Palette Roulette | Collaboration with The Beauty Swatcher!

Hello everyone! Today is a very exciting edition of Palette Roulette. This last week I teamed up with The Beauty Swatcher to bring you a collaborative Palette Roulette!

Maritza runs the blog The Beauty Swatcher, and loves to share her passion about beauty, fashion, family and anything lifestyle related! Not only is Maritza incredibly beautiful and talented with her photography and makeup (check out her instagram), she is also a super mom! Maritza shares on her blog that she actually owes her love and passion of makeup to her daughter, who introduced her to the high-end makeup and Youtube Beauty world.

“You are never to old to love something new. That is my perspective in life, so although it seems the beauty world is always changing, it doesn’t mean you have to be young to enjoy it or old to know how to use. Beauty has no age!”

Maritza, The Beauty Swatcher

I actually met Maritza a month ago, when we both participated in a Beauty Blogger Makeup Swap hosted by Pretty on a Dime, which proved to be a lot of fun! Afterwards, Maritza contacted me asking to do a collaboration, and I was so pleased to say yes! It turned out that we both do the Palette of the week/month type of series, so we decided to do a post together! You can check out Maritza’s latest Palette of the Month post here.

Usually in my Palette Roulette series, I use a random number generator to pick the palette that I will use for a whole week and then I share 4-7 looks that I have created with that palette, with you! This time, Maritza and I both looked through our collections and decided on the Too Faced Natural Love Palette, which we both already owned. This was a palette that I had personally not touched in probably a year, so I was very happy to dig it out again, especially since it is such a nice palette for spring! We then decided that we would each create two looks with the palette. However, Maritza came up with the amazing idea that for one of the looks, we would each choose 5 shades for each other!

Because things are a little different this week, here is an outline of today’s post:

  1. Pictures of the Too Faced Natural Love Palette
  2. Swatches of the palette
  3. Maritza’s first look, for which I chose the shades
  4. My look, where I chose my own shades

Make sure that you check out Maritza’s post to see the eye look that I created with the shades that Maritza chose for me! You will also find another look done by Maritza in her post as well 🙂





The Too Faced Natural Love Palette came out in the beginning of 2017, and my breath was taken from the moment I saw it. Isn’t it just one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen? From the awe-inspiring and delicate packaging details, to the colour story inside, this palette is a fairy tale happy ending.

This palette includes 7 mattes, 13 shimmers and 10 sparkle shades. The colours range from pinks and purples to orange rusts and deep browns. It is seriously the ultimate neutral palette, that doesn’t just deliver neutral looks. One of my first posts actually covered this palette, where I recreated all of the looks included in the Glamor Guide that came with the palette, which revealed how diverse this palette really is. While my editing of these eye looks in my original post is a bit cringe-worthy to me now (with all of my future editing knowledge), if you want to check out that original post, you can find it here.










For Maritza’s eye look, I chose the shades:

  1. Honey Butter
  2. Honeymoon
  3. Hot & Bothered
  4. Undercover
  5. Spoiled

Honeymoon and Hot & Bothered are definitely two of my favourite shades in this palette! Whenever I use it, I can hardly keep myself away from them!

And here is what she created! I think this shadow looked so AMAZING with her eyes! This woman might have the most beautiful eyes in the world!


How Maritza created this look:
“Honey Butter – used this lovely light muted peach as a transition shade on the crease and up towards the brow bone.
Spoiled – the deep brown with just a hit of burgundy was perfect for the inner crease and on the outer V
Hot and Bothered – a shimmery and firery copper. I applied this with my finger on the center of the lid and went back into Spoiled to blend the edges a bit.
Honeymoon – my favorite of them all! This shimmery orange pink is my JAM! I applied this on the inner lid and blended it into Hot and Bothered. I also concentrated it a bit on the inner corner and dragged it down a bit to the innermost lower lash line.
Undercover – a dark brown/plum with a touch of glitter. I deepened the outer v a touch more and dragged this down the lower lash line and smoked it out using a dash of Spoiled and then a bit of Honey Butter to lighten it up.
I am super pleased with how it all came out and even though I stayed in my preferred neutral comfort zone, I definitely stepped out when using the darker colors. I am a testament to how you learn something new everyday!”
To see which shades Maritza picked for me, and what I created with them, please check out her post!

Ok, on to the look where I got to choose my own shades like usual.


Shadows Used
Honey Butter: Crease. This is the perfect warm peachy shade to start the crease off with. It blends so nicely and builds up really well!
Makeup & Chill: Crease and outer corner. This is the deepest matte brown in the palette and it also blends really well. Perfect to deepen up any look!
Moonbeam: Inner half of the lid after cutting the crease with concealer. This is a very interesting cool champagne with some silver. It looked really stunning on the eye and the metallic effect was awesome.
Tickle Me: Outer half of the lid. This is a more nude/brown metallic that has little glitters in it. It was also really pretty on the eye.
Chocolate Martini: Outer edge of the lid. This is a deep chocolate brown metallic with little gold shimmers. When I first packed it on the lid with a bit of concealer, it looked great and all the glitters adhered. However, after I blended around it, it seemed to turn into more of a matte brown, so lesson learned. When placed, don’t blend too much (or blend carefully), otherwise you loose the glitter and metallic effect. It also adheres better with concealer.

Be sure to check out Maritza’s post so that you can see which other look she created!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I totally forgot how stunning this palette is! Looking at the swatches though, I am absolutely reminded that I need to use this more!

In terms of the colour selection, you have 30 shades, which is a lot. There is a good gradient from lighter to medium and deeper shades, although I will say that the amount of deeper shades in this palette is unnecessary, and there are a lot of similar brown/neutral metallics. With deeper shades, it is harder to make out slight colour differences, so I think we could have nixed quite a few of the deep shades in this palette. However, I’m not sure what they should have been replaced with, since we already have all of the neutral lighter shades that I can think of! Maybe it would have been best to just make this palette a bit smaller..

The formula in the palette is true to OG Too Faced style. The mattes are slightly dusty, which lends to their great blendability. The shimmers, when used properly, look amazing on the eye. I definitely recommend using them wet, or applying them to a tacky base (like a white concealer) to improve their performance. Something that is annoying though is that fact that there are some of those classic TF shades that are mattes with some glitter thrown in. We all know about those, and how when you actually go to use them, the glitters fall out immediately and you are left with another matte. That annoys me, like why bother?

I have never noticed any fading on the eye with wear when using this palette, so it is safe to say that these shadows seem to have the usual longevity that Too Faced shadows usually have. The quality of some Too Faced palettes has been questionable in the past: this is not one of them.

Overall, I am going to be diving into this palette over the next little while. This palette roulette has reminded me that I own this HG neutral shadow library, and that I need to use it! This palette was a great release, and I am so glad that I got it, even though it was expensive!

too faced natural love.jpg

Well, that’s it for this week’s special edition of Palette Roulette! Collaborating with Maritza was so much fun and I am glad that we did it! Again, don’t forget to check out her post for more looks from both her and I!

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it?


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  1. Loving the collab, this palette is seriously so pretty, so bummed I haven’t bought it, the packaging is totally fairytale inspired!

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