Chick Advisor and Essie: Treat Love & Color

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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some products that I received complimentary from Chick Advisor in exchange for a 100% honest review. Be warned, this is a long post, so strap in! I have bolded the most important things for easy scrolling 🙂

Chick Advisor is a website that acts as an online community for sharing product reviews for items in categories like beauty, wellness, food & drink, shopping, mom & baby, and house & home. You can also choose to join the Product Review Club on their website, where if you review enough products and have a high enough social media following, they may send you complimentary products for testing purposes. However, Chick Advisor is different in that it focuses on reviews from Canadian women, which is refreshing and really quite exciting. Make sure that you check out my previous Chick Advisor posts:

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Let me be the first to tell you that Chick Advisor is in my opinion, the best product review service out there! I have been part of Influenster for just under a year, and yes I have received a few products, and some of them have been great. But, going by the sheer amount of products that I have received, Chick Advisor is simply knocking it out of the park! They always have so many different Product Review Club (PRC) opportunities going, and I have been selected for so many of them! I am currently part of three more PRC’s, so watch out for more reviews in the future!

The only thing that I do not like about Chick Advisor is that they often have unreasonable expectations for the speed with which you will be able to review things. Often I will receive the product with only a few days until the review is due. I know shipping will vary depending on where you live, but that should be accounted for in the due date for the review(s).

For some things like brow products and protein shakes, a short deadline is totally fine. But for things like nail polish and moisturizers, you just need more time. Influenster always gives you a month to be able to try the product(s) and review them on all social media platforms, so I wish that this was the same for Chick Advisor. I don’t know if they are having to work with internal deadlines or what, but it’s just too quick. Participants of the PRC will give better quality reviews if they give us more time to test the product.

Anyways, let’s get into today’s review!

Essie Treat Love & Color


Getting the Polish

This nail polish is supposed to be a coloured nail strengthener. Most nail strengtheners are just clear treatment polishes. However, these Essie Treat Love & Color polishes are tinted strengtheners, which is so nice! If you have brittle, dry or cracking nails, I would much rather have a nice colour on them, than show my brittle nails.

This PRC was a little different, in that instead of just receiving the items in the mail, we were given an Amazon gift card to purchase the shade of Essie Treat Love & Color polish that we wanted.

The process went really smoothly and it was considerate that they allowed us to choose our own colours. The only thing that was unclear was the fact that the gift card that they gave us was for $20 CAD and the nail polish cost only $10.99 plus tax. There were no explicit instructions as to whether we were supposed to only purchase one polish, or two. I assume they just did $20 to make sure that it covered whatever shipping was going to cost, but I have an Amazon Prime Membership, so shipping was free. Because I didn’t feel right about making money off of this, I decided to purchase two shades of this polish. Better to review two shades than one right? This only meant that I would spend $4 of my own money, but I was fine with that. I’m not sure what the other PRC members did!

The colours that I chose were “Mauve-tivation”, described as a “pale orchid mauve”, and “Glowing Strong”, described as a “fresh apricot coral”. Such perfect spring colours, right? This polish actually comes in 32 shades, although I don’t think we had access to all of the shades when ordering from Amazon.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 10.20.38 AMscreen-shot-2018-02-02-at-10-20-35-am.png

Something that was a little strange is that a bunch of the shades were listed as “temporarily out of stock”, including Glowing Strong. It was explained that we could still order these shades, and that we should still receive them in time to review them. Well that turned out to not be true at all. I received the shade Mauve-tivation right on time, but I didn’t receive Glowing Strong until more than a month later! In fact, I just received it two weeks ago, which is why this review has been postponed for so long (the PRC was in February). I’m sure that this wasn’t Chick Advisor’s fault, but it was really too bad. And what did the people do who only ordered one of these polishes, and it was an out of stock one? I guess they were very late for their review!!

Packaging and First Impressions

The packaging of these Treat Love & Color polishes is exactly the same as typical Essie bottles, however one side of the square face has silver writing that tells you that it is from the Treat Love & Color line, it is a strengthener and the shade name.

When I first opened this polish bottle, I was very surprised and impressed. First of all, the brush is slightly wider than normal Essie polishes. Essie polishes have one of the thinnest brushes out there, which is not really my preference. While it allows increased precision, it takes more work to not get a streaky finish because you have to do more strokes to cover your nail. However, this Treat Love & Color brush is slightly wider, making it easier to cover your whole nail with fewer strokes.


Price and Quantity

This polish is regularly priced at around $10-11 CAD but I have seen it on sale at many retailers lately, especially Walmart. You get 0.46 oz of product in the bottle, which is the usual amount that you get in Essie polishes.


Here are the claims from the Essie website:

“Developed with 5 years of research. Nails look instantly perfected with brightening pigments, strengthened by a breathable care formula infused with collagen & camellia extract. Experience 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage!

No base or top coat needed! It’s a one-two punch of advanced care in just one step.

Fusing the benefits of caring active ingredients with the beauty of iconic essie nail color, Treat love & color offers mani lovers an easy way to care for their nails and find the right color.

The formula is the right product for women who feel they need to give their nails a rest, but don’t like the idea of stepping out without a freshly-painted manicure.

Treat – restore dry, brittle nails to a healthy-look in just one week.

Love – pamper your nails with a formula that locks in moisture and perfects nails.

Color – enhance nails instantly with visually-brightening pigments for a healthy glow.”

Pigmentation and Performance

I will not be the first person to say that Essie polishes are classically more sheer than other brands. They usually take 2-3 coats to achieve full opacity. Well this was not the case with these! Mauve-tivation was fully opaque with only one coat! That is so rare in nail polish, especially with Essie, so I was very impressed. This was a little less true for Glowing Strong, but it was pretty close!

I found that this polish dried down pretty quickly. With these Treat Love & Color polishes, you do not need to use a base or top coat, you only use this polish. You are also supposed to use two coats of it. With Mauve-tivation I found that you really didn’t need two coats (at least where colour opacity is concerned), but I followed the instructions and applied two coats of it anyways. I found that both shades of this polish dried in half an hour, maybe less. That is very quick for multiple coats of nail polish, especially without a quick dry top coat. So again – very impressed.

I found that this nail polish wore mostly like a typical nail polish. The finish was neither glossy nor matte. Usually after about 4 days of wear I experienced one or two chips in my nails, but the rest of my nails only wore down slightly. So I would say that this polish wears slightly better than the typical nail polish, and it seems to be pretty chip-resistant!

The only part of this polish that I take issue with is that once dried, it really shows whatever natural texture you have on your nails. Now if you have chipping or peeling nails that you are trying to repair, this might be a serious issue. The surface of the polish also seemed to mark easily and show scratches, which is too bad. But it was really not too incredibly noticeable unless my nails were in a certain light. It’s not like the polish has been scraped away, but there are imprints of scratches and marks. This would be solved with the use of a top coat.

In terms of strengthening my nails, I didn’t notice a huge impact. When I first started using this polish I had two nails that were noticeably more brittle than the rest because I had damaged them with gel polish, and they still felt pretty weak after the first application. For a month or so I had been waiting for them to grow out to a point of new nail that was stronger. However, they have not split since using this polish, and they were splitting before I applied it. So coincidence or not? I’m not sure. Did they just grow out like I was waiting for, or did this polish actually strengthen them? This polish is supposed to help your nails over the long term, so it will be really interesting to see if it does! At this point I have used it around 4-5 times, and all of my nails feel great at this point, but I also haven’t used gel in the last three months.

essie shades.jpg
Glowing Strong is on my thumb, pointer and middle fingers. Mauve-tivation is on my ring and pinky fingers. You can pretty clearly see on my ring finger my natural nail texture coming through. This picture was taken in low light.
This picture was taken in high light, and I have applied a top coat here. You can see that they look nice and glossy, and there are no marks on the surface of my nails.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I truly think that this is a great nail polish that doubles as a nail strengthener! I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants a great opaque nail colour that is low maintenance and has a quick dry time. If you want a nice quality manicure though, I would suggest using a top coat, which will get rid of that texture showing through, and will prevent scratching of the polish. Simply put, these are the best Essie polishes I have ever used. If they strengthen nails, well that is an extra bonus!

Have you tried this new Essie formula? What do you think? Comment down below!

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Disclaimer: Some of the images in this post are from Chick Advisor, Essie and

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