🚨📢#springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge Announcement!🌷🌻☀️

Hello everyone! Today Always Cleia and I have a very exciting announcement! For the month of May, we are going to be co-hosting an Instagram photo challenge, with the theme “Spring into Summer!”🌷🌻☀️

Participating in Instagram Photo Challenges is always a lot of fun because it can help inspire you to be more creative with your makeup and pictures in general, especially when the seasons are changing! The month of May is the perfect transitional time of Spring changing into Summer (hopefully for most of you!), so we wanted to center our challenge around that!

All you have to do to get started is regram the original challenge post on instagram, and then follow along with each day’s prompt! You can post on all of the days, or only the days that you choose; this challenge is completely flexible! Your submissions can be as literal or as abstract as you want! The point is to participate and have fun!

We both really hope that you will join us in this fun spring to summer challenge! And don’t forget to follow Cleia and I on instagram!


thank you updated.png

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