Sephora Collection #Lipstories Lipstick | Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

If you read my Sephora Christmas Wishlist post way back in December, you will know that I have been wanting to try the new Sephora Collection #Lipstories Lipsticks since they came out. Why?

  1. The packaging is super cute and individualized for each shade.
  2. The are incredibly affordable, at $10 CAD.
  3. They come in three different finishes, with quite a wide shade range.
  4. And did I mention they are only $10!?!?!?!?

When I saw that these lipsticks were going to be so incredibly cheap, I definitely could not contain my curiosity. Well, I finally purchased three of these suckers, one of each finish, so that I can tell you whether these are worth the $10 (how can they not be) or not.

Packaging and First Impressions

The reasoning behind the packaging of these lipsticks is that each shade has a kind of associated “story” behind it, and this is what has determined each shade’s packaging (more on this in claims). The packaging of these lipsticks is admittedly cheap. The caps are made out of cardboard, and the bases are made out of plastic. This does not really bother me, although I can potentially see problems in the future if the cap gets damaged at all in your purse. Anyways, I would not let the cheap packaging stop you from buying or trying these out. Obviously, if they are trying to sell a $10 lipstick, there has to either be a trade off in the quality of the packaging or the product. And clearly, we would prefer to give up a bit of quality in the packaging rather than the product itself.

Depending on which finish you get, either #metal, #matte or #cream is embossed in the side of the lipstick bullet, which is a nice detail. Also, what really stands out to me is that the matte lipstick bullet looks really matte and velvety!

Like I mentioned earlier, this lipstick comes in three different finishes, and there are 40 shades overall. I purchased the shades “Coconut Grove” (Metal), “Brunch Date” (Matte), and “Spring Break” (Cream).

Coconut Grove, Brunch Date, Spring Break
Coconut Grove, Brunch Date, Spring Break
Coconut Grove (Metal)
Brunch Date (Matte)
Spring Break (Cream)

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 3.56.30 PM.png

Price and Quantity

These lipsticks are priced at $10 CAD ($8 USD) and have 0.14 oz of product. As you can already tell, these lipsticks have amazing value! Below are some other bullet lipsticks that we can compare to that are popular at Sephora.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value:

Rank Company’s Product Mentioned Above Cost
($ CAD)
Quantity (oz) Number of Shades Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Sephora Collection #Lipstories $10 0.14 40 $71/oz
2 Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte $25 0.14 20 $179/oz
3 Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick $23 0.12 30 $192/oz
4 Urban Decay Vice Lipstick $22 0.11 115 $200/oz
5 Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche $30 0.15 38 $200/oz
6 Tarte Color Splash Lipstick $27 0.12 24 $225/oz
7 Smashbox Be Legendary $25 0.1 54 $250/oz
8 Fenty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte $23 0.06 14 $383/oz

Clearly, these Sephora lipsticks have an incredible value that is really no match for other lipsticks sold in Sephora. They definitely even rival drugstore lipsticks, since so many drugstore lipsticks are as much as $12-$14 CAD these days! If you can get over the cheaper packaging, these lipsticks give you so much bang for your buck.


Here are the claims from the Sephora website:

“This is lipstick for real life, not just ring lights—lipsticks for celebrating the wild adventures, best moments, and magical memories in your life. So grab a shade or four and take your lipstick outside. See you out there! 

What it is:
A high-pigment, lightweight lipstick that provides full-coverage color in one swipe. Available in 40 shades and three finishes: matte, cream, and metal.”

On the product page, they ago give you the “stories” that go along with groups of four lipsticks. Below I have given you the three stories that are for the three shades that I purchased.

When you’re ready to Get. Out. Of. Here. these shades will transport you back to being poolside in Puerto Vallarta. 
06 Tan Lines | 36 Spring Break | 21 Pineapple Express | 24 Deep Water Bay 

These lipsticks were made for brunch days a.k.a. the best days a.k.a. the days that start with S. 
43 In the Clouds | 26 All Washed Up | 32 Berry-licious | 01 Brunch Date 

From poolside hangs to permanent brunch, these bright shades will see you through every summertime situation. 
12 Celebrate | 37 Hot in Havana | 28 Popsicle Lips | 13 Coconut Grove

Pigmentation and Performance

Of the three finishes that I purchased, I would say that the Matte and Cream are the best.

Metallic. Honestly, I found that this “Metallic” lipstick is not so much metallic, as it is a glitter lipstick. It does not have a metallic finish per say, but it does get shine from all the glitter in there.
I found that while the metallic applied really smoothly, it was not that pigmented. It certainly has a lot of sparkle to it, but there really wasn’t a lot of base pigment. However, in the picture below, you can see that I was able to build it up pretty well. Additionally, all of the sparkly metallic pigments help to distract away from the fact that the base colour isn’t opaque.
Even though this shade has straight up glitter in it, it didn’t feel gritty or textured, which is great because who wants that. Unfortunately, I did not like how this lipstick wore. As you drink and eat throughout the day, the base colour transfers away, leaving you with an unfortunate glitter lips look. Not cute if you aren’t at a rave. Overall, this “metallic” lipstick is fun, but it isn’t anything special. But for $10 that’s ok!

Coconut Grove (Metallic)

Matte. This matte lipstick is incredible! When I first swiped it on, my mouth legit dropped open. This lipstick, while looking so matte in the tube, applies so incredibly creamy and smoothly. Often really matte-looking lipsticks are stiff, but this one is the absolute opposite of that. It is also very opaque with only one swipe.
While this lipstick is very creamy and hydrating when it is first applied, it does set down eventually, but not in an uncomfortable way. It is not transfer-proof, however a lot of pigment does remain on your lips after hours of transfer. Overall, this is a really creamy and comfortable matte lipstick that I highly recommend! If you are someone who struggles at all with dry lips, you need to try this matte lipstick!

***CAUTION*** I did have an unfortunate incident with this lipstick when I was first trying it that you should be aware of. The bullet of this matte lipstick is very light/airy/delicate, so do not apply with too much pressure. I unfortunately broke the bullet of this lipstick on the second or third application, however, Sephora exchanged it for me easily. Now I know to just be careful! I’m used to Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks where you can be really rough with them because they are more dense. However, because this matte formula is so light and creamy, you do not need to apply with any pressure at all.

Brunch Date (Matte)

Cream. These cream lipsticks are just as good as the matte ones. They are incredibly pigmented with one swipe, and give you such a juicy and hydrated shine to your lips. This formula, however, is definitely not as delicate as the matte one, and is similar to a classic cream lipstick.
This lipstick also had really great lasting power, although it is of course not transfer-proof. It is extremely comfortable to wear though and is borderline hydrating, so that is awesome if you struggle with dry lips. I absolutely love this shade too!

Spring Break (Cream)

Final Thoughts

Overall, my favourite finishes of the three lipsticks were definitely the matte and cream formulas. The take home is that they are:

  1. Very creamy and therefore easy to apply
  2. Very pigmented so that you do not need to layer them to get full opacity
  3. Very comfortable
  4. Long-wearing, although not transfer proof
  5. And overall, these lipsticks are so affordable and have great value!

I can’t say I’m quite as big a fan of the metallic lipstick, especially since it isn’t a true metallic. It is more of a glitter lipstick, but if you are into that type of thing, don’t be afraid to give these a try.

What do you think of these new Sephora lipsticks? Is the packaging childish or fun? Do you mind giving up some quality in the packaging department to make this a more affordable product?

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8 thoughts on “Sephora Collection #Lipstories Lipstick | Review + Swatches

  1. The packaging is ADORABLE. I can just imagine how cute it would look to have a row of them sitting on a vanity.
    The metallic one doesn’t sound great (huge pet peeve when lipsticks that contain glitter leave behind all the glitter on your lips when the formula fades) but the matte and especially the cream look so nice. At $10, I definitely want to check these out next time I’m in the market for a new lipstick!


  2. These look so great. I don’t have a Sephora near me (England) but when I visit my hometown in Portugal I will for sure pick one of these up. Great post xx


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