Top 10 Holiday Nail Polishes


Hello everyone! 🎶It’s the most wonderful time of the year.. for manicures…🎶

I’ve been doing a lot of holiday manis lately, which has definitely got me thinking about which polishes are my favourite to use for this time of year. And of course, I want to share those with you! From classic reds, to greens and glittering golds, I’ve got you covered!
If you haven’t already, make sure you check out my Top 10 Fall Nail Polishes. I will also be posting a winter edition in the next little while.

So! If you want to know which polishes are the best for this holiday season, please keep reading!






Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure “On Pines and Needles”


This polish is a deep emerald green that has lighter green and blue shimmer throughout. While the shimmer isn’t super noticeable in the swatch pictures, it is easily visible in the bottle and direct sunlight, and it really spruces up what would otherwise be a plain crème polish. I find it is really hard to find nice green polishes, so this one is a must have! I would recommend two coats for this polish.

China Glaze “Pine-ing for Glitter”


This polish is a densely packed glitter polish that has a clear base with emerald green microglitter and small glitter. This polish is absolutely stunning and works great as an accent nail. It takes a few coats to build up the opacity, but a good tip is to instead of paint it on, sponge it on with a makeup sponge. This allows you to pack on the glitter, without adding multiple layers of the clear base, since the sponge soaks up the clear polish.


Nina Ultra Pro “Big Spender”


This polish is a straight up gold metallic. This gold is a cooler gold and is so so smooth. This is my favourite gold metallic, and is a staple for holiday looks! This polish is also perfect for New Years! I’ve had this polish for so long, which you can tell because I have the old packaging that they used to have. This polish is opaque with one coat.

China Glaze “Counting Carats”


This polish is a glitter polish that has a clear base with gold and holographic microglitter, and multiple sizes of gold hex glitters. This has got to be my favourite gold glitter polish of all time! Any holosexuals out there? This is another polish that is awesome for New Years. This glitter polish is also very densely packed, so you can basically get full opacity with two coats.



CND Creative Play “Crimson Like It Hot”


I was lucky enough to receive this product complimentary from Chick Advisor about a month ago, and since then it has become my favourite red polish to use. This polish is the perfect shade of true red with a pearl finish and red microglitter. This polish is basically opaque with one coat, but I love to do two.  Make sure you check out my Chick Advisor post on this product and two others, if you haven’t already!

China Glaze “Ruby Pumps”


This polish is a jelly red with bright red sparkles. This has been my favourite red for years, because of the beautiful red shimmer that is has. It looks especially stunning under fluorescent lights. I would say that this is a must have for your collection! I like to always do two or three coats of this polish, to make it as beautiful as possible!


Finger Paints “Easel Come, Easel Go!”


This polish is a silver metallic/foil that is so shimmery, it is incredible. In the bottle it looks like molten silver. This is by far my favourite silver polish, and it is far from just some boring silver chrome, since it shimmers in the light so much! This polish also dries so quickly, so it is perfect for any manicures that require layering. It is also opaque with one layer.

Nina Ultra Pro “Dime Piece”


This polish is a silver glitter that has a clear base, silver microglitters and larger silver hex glitters. This is another pretty dense glitter polish, so it only takes a few coats to get it up to full opacity. But again, I recommend the sponge technique if you want this polish very dense on the nail. Sometimes it is difficult to find silvers that have larger glitter, so this one is perfect!



I consider these next two polishes toppers, as I wouldn’t use them on their own because they are very clear.

China Glaze “Fairy Dust”


This polish is a scattered holographic microglitter with a clear base. This is a great topper for any manicure, but I especially like using it when doing manicures that involve snow. Depending on my manicure, I will do one or two coats of this polish. If I have nail art detail that I want to come through, I only use one coat, but if it doesn’t matter I use two. I’m sure Simplynailogical would approve of this polish.

Essie “Sparkle On Top”


This polish is a clear-based scattered iridescent of different irregular shapes and sizes, that seems to flash from pink/lilac to green. Again, this is a polish that I love to use when doing a manicure that involves snow. The iridescent pieces in this polish are kind of sparse, so the sponge technique would be perfect for this one. Because the pieces are irregular, they don’t always lay flat, so I would recommend two layers of top coat over this polish if the texture bothers you.


Well, those are my top 10 Holiday Nail Polishes! What are your favourite colours to wear during this holiday season? Would you like to see the holiday manicures that I have done so far?

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