Palette Roulette | Week 5


Hello everyone! Welcome back to my series, Palette Roulette, where each week I randomly select an eyeshadow palette that I will have to use for all of that week.

Each week, I create 4-7 looks from that week’s randomly selected palette. I will share these looks with you, tell you which shades I used and where, and my overall thoughts on that palette.

Last time’s Palette Roulette was the Too Faced White Peach Eye Shadow PaletteIf you haven’t already checked out that post, please do! I also did a special Valentine’s feature last week, so check out that post here.


Alright, on to week 5! And sorry I’m a bit late!

Here is my current list of eyeshadow palettes, excluding the palettes that have already been chosen. As you can see, I have moved those palettes into another “used” column, so that I don’t select them again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 9.34.15 PM

As usual, to select a palette, I used the Google random number generator. I set the range to be 1-28, and I generated the number!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 9.34.05 PM.png

This week’s Palette Roulette is #27, Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eyeshadow Palette

This is another exciting pick since I just purchased this in late December, so I haven’t had a lot of time to use it yet. Someone was selling a brand new palette on VarageSale, the app that I use to buy things. This was after Prism had been taken off the Sephora website, so as far as I knew, this was my last chance to get it. Let’s just say, I couldn’t help myself. I love the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, and I had heard that the Prism formula was the same!





What first attracted me to this palette was that the colour story includes both neutrals and shades that I wouldn’t usually seek out. Additionally, this palette has a good mix of warm and cool shades. You have warm orange and brown mattes, along with some brown metallics. I love the shade Eternal, which is such a pretty amber brown metallic with an amber sparkle to it. On the other hand, there are some cooler shades, like Lure, a dusty mauve, and Dimension and Osiris. I think Dimension has got to be my favourite shade in this palette. It is such a creamy lilac silver metallic! Throne is also a very nice deepened emerald green that doesn’t pull too black.

I think for some people the orange shades might scare them more than anything, but the presence of oranges in ABH palettes is pretty typical. While they might look daunting, oranges are great transition colours, and it’s not like you have to build them up to full opacity. A slight wash through the crease is the perfect transition for so many looks.

Something that you will also notice in this series is that I am very rarely going to use false lashes. These are eyeshadow looks that I am wearing on the daily, and I do not like to wear lashes everyday. However, if a look is particularly smokey, then I will.


Orange Sunset


Shadows Used
Unity: Upper crease. This is a nice light yellow cream shade that is the perfect first shade to go in with.
Eden: Crease. In the pan this shade looks more like a salmon pink, but it definitely comes off more orange on the eye. It doesn’t apply too pigmented to begin with though, and can be built up or left soft.
Saturn: Lower crease. This is the deep orange shade in the palette that I think might scare some people off. But again, you can use it lightly, or really build up the intensity.
Parallel: Outer corner. I used this deep brown to deepen the outer corner slightly, but I didn’t build it up very much because I didn’t want the look to be too intense or smokey.
Lucid: All over lid after cutting the crease with concealer. This shade acts more like a topper, although it can be built up if you are pressing it on a sticky base like I have done here. It comes off more white gold when swatched and in the pan, but on the eye over a skin-coloured concealer, it was more golden. Very pretty though!

Overall, I had no problems at all blending any of these shades. They all performed like MR.

Amber Glam


Shadows Used
Unity: Upper crease.
Eden: Crease.
Parallel: In crease to really deepen for contrast with the lid shade. Even though this is a deep brown, I had no problems blending it in.
Sphinx: All over lid after cutting the crease with concealer. This metallic brown isn’t that stunning to be honest. You can’t totally see it in this look because I covered most of it up with the next shade. It just isn’t very metallic.
Eternal: Pressed all over the inner and middle of the lid. I really love this shade. You really can’t see how gorgeous it is in this picture, but it has amber glitter all throughout it which just looks so beautiful on the eye.
Lucid: Inner corner.

Again, I have no problems with blending any of these shades.

Smokey Lilac



Shadows Used
Lure: Upper crease and lower lashline. This is the lilac mauve shade, which is the only cooler matte shade in the palette. It is the perfect cool crease shade. And you can see that it isn’t too cool. There is an element of warmth in there.
Obsidian: Inner and outer lid. I used this as a base for the Osiris shade. This black was a little strange for me. It was pigmented and not pigmented all at the same time. Hard to explain, but sometimes it really packed on, while at other times it was hard to build up intensity. So overall I am not sure about this black.
Osiris: Inner and outer lid. Also on the lower lash line. While this shade looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan, it is harder to get it to perform that way on the eye. I decided the best way would be to pack it on on top of a sticky base. So on top of where I have applied Obsidian, I also applied the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Black Bean”. I then pressed Osiris all over that. This shade is a beautiful midnight blue with purple glitter. I could definitely see the purple glitter in person, but again in the photo it doesn’t translate quite as well.
Dimension: Pressed all over the middle of the lid on top of concealer. Also in the middle of the lower lash line. This is easily my favourite shade in the palette. While Osiris actually feels quite dry, Dimension is creamy and really grabs onto the lid, so it is easy to get colour payoff. Such a beautiful silver lilac shade!
Lucid: Very center of lid and inner corner. I applied this in a line literally at the center of the lid, just to really pick up the light. I didn’t want to cover up dimension too much.

Overall, all of these shades blended pretty well, although I did have a bit of trouble with the black. But you can see that it still turned out really nice. I actually love this look a lot! Not often that I wear cool looks these days.

Emerald Dream


Shadows Used
Unity: Upper crease.
Eden: Crease.
Saturn: Crease.
Obsidian: Outer corner. I definitely had trouble with the black in this look for whatever reason. It was almost like I couldn’t built it up quite enough.
Pyramid: Inner corner and inner lid after applying concealer to the whole lid. This is a really beautiful true yellow gold shade. This one was also relatively creamy.
Throne: Center to outer lid. This emerald shade is so beautiful! It was also very creamy and pressed on so beautifully. So many emeralds turn out too dark on the eye, but this one was really green! I am pretty in love with it and will definitely be using this shade more!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the quality of this palette is great, but it is not something that I see myself using every day. I pretty much love all the shades in the palette, but I am a grad student, therefore it is not always appropriate for me to wear these colourful and smokey shades to school, especially on days where I am teaching. But, there are certainly many shades that I could wear on the daily, especially Eternal!

I think the thing that initially attracted me to this palette the most was the composition. The colour combinations are very interesting, giving you a huge diversity in the looks that you can create. However, this can sometimes be daunting for people and make it difficult for you to decide on which shades can create a cohesive look. I am not that used to playing with a lot of colour, so I definitely had to think about which shades to combine. I was also trying to use all of the shades with these looks that I created. Overall, I think the composition of this palette is great. The only thing that it could be missing is a more cream coloured white. Unity is a bit too yellow to be put under the brow bone etc.

The pigmentation of most of the shadows was true to ABH style: SO PIGMENTED. The best part about ABH shadows is that they can pack a punch, but not if you don’t want them to. You can easily to a light wash of colour, or build some real depth. The only shades that I felt were lacking were Lucid and Osiris. Lucid wasn’t bad, but definitely is more of a topper shade. Osiris was certainly a little lacklustre. You really have to pack it on if you want to get anywhere. It was also a bit drier.

Almost all of these shadows were very blendable. The only shade that gave me a little trouble was Obsidian, but it didn’t always give me trouble. It may have just been user error. I did experience some fallout with the metallic and deeper shades (Dimension, Osiris, Obsidian, Throne), so it would definitely be good for you to do smokier looks before applying your face makeup.

As usual with ABH palettes, the shadows help up really well throughout the day and I never noticed any fading.

Overall, this is a great unique palette to have in my collection and I am glad that I purchased it.

abh prism.png

Well, that’s it for this week’s Palette Roulette! I can’t wait to see which palette I get to share with you next week!

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9 thoughts on “Palette Roulette | Week 5

  1. I love reading this palette roulette series!
    I always end up learning towards orangey bronze shades so I love that you get those in ABH palettes. I think I would be a little bit unsure what to do with the green and yellow shades myself, but I love the looks you created with them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you! Means a lot 🙂 Yes, the greens and that neon yellow definitely make you think a little harder. The green is so gorgeous though and I have really come to love green eyeshadow looks. That neon yellow though… I still haven’t used it lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m never really that interested by ABH palettes when they’re released, then I see the looks people create and it’s makes me want them 😍 love the colour combos you went for, they’re all lovely! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is there any reason in particular that you haven’t been interested in ABH palettes? The colour schemes just haven’t been up your alley? I truly to love their formula. Thank you for the compliment!! I love this palette because it is so unique. Although, because it is so unique, I may not use it as much as some of my other palettes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah that’s exactly it! I think that with Subculture and Prism, the arrangement of the shades hasn’t helped me either. But then as I see more and more people create gorgeous looks, I realise what can be done with it and then I want it 😄 and like you say, because they’re so unique, it can be difficult to use them as much as other palettes 😕 x


  3. Absolutely stunning! I have NEVER been interested in this palette, but your eye looks make me want to buy it now (even though I wouldn’t know what to do with half of these shades). The smoky lilac and emerald dream looks are probably two of my favourites you’ve ever done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I was very happy with how these looks came out, even though I had trouble with the emerald dream one and blending. I think this palette is very different, which can be a pro and a con depending on the consumer.

      Liked by 1 person

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