November @NinaNailedIt Monthly Mani Ki

Hey everyone! As always, I want to give you a quick look at the manicure I did with the November @NinaNailedIt Monthly Mani Kit by Scratch.

If you don’t already know, the @NinaNailedIt Monthly Mani Kit is a monthly subscription kit that is offered through the company Scratch. Each month this kit includes an exclusive and limited edition set of nail wraps designed by @NinaNailedIt, plus other handpicked nail art extras to accent your manicure. The price of this subscription service is $10 USD per month, plus shipping and handling ($4.99 USD for me in Canada; they ship internationally). You can see my full review of this subscription service here. If you are interested in seeing my posts on past months, you can do so here.




In Novembers’s MMK we received:

  1. Gone Camping nail wraps: Red-based plaid with blue and white stripes.
  2. Silicone Smoothing tool: To help apply your wraps.

This is the second month in a row where I have totally fallen in love with the wraps, but have been disappointed in the accessories. The trend seems to be that instead of receiving two nail extras to accent your wraps, we are only getting one. This is really too bad, since for the first 4 months of my paying for this subscription, we always received three items total.

I have two problems with the second item in the kit this month, which I am not at all interested in. We received a double ended silicone tool. Firstly, while it is superficially cute with the little gemstones all over the handle, this tool is not of great quality. The whole handle is literally made out of cardboard… I have never seen a nail tool be made out of cardboard.
Secondly, I understand their initial thought process behind this item in the kit: give them a tool to make it easier to apply the nail wraps. However, if a customer is subscribed to your subscription service that always includes nail wraps, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that they already have all of the required tools? It is likely that most of your subscribers are not new to the subscription service, therefore they should have the adequate tools. I do think that I would feel differently if this nail tool was of high quality, but it’s literally made out of cardboard, therefore it really doesn’t feel like a valuable addition to my repertoire.

Overall, my opinions are influenced by the reason that I first signed up for this subscription service. When I first signed up, I was interested because I thought that it would be a great way to diversify my nail art accessories. I am interested in receiving glitter, stickers, rhinestones, studs. Nail art supplies that are fun.
This service seems to be becoming less and less in line with what I, personally, am looking for. However, I am going to give them one or two more months before I decide to cancel my subscription. But that is the direction I am heading in. Because if I am paying $20 CAD just for nail wraps, then that’s just not good enough. Wholesale nail supplies, especially glitter, rhinestones, studs etc. are so incredibly cheap! Check out Born Pretty Store! $1-$2 per item. It would not be hard for this subscription service to include 2 nail accessories in the box for the price that they charge. And because they started out including that many items, the expectation that that should continue remains.

Last thing: this MMK is arriving at my door later and later! It used to be that it would always arrive by the middle of the month, great! For October’s MMK, I didn’t receive it until well into the third week of the month. For this month’s MMK, I didn’t receive it until literally the last day of November……….Just another thing to annoy me and put a bad taste in my mouth.

Ok, rant over!

Here’s what I did this month:



Products Used: 

  1. UNT Ready for Take Off Peel Off Base Coat
  2. CND Creative Play “Crimson Like it Hot”
  3. Sinful Colors “Bon Bons”
  4. Nail wraps from Novembers’s @NinaNailedIt MMK
  5. Onedor No Wipe Top Coat

@smashboxcosmetics Be Legendary Liquid Lip “Crimson Chrome”

instatwitterpinterestScreen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.20.11 PM

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