Empties December 2017

Hey everyone! I hope the New Year is going well for you all so far! Here I am, back with some empties. At first I didn’t think I had very many empties this month, but it turns out there are quite a few samples that I finished.

Well, let’s get into it!



Pixi Beauty Makeup Fixing Mist

Quick Take. It turns out that I am seeming to run through one of these every month now. This is my favourite makeup setting spray. While it has alcohol to lock in your makeup, it doesn’t have so much that it leaves your skin feeling tight. My makeup always looks flawless after using this.

Price. $20 CAD for 2.7 oz.

Would I repurchase? Only over and over.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

Quick Take. I received this mask in my September BoxyCharm. So it clearly lasted me a long time! This is a hair mask that you should use around once a week and replaces your conditioner for that wash. You basically apply it directly after washing your hair, and leave it in for 10 minutes. My hair was always so silky smooth the next day after using it.

Price. $20 CAD for 2 oz (size I received) or $46 CAD for 8 oz.

Would I repurchase? While I really liked this hair mask, I think it is pretty pricey for the amount of product you get. I feel I have been equally as happy with other less expensive hair masks. So probably not.


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

Quick Take. This is a brand new product to my routine and I am really liking it! This is the perfect cleanser. It comes out looking like a lotion, but it still cleans your skin. The most important part is that it doesn’t over dry or strip your skin from all of your natural oils. I have dry/combo/oily skin, so it is hard to find products that work for that. I find this cleanser really helps balance my skin, and I have had less acne since I started using it.

Price. ~$15-17 CAD depending on the retailer.

Would I repurchase? Yes, I already have!


The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeeky-Clean Exfoliating Face Scrub

Quick Take.  This scrub has lasted me a very long time. I originally reviewed this product in my 31 Days of Reviews: August, so that is a long time indeed! In my first review, I definitely mentioned that I didn’t feel like this exfoliator was very scrubby, so it was hard to tell how effective it was. However, I have since really enjoyed this product. It is very gentle on the skin, and I think using this tea tree product 1-2 times a week really helps prevent bacterial acne.

Price. $16 CAD, but the Body Shop always has sales going on.

Would I repurchase? I have!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless “120”

Quick Take. This remains my HG foundation. It’s semi-matte, but luminous. It wears so well through the day, and is bullet-proof through exercise. You can read my full review of this foundation here. I’m not sure why I go through it so fast, but whatever! It’s not expensive!

Price. $6.99-12.99 CAD. The price varies by retailer. The most inexpensive I have found it is on sale at Shopper’s and London Drugs periodically. When full price, London Drugs is the cheapest and Shopper’s is the most expensive (no surprise there).

Would I repurchase? Always.


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Quick Take. I’m not sure how I have two jars of this moisturizer in my empties this month. I seem to be using it faster and faster. But maybe this is due to the dry winter we are experiencing. I’ve mentioned it already in every single empties…. This is a great gel moisturizer that effectively hydrates, without blocking pores. I like this moisturizer a lot, and it works well for my oily/combo/dry skin. View my full review of this product here.

Price. Unfortunately, it looks like Sephora has stopped supplying the smaller, value-sized jar that I have been purchasing all this time. So the choices are now 0.5 oz for $13 CAD or 2.5 oz for $61 CAD. For a while there it almost looked like Sephora was trying to phase out this product, because a new Moisture Surge product has appeared: Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, which has all the sizes available that Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief used to have.

Would I repurchase? Yes, although it is feeling a little expensive sometimes, with the rate that I use it at. I might try to find a dupe.

Dr. Brandt PoreDermabraision Pore Perfecting Exfoliator

Quick Take. This was another item that I received in BoxyCharm, this time in October’s box. I’ve gone back and forth on liking this product. This exfoliator is VERY scrubby, a total opposite of the Body Shop one. However, I think this means that it may have been a bit too harsh on my skin, since I did have a few suspicious breakouts after using it. But I haven’t broken out every time, so it’s hard to know. If you want a very abrasive exfoliator, this is the one. It definitely makes your skin feel so smooth and soft after use.

Price. $68 CAD for 2 oz.

Would I repurchase? This item is so freaking expensive, and was probably too harsh on my skin, so no.


Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder

Quick Take. This loose powder is my HG and has erased my yearning to repurchase the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. This powder works great for setting your foundation. I use a damp beauty sponge to press it into my skin after foundation application, and it gives you such a flawless base for your other powder products. I truly think it helps prevent oiliness and creasing. However, do be warned that these powders run extremely dark, as there are many shades. I use Fair-Light 10, and I am light-medium skin toned. Make sure you check out the shade before you purchase!

Price. Varies by retailer. $6.99 – $10.99 CAD.

Would I repurchase? Yes, this is my HG setting powder.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Quick Take. This was one of the mini products in the Caudalie Sephora Birthday Gift in 2017. This serum was pretty nice, but I didn’t notice any obvious improvements in my skin. It probably did help with hydration though. At least it didn’t break me out! This product probably is something to think about in the future if I am ever wanting to add a hydrating serum to my regimen.

Price. Full size is $89 CAD for 1 oz.

Would I purchase? Nevermind! After seeing that price there is no way in hell I will ever buy this lol.

Rosebud Perfume Co. Tropical Ambrosia Lip Balm

Quick Take. Ok, this might be my new favourite lip balm. If you’ve been with me for a while, I used to always rave about the Jack Black Moisture Therapy, but this one might be better. It is a bit thicker, so feels more conditioning. It has no tint, and feels so nice on the lips. It also smells freaking amazing! The only weird thing is that I can never find this flavour on the Sephora website, but it is always in store in the checkout line. So I just have to pick it up in store.

Price. $8.50 CAD for 0.5 oz.

Would I repurchase? Hell yeah.

IMG_9472 copy.jpg

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Quick Take. This liquid eyeliner was my first love. No liner gives you a crisper inner corner than this one. I love using these little sample ones, because I haven’t bought a full-sized one in a while. In the past I have had issues with them running out way way too fast, so lately I’ve been using the Kat Von D Ink Liner in “Trooper” or the Sephora Collection Colorful Wink-It Felt Liner in “Little Black Dress”.

Price. Full size is $29 CAD for 0.016 oz.

Would I purchase? I’m definitely tempted to try out the full size again and see how long it lasts because it is so so good.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum

Quick Take. I truly think that this serum helped my complexion look more even and brighter. However, when I used it every night I think it was too much, since I also use a glycolic acid toner. So this would be probably a good product for me to use 2-3 times per week. BUT, this product is SO EXPENSIVE.

Price. Full size is $112 for 1 oz.

Would I purchase? I really don’t know. Maybe if I come into some money in the future lol. On principle, it is very hard to justify such an expensive item.

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Gel

Quick Take. I didn’t find that this gel added any extra hydration to my skin. There are better products out there than this.

Price. Full size is $65 CAD for 1.69 oz.

Would I purchase? No.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma™ Day Serum

Quick Take. I didn’t really notice any brightening effects from this product. It also didn’t add any extra hydration, so I wasn’t the biggest fan. I think the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum is probably better than this. And that one smells like creamsicles!

Price. Full size is $100 CAD for 1 oz.

Would I purchase? No.


MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot “Painterly”

Quick Take. I had been using this for a long time as my eyeshadow primer and it worked great. However, I started getting skin irritation, that almost looked like a bacterial infection, on my eyelids over and over in December, so I decided it was maybe time to trash this. I had had this product for probably 6-8 months, so maybe it got too much bacteria in it over that period of time. Of course a pot where you dip in over and over is not so hygenic. Now I just use concealer as my eye primer.

Price. $26 CAD for 0.17 oz.

Would I repurchase? I don’t know. I have been pretty happy with the concealer I have been using as a primer, which is the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer.

L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender

Quick Take. I really hated this sponge. It was way too dense, and seemed to soak up way too much of my foundation. I only bought it because I had heard such good things about it from one of my favourite Youtuber’s, JAMbeauty89! What a waste of money. Oh well, I feel like everyone is probably pretty specific about what they want in a sponge. This one just wasn’t for me.

Price. ~$14 CAD depending on the retailer.

Would I repurchase? Big no. I literally used this blender twice and then I went back to my Real Techniques sponge lol.


M.K.I. O2 Firming Skin Mask

Quick Take. I received this mask in my November Facetory subscription. This mask was fun because it had multiple steps to it. It definitely left my skin feeling hydrated.

Price. $3.50 USD

Would I repurchase? Yes, if it is easy to find!

Freeman Beauty Infusion Hydrating Sheet Mask

Quick Take. I really like these Freeman Beauty Infusion sheet masks. This hydrating one is usually my go to. These sheet masks fit and adhere well on my face and feel very hydrating. They also don’t make me break out! The best thing about these masks is that after the serum has dried down/set on your face, your face doesn’t feel tight! When the serum does dry down feeling tight, I am highly suspicious that there aren’t the best ingredients in that serum, and ultimately that the mask is cheap in quality. Just because it’s affordable in price doesn’t mean the quality should be cheap!

Price. ~$3.50 CAD at Walmart. They are sold at different retailers (Sally’s, Ulta), but Walmart is the most affordable retailer I have found for these masks. Such a good price for a sheet mask!!!

Would I repurchase? Yes. These are a great affordable option that is easy to find.

Sephora Collection Clay Mask “Purple: Moisturizes and Soothes”

Quick Take. I really like these Sephora clay masks! They are great because they are very creamy and do not dry down all the way. Because of this, you get the purifying benefits of clay, but it doesn’t strip your skin too much. They are also very affordable, at only $10 CAD. They are advertised as having 4 uses, but I easily get 7-8. This one in particular is my favourite because I do feel like it hydrates, and it smells so good! I also love the texture of these masks: they are so light-weight and whipped feeling.

Price. $10 CAD

Would I repurchase? Yes. I’m finishing up two other masks from this collection as well!

Well, those are all my empties for December! 

Have you used any of these products? Which are winners and which are losers for you?

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15 thoughts on “Empties December 2017

  1. It’s always a good feeling to realize how many products you were able to use up!
    I really liked the Briogeo mask too but it’s so expensive for the amount of product. I’m really interested in the Moisture surge now!

    1. Yes! I definitely feel that way about the products that didn’t totally wow me, like a lot of those samples. However, my wallet is sad that I have to repurchase all of those items that I love and go through so often haha. I really do love moisture surge.. but I am trying out a potential dupe right now that is half the price. I am hoping it works out. More money for makeup right? 🙂

      1. Haha that is the downside isn’t it? Repurchasing is costly sometimes! That would be great if the dupe works out for you, more money for the beauty budget 😄

  2. The dr. Brandt exfoliator broke me out so badly! I had to give it to someone else. I really want to try the Fit Me powder, everyone says it’s really good!

    1. Uhg yeah I was so sorry to hear about that! I just think it’s too harsh. Yes I love the Fit Me powder, it is so good! You definitely need to try it, but don’t forget to keep in mind that the shades run really dark.

      1. Yeah I completely agree! It has to be way too harsh. Okay, good thing you told me! I’ll have to get a lighter color then!

  3. The Stila liquid liner is my HG and has been for over 7 years! I have super oily eyelids and very little lid space, but the stila + UD primer potion makes my liner last all day (like 12+hours) with no fading!

    1. Yes it’s so good! I don’t know why I was having issues with it running out so quickly a while back. I definitely want it again 😍

  4. I love CeraVe too! I discovered it when looking for a pregnancy friendly cleanser and have kept it around because I loved it so much. I really liked the L’Oreal sponge though and don’t really like the RT one, I guess everyone has their own preference when it comes to sponges!

    1. Fair enough! It’s really good to hear your opinion on the sponge! It also depends on what you are used to. I’m just used to softer sponges I guess! And yes, the cleanser is so good! I’m so glad to have discovered it!

  5. I’ve tried the pore exfoliator before and it made me break out so bad! I’m glad to hear you love the setting powder. I really want to try it out and might have to now! Also thanks for the tip about the shades being dark ☺️

    1. Wow! Crazy to hear that the exfoliator has given quite a few people troubles! Must be for people who have very tough skin! Yes, you definitely need that powder!

      1. Hey girl! I tried the powder yesterday, love it!!! Really helped with creasing and I got a shade lighter than I normally would, it matched perfectly 🙂

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