Holiday 2017 Reviews | Flash Review: MAC Snow Ball “Holiday Crush” Lipstick and “Here Comes Joy” Highlighter


Hello everyone! I first off want to wish all those that celebrate Christmas, a very Merry Christmas! I really still wanted to post today, but I am going to keep it short since it is Christmas. So today I am going to share with you the two products that I purchased from the MAC Snow Ball Holiday Collection.

Unfortunately, on the day that these items came out, most of them sold out within an hour. I went into a store around 2 hours after it opened, and only one lipstick shade was left, but both the highlighters were still available. So I purchased the remaining lipstick shade, and one of the highlighters.


MAC Snow Ball Lipstick “Holiday Crush”

Packaging and First Impressions

All of the items from this collection have the most beautiful packaging. Both the lipstick and the highlighter have a multi-level gold flake effect that has a glossy finish. The shape of the lipstick is the classic MAC component. The shade of lipstick I got was “Holiday Crush”, described as a muted pink with sparkle, and a frost finish. The lipstick smells like a typical MAC lipstick.



Price and Quantity

This lipstick is priced at $22 CAD and has 0.1 oz of product.

A quick comparison of different lipsticks are below. I compared to: the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick ($21 CAD/0.11 oz; read my review of this product here),the Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick ($23 CAD/0.12 oz), the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick ($30 CAD/0.15 oz), the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick ($25 CAD/0.10 oz) and the Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick ($25 CAD/0.14 oz; read my review of this product here).

Rank Company’s Product Mentioned Above Cost ($ CAD) Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Urban Decay Vice Lipstick $21 0.11 $191/oz
2 ABH Matte $23 0.12 $192/oz
3 Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche $30 0.15 $200/oz
4 MAC Lipstick $22 0.1 $220/oz
5 Smashbox Be Legendary $25 0.1 $250/oz
6 TF Peach Kiss $25 0.14 $179/oz

Overall, the value of MAC lipsticks is very middle of the line.

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, I really love the look of this lipstick, but it isn’t the most comfortable lipstick that I own. It is very smooth and glides on easily. However, it seems to apply in a very thin layer, which means that there isn’t a whole lot there to protect and hydrate your lips. I do find that my lips get dehydrated on the days that I wear this lipstick.

However, I really love the colour and shade of this lipstick. I own nothing like it, so it was a good addition to my collection. While initially a frosty nude doesn’t really seem like a Christmas-y shade, I really love it for the holidays!



MAC Snow Ball Face Powder “Here Comes Joy”

Packaging and First Impressions

Again, this highlighter has the same multi-level gold flake packaging with the smooth glossy finish. Even though this product is listed as a face powder, it is described as “a powder that transforms cheeks into pearly orbs that light up the night.” So it is meant to perform as a highlighter. Inside, the powder has the imprint of a snowflake. This highlighter shade of “Here Comes Joy” is described as a “peachy gold with shimmer”.



Price and Quantity

This highlighter is priced at $38 CAD and has 0.35 oz of product.

Below is a quick comparison to other highlighters that I love: the Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter ($42 CAD; 0.35 oz), the Make Up For Ever Pro Fusion Highlighter ($48 CAD; 0.3 oz), the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter ($42 CADl 0.28 oz), the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter ($46 CAD; 0.28 oz) and the Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter ($38 CAD; 0.32 oz).

Rank Company’s Product Mentioned Above Cost ($ CAD) Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 MAC Face Powder $38 0.35 $109/oz
2 Too Faced Love Light $38 0.32 $119/oz
3 Stila Heaven’s Hue $42 0.35 $120/oz
4 Fenty Killawatt $42 0.28 $150/oz
5 MUFE Pro Fusion $48 0.3 $160/oz
6 Becca Shimmering $46 0.28 $164/oz

I can’t believe how good a deal the Mac highlighters are! I had no clue, so I might have to try more of them now.

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, I really love this highlighter. It might look like it is too deep a shade, but it really comes across as a beautiful peachy light gold that can really be built up if you want to. It looks absolutely gorgeous on, and the shine lasts all day. This shade might not work on the fairest skin tones, but it works great on me (I am light-medium), and I would think also for for light-medium-deep skin tones.

IMG_7930 copy.jpg

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very happy with the items I purchased. Really, the packaging is what made this collection unforgettable, but the products are very nice too. While the lipstick isn’t as hydrating as it could be, it is a very nice shade and still wearable. The highlighter is absolutely gorgeous, and a very unique shade.

Did you pick up anything from the MAC Snow Ball Collection? Comment down below!

I want to end today’s post by wishing all of you who celebrate Christmas, a very Merry Christmas. I really hope you all get to spend much needed time with your loved ones, and please, travel safe!



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