#januarybeautychallenge2018 Recap | Week 3


Hello everyone!

As you may already know, this month I decided to host my own beauty photo challenge on instagram! I was wanting to find one to participate in, since I hadn’t taken part in one since September, but I couldn’t find any! So, thanks to the suggestion from @space.of.beauty, I created my own!

Every week, I would love to share with you the pictures that I posted. I would also like to feature a select few other posts from people participating in my challenge!

Day 15 – Favourite Mascara

Day 16 – Ride or Die

Day 17 – #pinkwednesday Pink Lips

Day 18 – #tbt Favourite Flatlay 2017

Day 19 – Monochrome MOTD

Day 20 – One Brand for Life

Day 21 – Selfie Sunday

And here are some posts from others participating in my challenge!


Please check out @lemonbeauty77 on instagram!

Please check out Claudia’s blog!


Please check out @cathytriesmakeup on instagram!


Please check out Cleia’s amazing beauty blog Always, Cleia!

If you are interested in joining the #januarybeautychallenge2018 it’s not too late!

You can start on any day and go from there! You can even pick and choose which days you want to participate in! The best thing about challenges like these is that they are totally flexible!

See you at next week’s recap! 😉

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