Chick Advisor and CND Creative Play: Nail Lacquer


Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some products that I received complimentary from Chick Advisor in exchange for a 100% honest review.

Chick Advisor is another website that acts as an online community for sharing product reviews for items in categories like beauty, wellness, food & drink, shopping, mom & baby, and house & home. You can also choose to join the Product Review Club on their website, where if you review enough products and have a high enough social media following, they may send you complimentary products for testing purposes. However, Chick Advisor is different in that it focuses on reviews from Canadian women, which is refreshing and really quite exciting. If you want to check out my previous Chick Advisor posts, I have reviewed two eos Organic Lip Balms and two Protein Shakes from Premier Protein.

CND Creative Play Product Review Club

As usual, the package for these items arrived in a small shrink-wrapped box. This time, I was especially glad for this, because the box sat out in the pouring rain all day until I got to it. Luckily, it was packaged appropriately! Inside the box, there were three products from CND, all nicely laid out in plenty of tissue paper, along with an info card. The products that were included in this product review club were:

  1. CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer Base Coat
  2. CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer in the shade “Crimson Like It Hot”
  3. CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer Top Coat



Packaging and First Impressions

These nail polishes come in typical lacquer bottles. The handle is actually a little unique. Instead of it being cylindrical, it is slightly flattened on four sides to make it a bit more square-shaped. The size of the brush is around small to medium in width. It is not quite as thin as Essie, but not much wider than that. I prefer brushes that are on the wider side, like OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen and KL Polish, but at least this one isn’t the thinnest out there (Essie). When the brushes are wider, it is easier to get a more uniform coat with less brush strokes.
The Base Coat appears in the bottle as a creamy opaque polish. The Nail Lacquer “Crimson Like It Hot” is a beautiful true red that has a pearl finish with red microglitter throughout. You can really see that there is microglitter in the bottle. Apparently this CND nail lacquer is offered in over 100 shades with 10 different finishes. That is quite the selection! The Top Coat is a clear coat that is not thin, but not thick either.







Each lacquer bottle includes 13.6 mL or 0.46 oz of product. This line of nail polishes only seems to be sold in different salons and online stores. While there is no suggested retail price on their website, it looks like Sally Beauty sells them for $6.99 USD and for $8.50 CAD. I haven’t actually spotted CND Creative Play lacquer in stores, but I have seen their Vinylux line.


Here are the claims from the CND Creative Play website:

“- Traditional three-step nail lacquer system (base, color and top coat)
– Formulated with micronized pigments to optimize color intensity, smoothness and gloss
– Vibrant, fun, multi-textured color
– Now available in 100+ colors across 10 finishes including: crème, holographic glitter, metallic, metallic glitter, micro glitter, multi-color glitter, pearl, satin, shimmer and transformer
– Made without toluene, camphor, phthalates (DBP), xylene and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)”

Pigmentation and Performance

So I’m going to start out by saying that obviously it is a bit difficult to do separate reviews for items that are all supposed to be used together. I definitely have opinions about the nail colour and the top coat, but it is difficult to guess how the performance can be attributed to each product. Regardless, lets get started!


I started by applying one coat of the CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer Base Coat to all of my nails. The base coat appears creamy and relatively opaque in the bottle, but it does not translate like this on the nail. It looks pretty clear on the nail, although it may do a little bit to disguise nail yellowing. The base coat dried pretty quickly. Probably in around 2 minutes.

After waiting for the base coat to dry, I applied two coats of the CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer shade “Crimson Like It Hot”, which has turned out to be such an amazingly beautiful red. This might be my favourite red in my collection. I absolutely love red pearl shades, but the added red microglitter really takes it to the next level. The polish applied easily, and was almost opaque with only one coat. However, I did decide to use two coats anyhow. This polish also dried relatively fast, which is always nice.

As the last step, I added the CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer Top Coat. This top coat was thinner than I usually like. I typically gravitate towards thicker top coats (for example, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat) because they add a lot of gloss to the finish and they do a better job of protecting your manicure. Although this top coat was on the thinner side, it wasn’t the thinnest I have ever used and it dried pretty quickly. My manicure was dry to the touch after two minutes, but of course you need to remain careful for at least an hour after this.




Overall, these nail products performed really well. My manicure resisted chips for the first 4 days of wear, which is great for a regular nail lacquer. It then chipped quite a bit between days 5-7. It is difficult to know whether the nail lacquer on it’s own is quite good, or whether the base coat or top coat really made a difference. I’m tempted to think that it was the actual nail lacquer formula that determined the lasting power.

From what I can tell, the base coat did a good job of protecting my nails. When I removed the polish with acetone, it removed easily without any noticeable staining. I also didn’t have any nail polish peeling off in strips during the wear, so the base coat potentially helped prevent that as well.

I think the nail lacquer itself was bomb. The colour was great. And during removal it didn’t stain my cuticles, which was awesome!

Overall, I did not really like the top coat. While it dried to the touch relatively fast, I think that it was too thin to protect the polish effectively. I noticed that the polish got more and more dented throughout the first day or wear, which doesn’t usually happen with thicker top coats, since they provide a good barrier. This top coat still added a lot of shine, but overall the performance wasn’t the best that I have seen. I would much rather use Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these were great products to try! I am absolutely interested in purchasing more colours from this line, and I will continue to use the base coat. The only product that I will not continue using is the top coat. There are better ones out there, however this one is fine in a pinch. If I run out of one of my favourite top coats, there is no problem with using this one. I just don’t prefer it.

Have you used any CND products? What do you think?

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    1. Thanks so much Claudia! I was definitely thrilled when I found out that I was chosen for this product review club! The colour is absolutely stunning, and you’re right, perfect for the holidays! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


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