Sephora Spring Sale | What’s in my cart | Is it really worth the splurge?

Hey everyone! I’m here again to share with you what I might potentially buy during the Sephora Spring Sale. This upcoming weekend, April 13th – 16th is the first weekend of the sale, available to VIB Rouge members only, who will receive 15% off their purchases. After that, the sale will be open to all Beauty Insider levels April 20th-23rd, where VIB Rouge and VIB get 15% off and BI get 10% off of their purchase.

There are many different items that I am considering, whether they be repurchases to stock up on old favourites, or new items to play with. Something that I will cover at the end though, is whether stock piling during this sale is even worth it. Sales almost never happen at Sephora, so I think a lot of people value this time to save a bit. But that’s just it, you’re only saving A BIT! 15% for Rouge members who spend over $1000 in a calendar year is peanuts, and frankly not at all a proportionate sale for the amount of business we give them. The savings per product that you are actually getting is ridiculously small, and yet, this sale still gets everyone hyped up and enables us to make purchases that we normally wouldn’t.

Anyways, let’s first get into what I might get!


Too Faced Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting Primer

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.07.32 PM

This is a great mattifying primer that I use every day to fill the pores in my nose. I used to use Benefit’s POREfessional, but this primer works much better at controlling oil (although oil still comes through on my nose throughout the day). I still have a good amount of this primer left, so I don’t need to repurchase yet, but this could possibly be a good time to do so.

Price: $40 CAD
Potential Savings: $6 CAD

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.07.17 PM

This is a concealer that I have been curious about revisiting for a while. I loved this last summer, but failed to repurchase it when I realized how terrible value it is. I haven’t reviewed this product, but I do have it in the price comparison in my review of the Tarte Aquacealer Concealer. This concealer has way less product than some others, like the Tarte Aquacealer Concealer, which is my current favourite. Because this concealer has a  bad value, the sale is the perfect time to bite the bullet, if there ever will be a time. I use the shade “light neutral”, and I only like this concealer on the under eye. When you use it to spot conceal, I found it erased my foundation in those areas, which was weird.

Price: $35 CAD
Potential Savings: $5.25 CAD

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.08.45 PM.png

Now this is a product that I just talked about in my post that discussed the recent Too Faced repackaging, and its effect on the value of the repackaged products. This bronzer now comes with only 80% of the product that it used to, for the same price! I am at a cross roads here, because I have been using this bronzer for two years, still love it, and have just hit pan on my second one of these. The amount of product included is important to me, because like I said, I finish this shit! And frankly, I’m pissed that they would dupe us like this. Um no, I would not like to pay more for new packaging that I didn’t ask for? What should I do? Should I just deal with it, or not repurchase based on principal? I’m leaning towards the latter, because I am wanting to support Too Faced less and less these days…

Price: $38 CAD
Potential Savings: $5.70 CAD

Anastasia Beverly Hils Powder Bronzer

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.37.47 PM.png

Now, the inclusion of this bronzer is in response to the Too Faced debacle. When I reviewed this bronzer in my Wow! or Waste? of the ABH Spring Releases, I found that this bronzer actually has GREAT value, second only to the Marc Jacobs bronzers, which are massive (and yes, I will be buying Tan-tastic when it comes back late this month). The only problem is that I truly want to match that Too Faced shade as much as possible. I love the Milk Chocolate because it is cooler and great to faux contour with, so I want to find a similar shade. I will need to go in store and go on a swatch fest to do some investigating. And while this bronzer does have great value, I wonder if it performs just as well? Has anyone tried this?

Price: $36 CAD
Potential Savings: $5.40 CAD

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.08.05 PM

I have been using this brow pomade for probably 3-4 years now, and I love it. It’s easy to work with, and I have been through multiple pots of it. It lasts a long time, but I am probably 2/3rds of the way through my current jar, so this could be a good time to get another one, since I absolutely will be in the future.

Price: $23 CAD
Potential Savings: $3.45 CAD

Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip Balm

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.13.24 PM

This lip balm is one of my HG balms, and seriously saved my lips a few years back. I haven’t had this in a while so it is time to get another one, whether the savings are good or not! My favourite is the Shea Butter & Vitamin E one. You can read my full review on it here.

Price: $10.50 CAD
Potential Savings: $1.58 CAD

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.48.15 PM

If you tuned into my last Sephora Spring Sale post, you will not only know that I am obsessed with these glosses, but also that I literally just repurchased my favourite shade Kristen, and then promptly proceeded to lose it. Boy am I pissed! Anyways, I need it in my life, so here I go buying it again. If anything, that should truly convey to you how good it is!!! Also, I DON’T LOSE THINGS! EVER! FML 😩😭

Price: $21 CAD
Potential Savings: $3.15 CAD

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.07.21 PM

If you read my review on this lipstick that I received free from Influenster, you will know that I lurrvee this new formulation. I have the shade Lolita, which is my perfect every day shade, but I think Lovecraft would be so pretty for spring! Might have to do it!

Price: $23 CAD
Potential Savings: $3.45 CAD

Skin Care

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in One Lactic Acid Treatment

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.03.18 PM

Guys, my skin has been a mess lately, and I think that this might be the ticket out. I have a lot of acne scarring, and I have had some flare-ups recently. Well I tried a sample of this, and then proceeded to buy the “Flash Fix” kit from Sephora, which also had a sample of it, and I truly think that it is helping my skin. It’s pretty insane to spend this kind of money on one product, but if I would ever spend a chunk of money like this, it would be on good skin care. This is the purchase that I am the most seriously considering, funnily enough. It’s not like me at all.

Price: $200 CAD
Potential Savings: $30 CAD

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.05.39 PM

This is my favourite moisturizer 🙌 I loved the previous version, but this reformulated version is even better! It feels so nice and hydrating on the skin, although I am certainly skeptical of the 72-hour claim. I have found that it is important to buy this moisturizer from Sephora, as they are the only ones that seem to sell the 2.5 oz size, which has the best value for the amount of product. So I might buy two or three of these to stock up.

Price: $61 CAD
Potential Savings: $9.15 CAD

Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.06.30 PM

This is another product where I am wondering, should I stock up? I just got a new one, so I am fine for now, but unfortunately I always go through these faster than I think I will. As you can see below, the savings aren’t amazing, but maybe I should? This eye gel cream is good, pretty hydrating, sits well under makeup, but still isn’t my HG. I’m still searching, so maybe I shouldn’t go and invest in more of these.

Price: $52 CAD
Potential Savings: $7.80 CAD


Guerlain Mon Guerlain

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.47.18 PM

Mmm mmm mmm I love this perfume! The main notes are Jasmine, Lavender, and Vanilla. When smelling it on a test strip, I can be unsure, but when applied to the skin, I just love it. I just reorganized my perfume samples tonight and I found that I had like 5 of this perfume, so I am excited to use them. If there is ever a time to buy a perfume, it is during a sale like this. Why is scented water so expensive?? Or scented alcohol? What the heck is perfume made out of? lol.

Price: $119 CAD
Potential Savings: $17.85 CAD

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Toilette

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.47.37 PM

This is another great scent, that is a bit more on the fruity floral side. The main notes are Grapefruit, Datura, Rose flower, Patchouli. If you are wondering what the heck Datura is, you are not alone! I just looked it up, and it is a flower known to have powerful poison/deliriant drug properties, LOL…. wut.

Price: $100 CAD
Potential Savings: $15 CAD

Products that I am curious about but probably won’t get…

Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.22.44 PM.png

They have been hinting that they are going to release more shades of this highlighter, but I only see one new one on Sephora, “Luminscence” a champagne pink. I have no idea if this would work for my skin, but I would like to swatch it in-store. I also haven’t worn the shade that I own in a while, Kitten, so I need to remind myself if I still like these or not. Also, I do not need more highlighters!!! I am a crazy person.

Price: $42 CAD
Potential Savings: $6.30 CAD

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.14.35 PM

Alright, I know that this was not made for my white ass, and yet, I am strangely entranced by it. Is it the hypnotic swirl??? All jokes aside, I think that this could potentially be a great blush topper. I just love the look of this shade. Which is strange, because it is straight up orange. Why am I attracted to this? I kind of want it 😩 If a mini of this ever becomes available, you know I am going to jump on that! Or a promotional free deluxe size!! Can you imagine!! I’m going to start stalking my email right now.

Price: $46 CAD
Potential Savings: $6.90 CAD

NARS Highlighting Powder

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.06.54 PM

I saw Kathleen Lights on Youtube wearing the shade Fort de France, and it looked so beautiful! The only weird thing with these highlighters is that it says that they are only available online…? You mean I can’t swatch this?? So weird. Again, I don’t need more highlighters, but I don’t own any highlighters from NARS sooo….. Oh shit. I literally just glanced at how much product you get. just. this. moment. WOAH!! Ok, scroll up and look at how much product you get in the above two highlighters. This highlighter is literally giving you 30% and 50% more product respectively…. Wow! This price is so justified! Ok, I am immediately more interested…

Price: $50 CAD
Potential Savings: $7.50 CAD

Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.30.03 PM.png

I am still very curious about these liquid eyeshadows. They look so pretty, but I definitely don’t NEED any of them. I would like to swatch them in store, but from the shade descriptions, I think I would like the shade Jezebel! I would probably get a lot of use out of a shade like that.

Price: $31 CAD
Potential Savings: $4.65 CAD

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.10.56 PM

As I said, I need some eye help. I have dry under eyes with some fine lines that I BELIEVE/HOPE are from dehydration. Well, an eye sleeping mask could be just the ticket. This literally just came out so I am super curious about it!

Price: $44 CAD
Potential Savings: $6.60 CAD

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Eye Mask

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.12.35 PM

Oh look, another newly released eye mask!! Which will be better? This one is more affordable AND has more product, so I would hope that this one is better. But I’m not really willing to give up quality for monetary value, so I would like to try both, realistically. I’ll try to cop a few samples the next time that I am in Sephora. I haven’t tried anything from Clarins before!

Price: $33 CAD
Potential Savings: $4.95 CAD

Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.05.19 PM

Now that it is maybe (maybe?) turning into sandal season, it would be nice to do a foot peel like this. I have never done one, but it sounds like it is super effective! The only thing is that it seems to take well over a week to finish its peeling business, and I go to kickboxing twice a week, which is a bare feet activity. So that could be bad. And embarrassing.

Price: $26 CAD
Potential Savings: $3.90 CAD


So I have a lot of things on this list here. Should I get them? I’m kind of feeling like I am either going to get it all, or barely anything. I might just stick to the expensive skin care products, since those yield the most value with this 15% off sale.

In all honesty, the more I looked at the products and the associated savings, the more pathetic I found this sale. I’m a realist, and I’m going to be straight with you. This sale is pathetic. Let’s look at this sale in another scenario. When browsing the items that are in the sale section on the Sephora website, I know I don’t even consider an item worthwhile unless it is at least 40-50% off. On the other hand, I find myself scoffing at items that are listed as “on sale” but are less than $10 off from full price, because what’s the point? Can you really call that a sale? So in that scenario, I wouldn’t even consider buying those products that are barely on sale. And yet here, during this store-wide sale, we are willing to shell out for the same poor savings? Yes, this is different because we can choose any product we want. But from the savings that I would get from the above-mentioned products, a lot of them have left me feeling like “what’s the point? I’ll just get it later. Screw that $3.”

I just don’t know, and I am glad that I am sort of starting to wake up out of this brainwashed mentality. As consumers, we are attracted to good value and savings, and the word “sale” turns a light bulb on in our heads. But guess what, having meager sales like these are not positioned to actually save you money, but are done to enable you to spend more, and it most certainly works.

I don’t want to ruin this sale for anyone, which is why I still did a recommendations list post, but I think everyone could do with a little more awareness, if they aren’t already on this train of thought.

I have basically come to the conclusion that I will not be restocking on any of the makeup items that I have mentioned, because it’s just not worth it. I would rather spread these purchases out over time, because let’s face it: It’s easier to stomach many small purchases, than one very VERY large one. I know I’m already going to get quite wide-eyed when I go to purchase that Sunday Riley product, and some more of my moisturizers. That’s over $300 right there.

Also the reality of this sale for me, is that 15% off only just covers the sales tax where I live. In my province, the sales tax is 12%, so I am literally only saving 3% with this sale. Hahahhahahahaa…. not worth it. I think we could all stand to be a bit more choosy with this sale. I would suggest that you only get items that you were ABSOLUTELY going to get anyways, or items that are VERY expensive, and will actually yield some good savings. Or get everything and anything, who am I to tell you what to do? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Overall, do what your heart desires, but don’t leave your brain out of the conversation 🙂

One last PS, don’t forget to use Ebates!! The % back will certainly be lower during the sale, but it will be better than nothing! If you don’t currently have Ebates, or you don’t know about Ebates at all, you can check out my post on it here.

What are your thoughts on this sale? Are you planning on making it rain, or saving your money? Do you like or have you tried any of the products that I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.24.41 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.24.55 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.25.04 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.25.12 AMScreen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.20.11 PM

Disclaimer: All images are from Sephora.

Copyright © SUPERNOVABEAUTY 2018

16 thoughts on “Sephora Spring Sale | What’s in my cart | Is it really worth the splurge?

  1. I think people go crazy over this sale because Sephora never has sales, but like you said, when you think about how little 15% off saves you, it’s barely anything. Particularly when you are a Rouge member! I used to spend hundreds of dollars during the sales, but now I just use it to pick up essentials and maybe one “fun” thing to play around with.

    A lot of beauty brands that are available at Sephora have been doing 25% off on their website around the same time as the Sephora sales. For us Canadians, we MAY have to pay for duties which would negate the extra 10% savings, but if you were in the US – why WOULDN’T you do that option instead?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are exactly right. Because this is out of the norm for Sephora, people get totally hyped up. Brands are always having sales on their own respective websites, that are very often 15% off or MORE! I have never had to pay duties for Tarte packages, and certainly not UD because I guess they have distribution centers in Canada. So I think buying directly from the brand is often smarter, and they often have Ebates too! And let’s not forget that the points systems that brands have are often WAY better than Sephoras rewards system. For example, the UD rewards system is great!! You actually get money off of your orders every once in a while, and it’s not hard to accumulate!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh interesting! I knew that we don’t have to pay duties for Tarte, but I wasn’t sure about UD – good to know! I also didn’t know that many brands have their own points system…a lot of the ones I’ve ordered from don’t so I just thought they all don’t have one. I’ll definitely have to look into these options more!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love the Naked Skin Concealer! I also really want one of stila’s liquid eyeshadows, they look amazing! But I totally agree with you, this sale is ridiculous, I wouldn’t bother honestly!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait to try out the concealer again! The liquid eyeshadows definitely look beautiful, but it’s hard to shell out that money on one shade! It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is, because it is a sale, but it’s a pretty terrible one.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t even really thought about the sale! I’ve been using Ulta so often that I just don’t even use Sephora anymore. I think Sephora needs to figure out some better ways to give back to their loyal customers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with that. Glitter is definitely not a daily thing for me, although I wish it was, haha! Good for you! Skin care is definitely the thing to splurge on during this sale, if you are going to go for anything at all!


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