey… And that’s fair with the ABH Dream palette! It’s a palette that lets you play with colour but not go in too hard I think! A good stepping stone 😛


      1. Haha! I don’t think I saw a single positive YouTube review for the fame palette, even from people who received it as PR.
        I probably won’t buy the glow kit, I have hundreds of items on my wishlist lol But it would be unique to my collection


  8. Love this post, completely true. Brands should spend more time creating something really different or concentrate on advertising the products they do have already rather then just creating tons of things to stay ‘trendy and on the market’ x

    Liked by 1 person

  9. You’re so right in everything you say in this post! Though i bought the huda beauty rose gold remastered, because i didn’t buy the 1st one and this new version has a mixture between cream and powder eyeshadow, which feels incredible. However you are right, this competition amongst makeup brands it’s crazy. I feel that there is still a big gap in makeup regarding anti age makeup. All these products are nice for a “young” generation. When you start getting old, what is out there that will actually help to reduce expression lines, definitely not powder highlighters… Hopefully they’ll see that… At the end it’s just marketing to “steal” money, because they know this is the hype amongst teenagers…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s fair about the Huda palette! I’m glad it is working out for you! I have read a bunch of negative reviews on it about the pans caving in and people being screwed on the amount of product included so I was concerned. And you are totally right, popular high end companies really don’t focus on anti-aging products. I guess they expect people to go to luxury brands for that, but who wants to spend that money?! Brands are in fact going the exact opposite way by now targeting more childish demographics. It’s sad.


  10. I agree with every single word in this post! I love Tarte but, I’m also sick of their ‘shape tape’ releases. Like why are they making a new foundation and concealer when their original one is already so good?!? Loved this!!


  11. This was such an exciting read, and I really couldn’t disagree with any of the points you made. Especially, beauty blender constantly releasing the same sponge in different colors and people acting like it’s so exciting. This new trend of companies releasing stuff just for the sake of it is making a lot of room for mediocre, same same products.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No kidding! I think everyone needs to take a step back and just think about what kinds of products they should be producing that are actually going to be successful and represent them well as a brand.

      Liked by 2 people

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