Palette Roulette | Week 2

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my new series, Palette Roulette, where each week I randomly select an eyeshadow palette that I will have to use for all of that week.

Each week, I create 4-7 looks from that week’s randomly selected palette. I will share these looks with you, tell you which shades I used and where, and my overall thoughts on that palette.

Last week’s Palette Roulette was the Tarte Don’t Quit Your Daydream Eyeshadow Palette. If you haven’t already checked out that post, please do!


Alright, on to week 2!

Here is my current list of eyeshadow palettes, excluding the palette that was chosen last week, the Tarte Don’t Quit Your Daydream Eyeshadow Palette. I have moved that palette into another “used” column, so that I don’t select it this time by accident.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 12.38.12 PM

As usual, to select a palette, I used the Google random number generator. I set the range to be 1-29, and I generated the number!

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 12.37.53 PM

This week’s Palette Roulette is #28, Viseart Paris Nude Eyeshadow Palette

This is a palette that I actually purchased used (regularly $100 CAD and I got it for $40 CAD, score!). And surprisingly, since I purchased it last summer, I have not used it! How is that possible?! Therefore, this is a great palette for Palette Roulette!



IMG_0197 copy

This palette is really quite stunning. It is very soft and cohesive, while including a lot of different colours. There are pinks, oranges, greens, purples and browns. Because all of the shades are quite muted, they work together really well. Most of the shades are mid-toned, but there are some deeper shades so that you can make your look a bit more defined. All of the colours in this palette are said to be inspired by Parisian fashion week collections.

Because this palette is only composed of metallic and shimmer shades, I will be pulling in another matte palette to help with the looks that I create. When first starting this series, I made the deal with myself that if an all metallic/shimmer palette got chosen, I would allow myself to use the mattes in the Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette. This palette is a great matte palette that can accompany any look, as it has neutral, warm, and cool-toned browns. I still want all of these looks to be wearable, despite whichever palette is chosen, so this is why I have allowed myself to use mattes in these circumstances.

Something that you will also notice in this series is that I am very rarely going to use false lashes. These are eyeshadow looks that I am wearing on the daily, and I do not like to wear lashes everyday. However, if a look is particularly smokey, then I will.


Soft Lilac Eye



Shadows used
I first applied three neutral brown transition shades to my crease (Journey, Stone and Timber from Tarte Clay Play), really building up the gradient effect, deepening the outer corner slightly.
: All over the lid. To make this shade really show up, I used my typical method of cutting the crease with a concealer. I then pressed the shadow directly on with my finger afterwards. This is the best method to get the most impact from shimmer or  metallic shadows in general. This is a really nice dusty lilac that has a good amount of pigmentation to it.
Saint Germain: Outer corner to deepen. I also pressed this shadow on with my finger. You can see that there isn’t a huge difference in shade, but it did add a bit of depth. It was also more noticeable in person.
Champs-Elysees: Inner corner. This shade is a bit more glittery, so I decided to use it wet to give it a better chance of adhering.

Pastel Pink Eye



Shadows used
Again, I first added the same three neutral brown transition shades (Journey, Stone and Timber from Tarte Clay Play), really building up the gradient effect, but I did not deepen this look quite as much. I wanted this look to be soft and girly.
Pont des Arts
: All over lid with the same concealer cut crease technique. When I first got this palette, I didn’t even realize that there was a pink in there. This pink is a very beautiful pearly pink.
Saint Honore: Outer corner to deepen. I also pressed this shadow on with my finger. This shade is like a rosy brown, so it worked really nicely for this look.

Creamsicle Gradient Eye



Shadows used
I first added two neutral to warm brown transition shades (Journey and Terracotta from Tarte Clay Play). I deepened the outer corner of this look a lot more just to make it a little more dramatic with Timber.
I then cut the crease with concealer, to prepare for the next three shimmer shades. I wanted to do a nice shimmer gradient, since there are so many orange shades in this palette.
Champs-Elysees: Inner corner and inner lid. This shade is one of two in the palette that is a little more on the sparkly side and has less base pigment to it. However, when packed on to concealer with your finger, you can still really build up the pigment.
Beaux-Arts: Center lid. This shade is such a beautiful light peachy orange shade.
Marais: Outer corner. This is a really nice amber orange shade.

Muted Olive Eye



Shadows used
I first added three neutral-warm brown transition shades (Journey, Terracotta and Ember from Tarte Clay Play). I deepened the outer corner and the lower crease of this look with Timber.
Champs-Elysees: Inner corner. This is that same thinner more sparkly shade. This shade is interesting because it is a white that looks like it has a different colour reflect depending on which shadows you use it with.
Jeu de Paume: All over lid after cutting the crease with concealer. This is a really unique shade of dusty moss green. In the pan it barely looks green, but on the eyes it is clearly green.

Final Thoughts

This palette is very much stunning but understated. While all of the shades are quite muted, the colour scheme of this palette is really very diverse. Additionally, because all of the shades are sort of dusty in tone, they all work together really well. I didn’t play a lot with mixing the colours, but I really do think you could mix the colour families together and get really cohesive looks.

I think something that some people may think is missing from this palette are some matte shadows. While the addition of mattes to this palette would make it more of an “all-in-one”, and that is usually what I prefer, I do not think that that was the intention for this palette. Viseart’s philosophy appears to be that their palettes should be mixed and used together, therefore one of their all matte palettes would accompany this one perfectly. Overall, I truly don’t mind that I have to use another palette in order to use this one (and you don’t have to, as you can certainly wear an all shimmery look if you want), as it provides such a beautiful library of differing, but related tones.

One common thing that I noticed about 90% of the shadows is that they almost all have good body to them. What does this mean? It’s hard to explain, but they aren’t thin and they aren’t dusty. They have substance to them, making them really nice to work with. When I cut my crease with concealer and apply them directly to that concealer, they grab on really nicely, with a good amount of pigmentation. There are two shades in this palette that are a little more glittery with less base pigmentation, and these are Champs-Elysees and Alexandre Trois. However, when packed on, these still perform really well and can be built up to full opacity.

Once applied, I never noticed any fading throughout the day. The eyeshadows looked just as good after 12 hours or more!

Something that was really nice about these shimmers is that once you blended around the edges of them, they didn’t just blend away to nothing. I never got any bald spots. Therefore, they grab on really well, although this is hugely helped by me using concealer.

Overall, this is a very stunning and good quality palette. It is also so perfect for spring!

Viseart Paris Nude.png

Well, that’s it for this week’s Palette Roulette! I can’t wait to see which palette I get to share with you next week!

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    1. Thank you so much! Definitely practice practice practice! This series in particular is giving me a lot of practice since I need to create new looks so often. I think in the future, depending on the palette, it will also really push me out of my comfort zone! I also want to start playing with different techniques to really mix it up! Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it is perfect to push you out of your comfort zone and to see what a palette is really like! Hopefully I will actually go out of my comfort zone next time 😉 Depends on the palette of course, since this one was quite muted and safe.

  1. Love love love all the looks you created using this palette. But the second one is my fav. I love the warm tones. This palette is very pretty with all the shimmery shades. You are so good with your makeup skills. I find it very difficult to work with eyeshadows hehehe. 🙂

  2. Omg thanks for sharing! I just bought this pallete and I gotta say the colours are so subtle, I just don’t know how to use them or make them stand out. its almost like u cant see anything when u apply them with brushes. i guess gotta use them with fingers or a pecking brush to ensure the colour doesn’t wash out

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