Top 6 Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks for the Holidays


Hello everyone! Red lipstick is not something that I wear very often. I’m a grad student, so I stick out like a sore thumb if I wear a bold lip colour. Let’s face it, I already stick out with the amount of makeup I wear. But, for some reason, a red lip makes me feel more self conscious and semi-inappropriate than other makeup looks. However, if you can’t wear a red lip at this time of the year, when can you? Therefore, I am going to embrace the bold lip, and I want to share with you the shades that I will be doing it with.

If you have been with me since the birth of my blog, you will know that I own A LOT of Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks. These lipsticks are my Holy Grail! By far the best lipstick formula in my opinion. I have naturally dry lips and these are so comfortable. I currently own 25 lipsticks from this line! If you haven’t already, check out my whole collection (minus the few that I have bought more recently) and review of the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks here. It was one of my first posts, so it’s a little unstructured, but you can at least look at all the swatches! Maybe I will do an updated version in the new year. Let me know if you would like that.

So, if you are interested in seeing which Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are the most Holiday appropriate, please keep reading!

Top 6 Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks for the Holidays


If you aren’t familiar with the Vice Lipstick line, it comes in 6 different finishes:
  1. MEGA MATTE: super-intense matte lipstick
  2. COMFORT MATTE: our creamiest matte lipstick
  3. CREAM: the original: creamy lipstick with badass luxury
  4. METALLIZED: cream lipstick with a high level of pearl
  5. SHEER: a punch of color with a sheer, shiny finish
  6. SHEER SHIMMER: slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and a smooth texture

I mostly own Comfort Mattes, and Creams, but one Sheer and two Metallics are included in this post.

Characteristics of all of the lipsticks that I am mentioning here:
  1. Regardless of the finish, they are all super emollient and easy to spread, with no tugging on the lips.
  2. They are all very creamy and hydrating.
  3. They all have incredible pigmentation, regardless of the finish.
  4. They all have relatively good lasting power. While they are certainly not transfer proof, a good amount of pigment remains on your lips after hours of transfer. This is especially true for the Comfort Mattes.



Rebel – Metallized


IMG_3814 copy

Rebel is a warm mauve lipstick with a pearl finish. This lipstick is so wonderfully emollient, creamy and hydrating,  and I love the shade. This was an exclusive Sephora released for their Holiday Kiss line, which is why this tube has special packaging. While this isn’t an obvious colour for the holidays, I think this lip is perfect if you want to pull off a more bold eye look. This lipstick has a subtle metallic finish, and you can’t feel any texture from it.


Rock Steady – Cream


Rock Steady is a deep wine red. This is my favourite winter red. Because it is a bit darker, for me it feels more wearable. This shade is also super creamy and emollient. Even though this is a really deep shade, I don’t actually find that I need to use a lip liner with it!

Wrath – Metallized


Wrath is a Sephora Exclusive Metallic red. I LOVE how metallic this one is. And again, you can’t feel any texture. Even though this is a metallized lipstick, it is just as emollient and hydrating as the cream lipsticks. This has got to be the perfect holiday red, if you really want a WOW! effect!


Plaid – Sheer


Plaid is a deeper berry red with a hint of pink, and is a semi-recent addition to my collection. I purchased this shade when I went to the Urban Decay Birthday Bash event in September. Even though this shade is categorized as a sheer lipstick, you can see that it is anything but sheer! When I first applied this lipstick, my mind was blown. I was just expecting it to be a red wash (which is what I was hoping for), but it is a very pigmented and beautiful bright red (that’s nice too)! This lipstick is so glossy and comfortable.

Hitch Hike – Comfort Matte

Hitch Hike.jpg

Hitch Hike is a matte brick rose shade, which I also purchased in the last couple of months. This shade is such a perfect fall and winter lipstick. It’s kind of a nude-y red, which will work great holiday looks that are bold but still wearable.


Manic – Cream


Manic is a rosy wine shade that is another perfect winter shade for me. Again, this is another shade that I find is more wearable, potentially because it is deeper. This shade is so incredibly beautiful, and as always, is so spreadable, emollient, creamy and hydrating.


Well that’s it for my Holiday recommendations for Vice Lipstick! Which shades do you like the look of? Which do you already own?

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  1. These are all such beautiful shades! I have the same confidence issues with red lipsticks. I hate sticking out in a crowd in the first place so wearing a bold red lip definitely makes someone stand out more! But I actually love the way red looks on me. One of these days, I hope to have the confidence to rock it in public!

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