Clairol Color Crave VoxBox

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to give you the insider view into a VoxBox I received complimentary from Influenster, the Clairol Color Crave VoxBox.

Don’t know what Influenster is? Influenster is an online community where you can review different products, ranging from beauty, family and home to food. Because of this, Influenster is a great resource that can help you make smart purchasing decisions, which I am all about. In addition to this, Influenster is constantly publishing really helpful articles that revolve around the release of new products. The major draw of this website is that, depending on your social media influence, you may even be sent complimentary items to test in exchange for your honest review of these products. These products come to you in a package called a “VoxBox”. I have received one VoxBox before this, the Covergirl Vitalist VoxBox. If you haven’t already, you can check out my post about that first VoxBox here!

Please know, that although I received these items free from Influenster, all thoughts and opinions expressed here and on my blog are always my own opinions and have not been solicited in any way.

So, if you would like to hear about the items that I received and what I thought of them, please keep reading!

Clairol Color Crave VoxBox

This VoxBox came with two products:

  • Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup in the shade “Brilliant Amethyst”
  • Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Hair Color in the shade “Scarlet”


Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup

Packaging and First Impressions

This hair dye comes in a squeezy tube that has a foam-tip applicator. The design on the tube itself is very sleek and includes the colour of the product. This hair makeup comes in 6 different shades: “Shimmering Rose Gold”, “Brilliant Ruby”, “Shimmering Copper”, “Shimmering Bronze”, “Shimmering Platinum” and “Brilliant Amethyst”, which is the shade that I received. When you squeeze the tube, product dispenses through the foam tip, similar to some lip products. The dye itself was a shimmery medium purple colour.

Side note: who loves the sound of the shade “Shimmering Rose Gold’?!!?




Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.32.27 PM.png


Because this is a drugstore item, the price will vary by retailer. This dye comes with 45 mL or 1.5 oz of product. Through a quick Google search, it looks like carries this product for $14.99 CAD (Prime) and has it for $11.97 CAD. I am not so sure about the in-store availability


Here are the claims from the Clairol website:

“Shake. Shimmer. Dry. Go. Clairol Color Crave temporary hair makeup puts a little luxe in your locks. Shimmering hair makeup instantly adds 1-day wow that’s visible on any hair color, even the darkest brunettes. Change your mind or your mood? Hair makeup washes away with shampoo. With no ammonia, no peroxide, no parabens, and no commitment, there’s no reason not to flaunt your fearless.

● Shimmering hair makeup for 1-day wow!
● Easily washes out with shampoo
● Works on even the darkest hair
● Precision sponge applicator for easy styling
● Ammonia-free. Peroxide-free. Damage-free.
● Available in 6 shimmering shades”


1. Shake tube before use.
2. Squeeze tube until color appears on sponge applicator.
3. Swipe onto dry hair strands.
4. Heat with blow dryer to lock in color.
5. Wash out with shampoo.


This hair dye was very easy to apply with the sponge applicator. This dispensing style made it so that you didn’t necessarily have to get your hands covered in dye. The product dispensed from the foam and onto my hair very easily.

When I applied it, I went for discrete streaks. I didn’t want to make my first experience with it to be very obvious because I had never actually worn colour in my hair before. Therefore, I painted a few chunks at a time and blow dried the product down. When I had done that, I added as many more streaks as I wanted to get my desired look. If I did get dye on my hands, it mostly washed off with only one wash.

What I didn’t much enjoy was blow drying it in. When I went to blow dry it in, it felt like it took forever to dry down. Usually when drying my hair after a shower, it only takes about 5-7 minutes. However, with only wetting the few strands that I did with the dye, it took exceptionally longer to dry down in comparison to water in my hair. This was a bit annoying. It did dry down eventually, although it was sometimes a bit hard to tell when it had indeed set down. The whole process of adding streaks and drying the product down (repeated as necessary to get my desired look), took me around half an hour, which isn’t terrible, but I don’t enjoy blowing hot air into my hair for extended periods of time.

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, I was pretty happy with the look that I achieved. I actually really liked having purple in my hair. In the places that I had painted the dye, it showed up like a deeper purple. I have dark brown hair, so any colour of hair dye showing up is remarkable. The colour was definitely more noticeable in natural light and sunlight, as well as fluorescent light.

In sunlight. The purple at my roots looks a bit lighter and duller because of the direct light. It was a richer colour than that in person.
Inside, but not fluorescent light. You can slightly see the colour in the strands on the left.
In natural light but not direct sunlight. You can definitely see the purple in the strands on the left.

While the fact that the colour showed up was a success, the feeling of the dye in my hair was not great. My hair constantly felt tangled and janky where the dye had been applied. My hair is never tangled because I almost always wear it straight, so this was an uncomfortable feeling for me. Because of this I kept wanting to brush my hair.

I also noticed that the colour was very much faded around 4 hours after I applied it. I suspect this may have been because I did brush my hair quite a bit in order to try to make it feel less tangled. When I did brush my hair, it most certainly made the dye fade, because I was essentially brushing out the colour that had set on top of my hair lengths. However, this may not have been the only cause of the fading. I can’t be sure.

When I washed my hair, the dye came out easily, and I didn’t notice any residue left after the wash.

Final Thoughts

While the result of this hair dye was quite fun, I didn’t so much enjoy the application process or the way it felt in my hair. However, I think that this can be a great way to colour your hair for special occasions. You just need to budget a bit of time to apply it. Overall, I think that this hair dye would be the best and most functional if you wore your hair in an updo after dying it. Having your hair up will take away from the discomfort factor of your hair feeling tangled due to the dye, and will hopefully allow the colour to last longer. Something to consider!

Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Packaging and First Impressions

This hair dye came in a regular squeezy tube along with two pairs of latex gloves and a synthetic brush. The design on the packaging was again sleek and displayed the colour of the dye. This hair dye is available in 11 colours, and I received the shade “Scarlet”. The dye did not smell very good, but the scent was not overwhelming. I would also assume that most hair dye smells this way.


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.33.33 PM.png


Again, because this is a drugstore item, the price will vary by retailer. This dye comes with 60 mL or 2 oz of product. And again, it looks like carries this product for $14.99 CAD (Prime) and has it for $11.97 CAD.


Here are the claims from the Clairol website:

“Paint on. Show off. Clairol Color Crave semi-permanent color lets you flaunt your fearless with bright colors and bold results that last 15+ washes. Blonde or brunette? All 11 shades are visible on any hair type, so your look isn’t limited by your locks. The lighter your hair, the longer your wear. With 2 weeks of play and no color fade surprises, you’re free to rock the hottest color trends with confidence. Combine with a Clairol Bleach Kit for your most vibrant semi-permanent hair color results.

● Clairol color crave semi-permanent hair color provides bold color for 2 weeks of play
● True tone formula for even, color-accurate fading that lasts up to 15+ washes
● Stylist brush for paint-on application
● No mix, direct dye formula
● No bleach required, but the lighter your hair the longer your wear
● Available in 11 bold colors”


1. Wash and towel dry hair.
2. Wearing gloves, apply color to chosen sections of hair with hands or included brush. Fully saturate hair with product.
3. Wait 20 minutes for color to set. For bolder results, wait 30 minutes.
4. Rinse thoroughly with water until water runs clear


Because I had never dyed my hair before, I decided to wait to use this product until I went to go visit my brother and my sister-in-law, who live a couple of hours away from me. Additionally, because I wanted to dye only the under-half of my hair, I definitely needed help. To start, I followed the instruction of washing and towel drying my hair. Afterwards, my sister-in-law parted my hair so that the top half was put up, leaving the bottom half down. To make sure that we didn’t get dye on my skin and shirt, I wore a towel around my shoulders. After putting on the gloves, she got started applying the colour.

Because I had seen some people complain online that the tube of dye was not enough for a full head of long hair, I asked her to start with my lower lengths, and work up to my roots, just in case. Since I was only dying the underside, you would rarely notice if the colour did not go up to my roots. So she did just that, applying the dye with her hands to my lengths. When she got to my roots, she used the brush to paint in the colour, to make sure that she didn’t miss any places. She was very careful to make sure that all areas were coated, however it was difficult to see if she had missed any places since the red dye kind of camouflaged against my wet dark hair. In the end, it took the whole tube of dye to completely saturate the under-half of my hair, so you would absolutely need a few tubes to dye a full head of long hair.

After my hair was completely coated, I left the dye on for 30 minutes. My sister-in-law then helped rinse out the dye in the bath tub. The instructions say to rinse the dye out until the water runs clear, but that never really happened. We basically just stopped rinsing when the water was as light as it seemed it was going to get. Because the instructions did not say to wash my hair with shampoo etc., I didn’t.

One thing to note is that this dye definitely stained the tub we used. I had to do 5 cycles of spraying the tub with cleaner, letting it soak for 10 minutes, and scrubbing it with a rag. Eventually, I did get the stain to be basically unnoticeable. Red dye is typically very prone to staining, so this is understandable. But this is still something to be aware of!

Pigmentation and Performance

After letting my hair dry and checking it out the next day, my hair was definitely tinted a deep mahogany. The colour is especially noticeable in natural and fluorescent light. I was very pleased that my hair took any colour at all. However, it certainly does not look like the girl’s hair on the box packaging, who appears to have naturally black hair. I do not think that this dye would be at all noticeable on hair deeper than mine. However, in the product description it does suggest to use a bleach kit alongside this one if you want more colour payoff, so that would certainly make a brighter colour more possible. But I have literally zero interest in bleaching my hair. I don’t want to damage it more than I have to, and I want the colour to fade as naturally as possible.



So far I have only washed my hair twice since dyeing it. The first time, some more of the excess dye washed out. This dye is supposed to last in your hair for around 15 washes, so it will be interesting to see how well it lasts. So far it looks just the same as it did when we dyed it last weekend!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am happy with the subtle results! Again, because I am a hair-dying noob, I didn’t want to go too big and noticeable right away. So I am super happy with how it looks as it is. If you are looking for more of a colour payoff without having to bleach your hair, and your hair is as dark as mine, this dye may not be for you.

Final thoughts on the Clairol Color Crave VoxBox

Overall, this was a really fun Voxbox to receive. At first, I was very scared, especially for the semi-permanent dye. However, everything turned out really well, appearance-wise. For those of you who have dark hair and want a subtle but fun change, I would say that both of these products are for you. For those of you with lighter hair and who aren’t afraid of a little colour, you should also give these products a try! I would love to see how that shimmering rose gold hair makeup looks on blonde hair!! However, if you have deeper hair and want more dramatic colour payoff, you will not be able to accomplish this with these dyes on their own. You will need to bleach your hair if you want to use these products and have them show up really well.

If I were to recommend one product over the other, it would definitely be the Semi-Permanent Hair Colour. I just really did not like the feeling of the hair makeup in my hair. However, I will certainly try using it again, and then put my hair in an updo, so that I can have the awesome effect of the colour, without the discomfort of the tangled feeling.

Well, thanks so much for reading everyone! If you made it to the end of this extremely long post, you are the real MVP. If you ever have any questions about Influenster, please don’t hesitate to ask me. If you haven’t signed up for Influenster and would like to, please consider using my referral link. All it does is slightly improve my “Social Impact Score”.

Have you tried either of these hair products? What do you think?


Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.20.11 PM

10 thoughts on “Clairol Color Crave VoxBox

  1. Your hair looks so good with both the purple and the red! While it’s disappointing that the red didn’t turn out like the pictures, I think it’s a really cool colour and you would look amazing with all over colour like that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you! I’ve had a few friends say that I should dye all of my hair that red shade, but I don’t think I ever would 😜 I like my natural shade too much.


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