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Hello everyone! Happy hump day 🙌

I’m here to share with you my review for one of the newest lipglosses on the market, the Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss. I am absolutely a gloss girl, and I often mention on my here my gloss obsession of the moment. When I heard that Urban Decay was coming out with a new lipgloss line, I was very excited. Good lipglosses are something that have largely been missing from the brand, so I ordered one to try immediately. I purchased the shade “Backtalk”, described as a “mauve nude pink”.

Let’s get into it!

Packaging and First Impressions

The packaging on this lipgloss is very unique. Usually lipgloss components are cylindrical, whereas this one is very rectangular. The main part of the component features a silver metallized frame, and a clear window so that you can see the shade of lipgloss you have.

The applicator is a typical doe-foot, however it is VERY flexible. By that, I mean when applying it to your lips, the doe-foot moves all over the place, instead of being held stiff like a usual doe-foot.

The gloss itself smells freaking amazing, and guess what, it tastes amazing too 🙊 It is very much a peppermint vanilla flavour. Yum!

This lipgloss comes in 20 shades and 4 different finishes: cream, sheer cream, metallized and holographic (no, it’s not real holo, it’s iridescent). Backtalk is a cream shade.



Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.17.27 PM.png
I used a Sephora screen capture to show you the shade selection since it shows it better on Sephora than on the UD website. There are four more shades available on UD.

Price and Quantity

This lipgloss is priced at $23 CAD and has 0.23 oz of product. If you want to see how the value of this lipgloss compares to other high end glosses, check out my Wow! or Waste? post on this product!


Here are the claims from the Urban Decay website. Urban Decay product descriptions are always so long, so I have pared these down a bit:

“Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss is ultra-shiny, glides on cushiony-soft and provides long-lasting wear that’s comfortable, not tacky.

Laced with vitamin E and peppermint oil, our hydrating formula leaves lips feeling nourished, has an immediate plumping effect and comes in a yummy vanilla-mint flavor. 

Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss delivers ultra-shiny color that won’t feather or bleed and instantly makes lips look plumper. Tune in to everything from blaring brights to soft neutrals in four different effects—metallic, holographic, cream and sheer cream. The flexible, flocked-silicone paddle applicator is the newest technology and allows you to swipe on a generous, even layer of gloss. No need to double dip (but please do if you want!).”

Pigmentation and Performance

Let’s start with application. I really don’t like the doe-foot applicator. Because it is so flexible and because it presses so much against your lips, it not only applies product, but I also feel like it takes it away! It is hard to control, and I find that frustrating. I also find that I have to dip in at least twice to get a layer with a good amount of pigmentation. That’s not a big deal, but I just felt like application could have been easier. Also, I definitely did have to build it up to get full pigmentation. This gloss is definitely more on the sheer side, and this is not supposed to be the sheer formula!

I love the scent and taste of this gloss. It is a great minty vanilla, and it does feel a bit tingly on the lips. I was worried about this at first when I heard that it was supposed to be plumping, but the tingling is very slight. I will tell you now that there is no way that this gloss will plump your lips with such a low level of tingling. But I do not buy glosses for that plumping effect, so that does not bother me.

A note on the shade: the shade of this Backtalk lipgloss is definitely different from the Backtalk lipstick. I wish I had a shade comparison to show you (maybe check back in later today and I will have inserted one), but the original lipstick Backtalk is cooler with more purple in it, whereas you can see that this lipgloss is more warm and rosy.

arm swatch warmer.jpg

lipswatch brightercool2.jpg

Where things really go downhill for me is the formula and the wear. This gloss is definitely more viscous than I am used to: it is thicker and applies in a thinner layer. This can be a good thing, because that usually makes it adhere to your lips better. When freshly applied, the gloss doesn’t feel sticky at all. And I think “cushion” is a great way to describe the feeling when you press your lips together. However, when the gloss starts to wear away, the residue that is left is sticky and just leaves your lips feeling gross. I HATE it when glosses wear away sticky.

One claim that was absolutely true was that this gloss didn’t bleed or feather on me, likely because it is more of a thicker, viscous gloss.

Lastly, one other problem that I had with this gloss was that I would get that gross white ring residue BS around the inner part of my lips!! There were like weird little white bits and strands that appeared. That almost never happens to me, but it happened with this gloss. I don’t really know what the culprit was. Was the product balling up? Or was it really so moisturizing that that was the dry parts of my lips were exfoliating off? I can’t say that I thought my lips were very dry before applying it. It’s gross to talk about, but it’s important to mention. Because I hate that shit, and I know you would too!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am not a fan of this lipgloss formula, and I do not recommend it. It needs to wear down well for me to like it, since all I ever do is drink tea and eat, constantly wearing down my lip products.

The only situation in which I like wearing this gloss is lightly on top of other lipsticks. I really enjoy applying a small amount of this gloss on the center of my lips when I am wearing the lipstick form of Backtalk. It just adds that nice glossy effect, and I have not gotten the white residue, or the sticky feeling when doing this. But is it worth it to buy a $23 gloss just to be applied in the center of your lips to highlight? I don’t think so.

Now, glosses that I can absolutely recommend, and will bend over backwards to recommend, are the Anatasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses. You need them. End of story. They are incredibly comfortable, moisturizing, they wear well, and they are SO PIGMENTED! They have a “buttercream formula”, which is thinner than this formula, and makes them wear really comfortably. They also wear down so nicely, and quite a bit of pigment remains on your lips, despite transfer. I do experience some feathering with them sometimes, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. If you are looking for a good gloss, ABH is the way to go 100%. I don’t have many HG products, but that is one of them.

Have you tried this Urban Decay gloss? What do you think? What is your HG lipgloss? Let me know down below!

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21 thoughts on “Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss | Review + Swatches

  1. ABH lipglosses are some of my favorites! Ulta Beauty has a really good lip gloss too. That white ring is so weird, I’ve never had it happen to me. That’s just really ridiculous, especially from a high-end product

    1. That’s good to hear about the Ulta Beauty one! I’m glad that you like the ABH ones too! Yeah it was really weird, and just gross.

  2. Hmm…nope. I wasn’t very interested in this collection when it first came out, and your review confirms that I shouldn’t get it, haha! I’m kind of interested in the ABH glosses now, though – haven’t thought much about them until I saw them on your Sephora recommendations list!

  3. This gloss sounds… awful. I hate sticky glosses, and the wand sounds way too bendy for me. I would still get the backtalk lipstick though.
    I think my favourite gloss formula right now is the Kylie Cosmetics glosses. They aren’t ultra sticky and I like that the pigment is completely opaque in one swipe.

    1. Oh I haven’t tried those! I haven’t actually gotten anything from Kylie yet! I’ll keep an eye out, maybe if she ever does sales? lol

      1. I only tried some of her products because I won them in a giveaway. If she was ever sold in Canada I would buy again, not sure if I’ll order directly from the website though!

      2. Yeah totally. I’m also not so into celebrity brands and couldn’t care less about the whole Karsashion/Jenner situation lol

  4. Too bad it didn’t work, I loved the old formula and this shade is so pretty! I hate when glossed do the white ring, so gross

      1. Have you tried the liquid lipsticks, I saw the Backtalk in that formula and I loved it but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it

      2. My friend really likes that shade in the liquid lipstick but I haven’t personally tried their liquid lipsticks. I think they are pretty drying but have good lasting power. She actually lost it and went out and bought it again, so she does certainly like it! Lol

      3. My bestie has a shade and it’s super patchy, good to know that Backtalk is nice, I like the shade so much

  5. This makes me feel soooo much better for not wanting one! 😂 I’ve heard nothing bad about these gloss, but I’m glad you gave us an honest opinion, I hate sticky glosses.

  6. I am more of a lipstick person but I do enjoy glosses sometimes, for that I have a few. But I had no idea about this new launch by UD. It’s a shame that it did not work. Even I don’t like when glosses leave that sticky feeling. 🙂

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