Holiday 2017 Reviews | Sephora Collection Winter Flush Blush Palette

Hello everyone! It’s time for another Holiday 2017 product review. This time I’m going to be telling you a little about a super affordable holiday item: The Sephora Collection Winter Flush Blush Palette.

This is a product that I have been using NONSTOP. I first learned about this palette on Casey Holmes’s Youtube channel. She recommended it, so I decided to go for it since this palette is only $20 CAD! I mean, how can you go wrong! Well let me tell you, I have been pleasantly surprised by this little holiday package.

Please keep reading if you want to hear about a great affordable buy for the holidays!

Packaging and First Impressions

This blush palette is a smaller cardboard metallic rose gold palette that is a bit larger than the size of your hand. I don’t own any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kits, but this looks like it might be the exact same size, for your reference, if you are familiar with those. Even though it is made out of cardboard, it feels sturdy and looks so nice with the metallic rose gold finish and decorative white stars. It also has a magnetic closure.

Inside the palette there is a decent-sized mirror with four pans of blush. Each pan is subdivided into 1/3 shimmer blush and 2/3 matte blush. The shimmer shades are very similar to the matte shades, they just have shimmer and are a bit lighter. I would describe the pan shades as: Blush pink shimmer and matte, berry shimmer and matte, apricot/amber shimmer and matte, peach shimmer and matte. The shades are designed to be either used on their own, or swirled together for a pigmented and glowy effect.




Price and Quantity

This palette is priced at $20 CAD ($16 USD) and has 0.63 oz of product. Unfortunately again, it looks like Sephora Canada has removed this item from their website, but Sephora USA still carries it. This is such a bummer, but maybe it is still in some stores!

For comparison, let’s compare to some other blush palettes (a few do include highlighters though): The Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit ($39 CAD; 4 shades; 0.68 oz), the Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio ($39 CAD; 3 shades; 0.11 oz), the Tarte Limited-Edition Blush Bazaar Amazonian Clay Blush Palette ($57 CAD; 8 blush shades, 2 highlights; 0.84 oz), the Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color Trio (you can customize this to make it a blush palette; $56 CAD; 3 blushes; 0.51), the Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush & Highlight Palette ($40 CAD; 2 blush shades, 1 highlight; 0.5 oz) and the Natasha Denona Blush Duo ($49 CAD; 2 shades; 0.5 oz).

Rank Company’s Product Mentioned Above Cost
($ CAD)
Quantity (oz) Number of Blush Shades Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Sephora Collection Winter Flush Blush $20 0.63 8 $32/oz
2 ABH Blush Kit $39 0.68 4 $57/oz
3 Tarte Blush Bazaar $57 0.84 8 $68/oz
4 Smashbox L.A. Lights $40 0.5 2 $80/oz
5 Natasha Denona $49 0.5 2 $98/oz
6 MUFE Artist Trio $56 0.51 3 $110/oz
7 ABH Blush Trio $39 0.11 3 $355/oz

Well this Sephora Collection palette is certainly the clear winner at rank #1! It has such an amazing value. I’m actually surprised that the ABH Blush Kits also aren’t that bad, considering their Blush Trios that they first released are INSANELY EXPENSIVE for the amount of product you get. You can read my review of the ABH Blush Trios here. I’m also surprised that the Natasha Denona duo is not the item of worst value in this list.. That’s saying something about the value of the other products, given Natasha Denona is a very expensive brand.


Here are the claims from the Sephora USA website:

“What it is:
A universally flattering blush palette featuring eight gorgeous shades in matte and shimmer finishes. 

What it does:
Make the most of your blush with this palette of eight shades in a range of wearable color. Each pan includes matte and shimmer finishes that can be worn alone, or swirled together for a little glam. Layer on the matte shades for intensity and then top with the shimmer tones to add glow. From cool rose to golden peach, this palette offers endless cheeky combinations perfect for every skin tone.”

Pigmentation and Performance

In this blush palette, the shades are pigmented and all are very different, making it very versatile. I almost always use whichever pan I choose all swirled together, and the overall look is not shiny, but radiant. The shimmer is definitely not too intense and I do not find that it emphasizes texture or enlarged pores. I would never use the shimmer shades alone, due to personal preference, but certainly the matte shades. And all of the matte shades are very pigmented!

I love every single shade in this palette. Lately, I have been favouring more peachy/bronzy shades of blush, so the bottom row is perfect for that. However, when I go for cooler looks, the lighter pink is so perfect! It makes your cheeks look so fresh and young. When I go for more dramatic looks, the top right berry shade is also perfect. And all of the blushes are very buildable. Moreover, if you do go overboard by accident, they blend out so easily. There is really nothing more you could ask for!

These blushes also do not fade during long wear times. I can always still see the blush on my cheeks at the end of the day. Overall, these blushes are great quality!

Because these blush shades actually have no names (they are just numbered on the back), I have named them in the swatch photo below by my initial descriptions of the shades.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this blush palette is totally amazing. Even if you were to take the incredible price and value out of the equation, I would totally recommend this palette. I am so sad that this is no longer available on the Sephora Canada website, but who knows. Maybe it will pop up again! In the meantime it is available through Sephora USA.

What do you think of this affordable blush palette? Have you had any good or bad experiences with Sephora Collection blushes?
Did you purchase any budget-friendly holiday items this year? Let me know in the comments!

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