November Facetory FOUR-ever Fresh Kit

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Hello everyone! Back at it again with another monthly look at my relatively new Facetory subscription.

What is it? Facetory is a sheet mask subscription service that offers packs of 4 or 7 carefully curated Kbeauty sheet masks every month. I am very new to sheet masks, so I thought that this would be a great way to try out more, especially since these are sheet masks that are tested before being chosen to be sent out to us. You aren’t just getting any random sheet mask.

Price? FOUR-ever Fresh (4 sheet masks per month): $5.95 USD + $2.95 USD Shipping (within the US; $9.95 USD for shipping to 50+ countries outside the US).
SEVEN LUX (7 sheet masks per month): $15.95 USD + $3.95 USD Shipping (within the US; $9.95 USD for shipping to 50+ countries outside the US).

November FOUR-ever FRESH: Happy B-Day

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The theme of this month’s kit was Happy B-Day, since Facetory turned 1 year old this last month! I actually didn’t realize it was such a new company, since before signing up I had heard about it quite a few times through Youtube! This month, in addition to our usual 4 masks, we also received a sticker sheet. They are very cute, but cutesy stickers like this just aren’t my thing. They’re a little young, in my opinion (and I’m not that old, although just turned 24 ;), so maybe that’s old to some people).




MediHeal R:NA Whitening Mask



Retail Price: $3.50 USD

Claims: “R:NA stands for Radiant: Niacin Activator System which prevents melanin and provides an overall brighter skin complexion. Some of the main functions of this mask are to moisturize, brighten, and prevent wrinkles, using an ingredient called nicotinamide (aka Niacin), a vitamin found in food. Also using other ingredients high in protein such as glutathione, an important antioxidant in plants, and vitamin C, there is energy being transmitted into the skin to make all the magic happen. With this mask’s super creamy serum, your face should be revitalized and full of moisture in no time!”

First Impressions:

  1. I’m not sure what type of sheet mask this was, but it was neither cellulose or cotton. It was probably microfibre.
  2. The serum was very creamy/milky. The mask was absolutely drenched in it, but because the serum was a bit thicker, it didn’t drip from the bottom of the mask when worn.
  3. The mask adhered well to my face, but it was a bit too small on the periphery o the jawline, so the lower sides of my face were incompletely covered. It was also really bizarre on the upper lip portion. It was too long, and had two horizontal dashes across that long part. Was it supposed to go over my lip or over the tip of my nose? No thanks lol.
  4. This mask was very neutral feeling. It wasn’t cooling or anything, and I didn’t notice any obvious scent.
  5. There was lots of excess serum in the package afterwards, and all of the serum absorbed easily. My skin felt plump afterwards and looked slightly brightened.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. I didn’t like how it fit, but it had a nice serum.

Candy O’Lady Sweet Lemon Candy Mask


Retail Price: $3.50 USD

Claims: “This thin microfiber mask is filled with essence that is made with active and healthy ingredients such as niacinamide, allantoin, and trehalose that will work to protect you skin and lock in the moisture it needs. This mask will brighten your skin and make it feel fresh like lemons and bright light limes.”

First Impressions:

  1. This was a very thin microfibre mask. It adhered well, but again was a bit small on the sides of the face.
  2. The serum smelled like sweet lemons. It smelled so good!
  3. The mask was very cooling while on.
  4. There wasn’t really any serum left over in the package to apply after the mask. I didn’t notice any difference in brightness of my skin, but it did leave my skin feeling a bit tacky, and didn’t absorb fully.
  5. Apparently you can use this sheet mask as a primer for makeup, and I believe that since it left my face feeling tacky.

Would I repurchase? No. It was a nice mask, smelled good, but didn’t fit great and didn’t give me any noticeable results.

Yadah Collagen Mask Pack


Retail Price: $3.50 USD

Claims: “Did you know that snail mucin is one of the most beneficial ingredients you can put on your skin? You may be hesitant to use any products with snail mucin at first, but ease yourself into it with Yadah’s Collagen Mask Pack, a mask that will not only increase the skin’s elasticity but also treat any scarring on the face! This mask is packed with collagen, the most abundant and necessary protein in our bodies that improves wrinkles, firms, and replaces dead skin cells, leaving the skin incredibly smooth.”

First Impressions:

  1. This was a cotton mask that fit and adhered well, even though it was absolutely drenched with serum.
  2. The serum included was clear but a bit thicker and gel-like.
  3. There wasn’t an obvious scent, but I didn’t really like the way it smelled. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t pleasant.
  4. When on, the mask did feel a bit cooling.
  5. After I removed the mask, there wasn’t a lot of excess serum left over in the package to apply.
  6. The serum absorbed well into the skin and left my face feeling hydrated.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. I did really like the feeling of this mask and the hydration results. I just didn’t find the scent overly pleasant.

M.K.I. O2 Firming Skin Mask


Retail Price: $3.50 USD

Claims: “The M.K.I O2 Firming Skin Mask includes three different steps that will transform your skin from dull and dehydrated to bright and moisturized! Step 1: Gently massage your face with this O2 silky clear cleansing foam, and rinse! This will cleanse and calm the skin, preparing it for the next step. Step 2: Apply the firming skin mask onto your face and leave on for about 15-20 minutes. This mask is made with seven different extracts, including oxygen that will give your skin that healthy glow! The microfiber sheet is also great for sensitive skin and allows the mask to comfortable and seamlessly stick onto your face. Step 3: Use the O2 real aqua essence to apply all over the face. This essence uses many amazing ingredients that will help with brightening and preventing wrinkles.”

First Impressions:

  1. I really liked how this mask had multiple steps! This was the first time I had used a mask like this!
  2. In the first step, the clear cleansing foam was a clear liquid that was gel-like, that when applied to the face, really foamed up! This cleanser definitely felt like it made my face squeeky clean.
  3. In the second step, I applied the mask. I was surprised by this mask, as it definitely seemed like the thinnest mask I have ever used. The mask fit and adhered very well, largely due to the fact that it was so thin.
  4. After I applied the mask, it felt very neutral at first, but eventually started to feel cooling on the skin.
  5. In the third step, I applied the O2 real aqua essence, which was gel-like as well. This gel was also very cooling.
  6. After all of these steps, everything absorbed really well into the skin and my skin felt hydrated.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was pretty happy with this month’s selection of masks. I didn’t dislike any of them. They all fit pretty well (although some were a bit small) and it felt like they were made out of high quality materials. I liked the variety of serums, although most of the masks seemed to have a purpose of brightening the skin. My main goal is to hydrate the skin, but I figure any sheet mask should do that, since you are adding extra serum to your face. While none of these masks never really had any immediate results of brightening, a few of them did seem to make my skin appear a bit brighter. I never expect immediate results from one sheet mask anyways! As always, it’s pretty much just about the pampering aspect.

Have you tried any of these masks or anything from Facetory? What face masks do you recommend?

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