Palette Roulette | Week 9


Hello everyone! Welcome back to my series, Palette Roulette, where I randomly select one eyeshadow palette that I will have to use for an entire week. I will only be allowed to use this palette, and this palette alone, unless it is an all shimmer/metallic palette.

For each Palette Roulette, I create 4-7 looks from that week’s randomly selected palette. I will share these looks with you, tell you which shades I used and where, and my overall thoughts on that palette.

Last week’s Palette Roulette was the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow PaletteIf you have missed any of my past Palette Roulettes, you can check them out here!


Alright, on to week 9!

Here is my current list of eyeshadow palettes, excluding the palettes that have already been chosen. As you can see, I have moved those palettes into another “used” column, so that I don’t select them again. I have also moved over my most recently purchased palettes that I have already reviewed, since the whole point of this challenge is to use palettes that I haven’t touched in a while, or at all!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 8.44.01 PM.png

As usual, to select a palette, I used the Google random number generator. I set the range to be 1-25, and I generated the number!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 8.43.51 PM.png

This week’s Palette Roulette is #11, the Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 3 – Florals.

This was a palette that I picked up last year when it first went on sale through Sephora. It has remained on sale since, and is still available at the reduced price of $29 CAD from $52 CAD. I decided to get this palette not only because it has a really interesting colour scheme, but also because I had wanted to try the Make Up For Ever shadow formula. MUFE usually does really well on Temptalia, so I was hoping that these would be great! In fact, Temptalia rated this palette an A, so I was expecting great things!



Doesn’t this palette just scream spring and summer? The colour story is unique, yet I find it pretty easy to plan out potential looks in my head. You are given quite a few pops of colour, but you also have a few neutrals to ground the looks. The only thing you are missing in this palette are matte shades, therefore all of the shades in this palette are really just lid shades, at least to me. It is possible to blend these shades in the crease, but they just reflect too much light, which I don’t like, so I will be using matte shades from other palettes in my looks.

This palette includes 3 metallic shades (ME), 4 Iridescent shades (I), one satin shade (S) and one Diamond shade (D). Since the release of this palette, MUFE has actually gone ahead and reformulated all of their eyeshadows, which explains why this, and all other MUFE palettes have been on sale for so long. I haven’t tried the new formula, so I can’t speak to how they compare. But in the old formula, MUFE shadows are very different from your typical eyeshadow. They are very creamy, bordering on feeling gel-like. So this is something to be aware of, and can take some getting used it.


Lavender Orchid

purple warm

Shadows used:
To start out this look, I used Almond Truffle and Bordeaux from the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow palette in the crease and outer corner.

I-528 Pearl: Inner corner and inner third of the lid. This shade is a very bright white. It is listed as an iridescent, so it has a tiny amount of sparkle to it. Although, I did find that it wore more like a satin. Something that you are going to notice with the Iridescent shades as we go through my looks is that they seem to crease/crack for whatever reason. It wasn’t that noticeable in real life, but in some pictures it was. It wasn’t terrible in this look.
I-918 Lavender: Pressed on the center of the lid after applying concealer. This shade is such a beautiful lavender, which is actually really hard to find! It is the perfect shade for spring looks, and I actually featured a look with this shade in my Easter 2018 post!
ME-930 Black Purple: Outer lid and blended slightly into the outer corner. It’s strange, the two darker metallics in this palette really came off as satins in my experience. It was super pigmented and laid really well on the outer lid, but it doesn’t look metallic!

Pink Haze


Shadows used:
To start out this look, I used Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Rustic and Cyprus Umber from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette in the crease and outer corner.

ME-512 Golden Beige: Inner corner. This was a pretty light gold shade.
I-804 Golden Pink: Pressed all over the lid after applying concealer. This pink has a slight gold reflect that isn’t all that noticeable.
I-544 Pink Granite: Outer lid. This shade actually added some coolness to the outer part of the eye look, although it isn’t showing up great in the photo. I like this shade and it applied well to the outer corner.

Tropical Vibes



Shadows Used:
To start out this look, I used Journey, Ember and Timber from the Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette in the crease and outer corner.

S-404 Straw Yellow: Inner corner. This is a nice pastel yellow that can be built up to be quite vibrant. But you can really see the cracking in this look!
D-236 Lagoon Blue: Pressed all over the center of the lid after cutting the crease with concealer and lower lash line. This shade is hands down the star of the show. It has such beautiful impact and is so stunning, especially since it has some sparkle to it! Gorgeous!
ME-230 Peacock Blue: Outer lid and outer lower lash line. This shade packed on to the outer corner with a brush really well. It was a nice deep teal blue.

Something to note is that the blue shades definitely stained my eyelids.

Bubblegum Sparkle



Shadows Used:
To start out this look, I used Journey, Teracotta, Timber and Onyx from the Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette in the crease.

For this look, I added concealer to the lid before adding any of the MUFE shades.
ME-230 Peacock Blue: Outer and inner corners and the outer lower lash line.
D-236 Lagoon Blue: Center region of the lid and center to outer lower lash line.
I-804 Golden Pink: Center of the lid and inner lower lash line. For some reason, the addition of this shade REALLY exacerbated the texture on my lid. We all have textured lids, and texture always shows through in my looks, but this looked really bad! Like crocodile skin. Gross.
I-528 Pearl: Inner corner.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like the colour composition of this palette, but I have some problems with the formula. 

The colours included are so inspired, and something that we really don’t see these days: pinks, blues, purples and a yellow all thrown together! I am hoping that companies will start branching out more like this, because this palette is truly memorable, and allows the user to branch out, but also go neutral if they want to.

The only problem that I can foresee with the composition of this palette is that it doesn’t include any mattes. Most of us like palettes to be an all-in-one kind of deal, and I usually like that too. However, we all have neutral shades that we can throw in the crease. What we are missing in our collection are likely the shades included in this palette. So I really don’t mind that this palette is an “all lid shade” kind of palette, because I purchased it knowing this. Also, it’s not like you can’t use these shades in the crease, it’s just not my personal preference.

Where this palette doesn’t quite hit the mark for me is the formula. This old MUFE formula is very very creamy, which poses some application and wear problems. First of all, depending on the finish, not all of the shades transfer easily. I usually like to use my finger to press on metallics or lid shades in general, because that is usually what works best to really build up the pigment. Well, because these shadows are so creamy, they actually seem to have a hard time transferring from the finger to the lid, so it does take a bit to really build them up. I noticed this the most with the Iridescent shades. But it’s doable, as you can see from the looks that I created. What I ended up doing was going back and forth between using my finger and a brush to pack on the pigment. However, on the other hand, the Metallic shades transferred no problem, even when using a brush. So there is definitely a learning process with these shadows and you may need to fiddle with your application technique.

Additionally, as I commented in the look descriptions above, these shadows can crack and crease, and I don’t really know why. It must be because they are so creamy, and therefore they apply kind of thick. When you build up the opacity of regular eyeshadows that are on the drier side, stuff like this just doesn’t happen. Also, on that last look I showed you, man was the texture horrible! I think again, it is because these shadows apply kind of thick, so too much layering might be a no no.

One last side effect of these shadows being creamy was that I found that it was easy to get hard pan. This is something that is easy to fix, but I thought that I would mention it.

Once the application process was done, I never experienced any fallout, and the shades remained vibrant through the whole day! So, if you can get the application process down, you’ll be set to go.

In reality, while these shadows were a bit more difficult to work with, they really weren’t that bad. I will still use and enjoy this palette. My favourite shade is ABSOLUTELY D-236 Lagoon Blue! It is truly so stunning. This shade does come in the new formula, so I would be curious to try it out and see what it is like!


Well, that’s it for this week’s Palette Roulette! Have you tried these Make Up Forever Shadows? What do you think of them?

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18 thoughts on “Palette Roulette | Week 9

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about the MUFE eye shadows. The single shadows are quite pricey, so a palette like this is a really good deal, especially considering it’s on sale! This is a great palette for people like you who are adventurous and talented in eye makeup looks, haha. I am kind of interested to see how the new formula compares with the old!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The shadows are very pricey! However, I think they have gone down in price since the reformulation! I seem to remember them being $25, and now they are listed as $22. But I may be wrong. The palettes are definitely a good deal, and hopefully they start coming out with some more now that they have finalized their new shadow formula!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your looks turned out so beautiful considering you had to work with a not-so-good formula! You’re right, lavender shades are so hard to find and this one was stunning! Loved your post as always 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks darling! I am so happy with the blue shades in this palette! Most of them are fine, they just have some weird nuances to them. I need to figure out how to get them to not crack!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes, and we were just talking about it! Even if you were to only buy it for a few shades, it’s such a good deal on sale! Especially when you compare it to their single shadow prices!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I’m gonna have to try and get it next time I’m at Sephora, if it’s still there!


  3. omg that lagoon blue shade… it reminds me of the KL polish Ocean Drive! I’m so obsessed with that kind of blue with a bit of sparkle. The two blue looks you did are my favourite, especially Tropical Vibes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way! I actually just ordered that shade of polish, yay! My friend was putting in an order so I jumped on it 😛

      I definitely need that Lagoon blue shade in a single as well! It is absolutely the stunner of the palette!

      Liked by 1 person

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