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Hello everyone!

Today, I just wanted to share with you a rant post. I think most of you must be aware the Too Faced has recently released a whole new collection, the Life’s a Festival Collection. In usual Too Faced fashion, this collection doesn’t just include 2 or 3 items, it includes A TON of items. Yes, they have done it again, pumping out product after product mere months after their last massive release.

Here’s a look at the products released:

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WARNING! This rant post may be biased due to the following things:

  1. I do not go to festivals and I do not want to go to any festivals.
  2. I am 24 and not a child.
  3. I dislike Jerrod Blandino.
  4. At this point, after the continual onslaught of unicorn propaganda, I kind of f@cking hate unicorns and mermaids.

DISCLAIMER: If you are excited by or interested in any of the items from this collection, then good for you. I am glad for you. The opinions expressed in this post are only my own, and they need not affect you in any way. If you want to get these items, you do you and I truly hope that they are amazing.

Why I have literally zero interest in this collection.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, a new Too Faced collection would usually be something that I would cover in my series Wow! or Waste? In that series, I evaluate whether each product in a new collection is either a Wow! buy or a Waste? of money, in terms of the price and the amount of product you get. However, when I saw that Too Faced was coming out with this new unicorn inspired collection, my eyes couldn’t have rolled harder than they did. And I couldn’t have been less interested.

Unicorns!! How are we not over unicorns yet?! Too Faced was really the self-proclaimed starter of the unicorn trend with their original La Creme lipstick in the shade “Unicorn Tears”. In the last year or so, so many other companies have picked up this trend, whether they be drugstore or high end. 2017 was seriously the year of the unicorn and the mermaid, and at this point, it has been done to death. So for Too Faced to come out with a whole unicorn collection this late in the game is just so lame in my opinion. Like you are late, so late! Let it go already!

Moreover, almost a year before this expanded unicorn collection launched, Too Faced was a real asshole about other companies using unicorns as inspiration. And by Too Faced I mean Jerrod Blandino, one of the founders of the brand. When Tarte Cosmetics released their Make Believe in Yourself Collection, which featured colourful makeup products and a few unicorn inspired products like makeup brushes, Jerrod on the Too Faced instagram posted this bitchy post indirectly shading Tarte for daring to go there. Even though the post doesn’t directly mention Tarte, it was CLEARLY directed at them since their number one collection involves Amazonian Clay. “#ThereArentUnicornsInTheAmazon”. Like give me a break. Check out the original post below, as shared by Jeffree Star. Too Faced deleted the original post pretty quickly after it went live.

The stupidest thing about Too Faced daring to give Tarte grief is the fact that they had one unicorn product at the time…. ONE! How can you lay claim to all unicorn things when you have one product that sort of relates to the theme. ALSO, Lime Crime has had way more to do with unicorns than Too Faced, and for way longer! So it could certainly be argued that Too Faced got the unicorn idea from them. Overall, it’s just crazy and distasteful to pull a PR move like that. So, so lame.

Also, can we just take a second to talk about the packaging? Too Faced is always the first company to come out with cute and adorable packaging. However, it is usually a mixture of cute and tasteful. Sometimes it even borders on elegant. This unicorn packaging is just so childish. Like they took things way too far this time. Is their target audience really pre-teens and teens? I’m not knocking pre-teens and teens that are into makeup like this, but they can’t possibly be Too Faced’s main target audience! Pre-teens and teens don’t have this kind of money! The majority of their consumers have got to be between 20-30 in age, and I just really don’t think that this collection would appeal to the majority of those in that age range, but that’s just me. If this packaging does appeal to you, then please don’t be offended. On one hand I can see the appeal, but on the other its just a big no to me.

Overall, I have been a fan of Too Faced products since I made my way into the high end makeup world. I own at least 10 Too Faced products, including 6 eyeshadow palettes, and I love a lot of their stuff. Their Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is my favourite bronzer out there, and I use their Primed & Peachy Primer every day. But to release a collection that is all rainbow and sparkly is just such a waste. And it will be a huge waste for the majority of consumers. No one I know will use rainbow products on the daily.

This whole collection was released with the purpose of being makeup for festivals. Festivals happen only a few times a year. Are you going to wear these products 2-3 times per year? What other events will you wear these products to? This collection has got to be the least versatile out there. And certainly the least wearable. I am by no means a makeup square (at least in my opinion). I am not afraid of colourful eye looks. I own purple blushes and I own many very “out there” shades of lipstick. But this collection would just never work for me. And guess what? Rainbows aren’t flattering! The whole point of makeup is to be flattering! Otherwise what is the point? And how can I justify high end prices for products that I would just never use? I can’t, and I have no interest in justifying it anyways.

Lastly, I want to end by saying that I am starting to get fed up with the amount of products that Too Faced is constantly pumping out. It is relentless and makes it impossible for anyone to keep up. Most of all, it makes it really hard for us to enjoy the products that we do decide to buy! Every month or two Too Faced releases about 10 new products. And it really makes me wonder how much quality control is going into these releases. To be releasing that many products that often, things have got to be falling by the wayside. And maybe this is why we hear so many complaints about inconsistencies in product formulations. This many constant releases also cheapens the brand. If you have fewer releases that are built up over longer periods of time, people value those releases and products more. Doesn’t Too Faced understand how supply and demand works? All they are doing is over-saturating the market, and I am just not into it.

Overall, I am not saying that I won’t be buying Too Faced products anymore, because I probably will be. But every time I do buy a Too Faced product, I do it with a weird feeling in my stomach. I wish there was less drama around the brand. They feel kind of icky and shady, and I am just not into it. But they do truly produce some great makeup products. But ultimately, I will absolutely not be buying anything from this Life’s a Festival Collection!!!

What do you think about Too Faced as a brand? Are you into this collection, or do you share some of my opinions? How do you feel about their constant onslaught of new releases? I am truly curious to know your opinions!

Please comment below! I would love this to be an open conversation!

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28 thoughts on “Just NO! | Too Faced’s Life’s a Festival Collection

    1. UHG so true!! That green lip topper definitely takes it too far. Especially a lip gloss that will go on streaky and will have literally no lasting power?? What’s the point??? So glad you agree!

  1. Definitely have the same feelings as you about this release! I’ve also been iffy about buying anything from them at all after all this shady controversy going on.

    1. Yeah it’s really too bad. I’m usually pretty excited about Too Faced releases, but this one totally makes me think twice about them as a brand. And yes, the shadyness is a little disturbing. Glad you agree!

  2. This whole collection looks like it belongs in Claire’s or Hot Topic. I get their demographic with this release (I’m definitely not “above” it since I snatch up all things Hello Kitty lol) but the cost doesn’t match up with the juvenile packaging.

    1. Wow a truer statement couldn’t be said! And I agree so much! This collection totally belongs in Claire’s. It just seems weird that they would target such a seemingly small demographic from their overall consumer base, but maybe it’s larger than I think!

  3. I’m with you on this collection… it’s garbage, and I also really dislike Jerrod. The only product I really like from Too Faced is the Glitter Glue, but I’ve been hesitant to support the brand for the last couple years because of their inconsistencies and petty nonsense.

    1. Uhg yeah, Jerrod is a total PR nightmare. Why do they keep him around, especially now that he no longer owns the company? I’m sure he has some binding contract. All the bullshit just puts a bad taste in your mouth. There are so many other great makeup companies out there that you can support. So we will see how things go from here.

  4. I’ve never been interested in Too Faced and I find none of their packaging cute or adorable. I kind of like their peach/chocolate palettes because they are really unique with the scent and everything, but I never got the hype. And this guy is awful, I literally can’t stand him!

    1. I totally understand your point of view! Their packaging can definitely be a bit kitschy at times. I do love the chocolate and peach scented things though. Glad you agree with me! Jerrod is a total mess and doesn’t reflect the brand in a good light, that is for sure!

  5. I usually like Too Faced, but when I heard about this collection coming out I was not even remotely interested. And then when all of the products and packaging were revealed, I was just flabbergasted at how childish everything looked. I mean…5 year old me would have been all over this collection. Adult me? Not so much.

    It was hilarious when Jarrod Blandino tried to shade Tarte for their unicorn-themed palette. I’m not a fan of Jeffrey Star, but he was right in saying that Jarrod acted like he invented unicorns or something. Like you said, Lime Crime has been doing unicorn-themed makeup for YEARS – TF’s unicorn lipstick isn’t anything unique. Not to mention they’re releasing a rainbow highlighter that looks like the one that blew up in 2016 from that Etsy shop (can’t remember the name)…who’s copying who now?

    The unicorn trend started gaining momentum in 2014 and I think it reached its peak in 2016-2017. Too Faced completely missed the boat and I’m not entirely sure who would be interested in this collection.

    1. I so agree with everything you have said! Yeah, they definitely had no right to lay claim on unicorn anything. I really hope everyone else let’s unicorns go now! I mean, let’s move on with our lives already lol. Don’t we have a little more creativity in ourselves than that?

  6. Loved this rant! While some of the products caught my attention, the overall collection comes off very juvenile. However, many brands are starting to produce these iridescent and prismatic colors

    1. Yes! Those are exactly my thoughts as well! It’s too bad that they decided to go down this path, as I am sure it has affected many peoples’ opinions of the brand as a whole. There are certainly lots of different duochrome/iridescent products out there. In fact, so much that I would argue that the market is pretty saturated. Therefore I don’t know why Too Faced decided they needed to do their own? Like that shit is already available lol. Let’s move on instead of creating a huge unusable collection.

    1. Haha yeah it was certainly a while ago! But it has still stuck with me. Just disappointing for sure.. Like how do they expect us to support them with nastiness like that??

  7. Girl yes YES YES!!! Plus, real festival goers are not concerned with makeup, because they are too busy trying to get sand/dust/etc off their body and just stay clean. There’s usually no showers, you can’t exactly do your full skin routine at night, so you would definitely not be taking these items! Okay, I’m sure maybe a lipstick, but not the eyeshadow palette. And the brush is ugly. And who wants iridescent glitter in their bronzer??? Not me. So glad I’m not alone on this one.

  8. I agree with everything you said, this whole collection is just dumb. I’m honestly fed up with Too Faced, the quality of their products are lacking probably because they pump out products faster than you can even buy them. 🙄

  9. Too Faced just keeps digging their grave deeper and deeper. I’ve honestly only ever bought their chocolate bronzer, but nothing else really appeals to me and I can’t see how it would to anyone over 12. Totally agree with this well thought out post!

    1. I’m glad you feel the same way! I definitely think Too Faced has run out of innovative ideas lately. Now they are doing a whole nudes collection..? It looks pretty but I mean how many times are we going to see this done over and over. Thanks for visiting!

      1. Yes so glad to see people posting about this subject! I haven’t purchased from them in forever, I only own a few products but like…they need some new designs! No worries! X

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