KL Polish: 70s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my first experience with KL Polish. KL Polish is a company that was started by KathleenLights, who is a very popular beauty Youtuber (she has over 3 million subscribers!!!). I, personally really enjoy watching her videos. She seems like a very down to earth person and never seems to get caught up in the Youtube drama. When I heard that she had her own nail polish line, I was never that interested and didn’t look into it. I have almost 200 nail polishes, do I need more?! However, when I saw the product photos on instagram that advertised the upcoming fall line, I became increasingly curious. A lot of the colours looked really unique and like nothing that I already owned (surprising that that is possible). So, when the fall line launched, I figured why not try out the formula, and get the box set of the whole line.

Man am I glad that I did! Let’s first go through what KL Polish is as a brand.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 4.35.26 PM.png

About KL Polish

“KL Polish is a cruelty-free, USA-made nail polish line created by me, Kathleen Lights. I have been obsessed with all things beauty since I can remember. I started my YouTube channel in 2013 to share my love of beauty products with the world and have since been on the hunt for the best of the best.

I fell in love with nail polish along the way and have tested countless brands to help me create the perfect formula and shades to share with you. I’ve always wanted to start my own product line and there’s nothing more fitting for me than nail polish.

KL polish is all about giving you affordable and chic nail polish options, without the harsh ingredients. The shades cater to all skin tones so I know you’ll find something you love! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!”


All KL Polish nail polishes are cruelty free, at least 5-free, if not 5/7/9-free, and made in the USA using a high-quality, long-lasting, non-chip formula. All of the polishes in the Fall collection are also advertised as vegan.

5-free means that these polishes are free of: Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. 7/9-free means that they are free of even more toxic chemicals.

70s Vibes Fall 2017

To try out this nail polish, I decided to purchase the 70s Vibes Limited Edition Boxed Set. The boxed set is priced at $45 USD. If you want to buy the nail polishes individually, they are $8.50 USD each. Overall, for the boxed set plus shipping I paid ~$75 CAD. That is not a terrible price, as that turns out to be around $12 CAD each, which is pretty standard for higher-end nail polishes (OPI etc.). If these polishes turn out to be amazing, then I am happy to pay that price each season for the new collection.

The day before this line was released, Kathleen posted a video talking about the collection and why she named each shade the way she did. You can watch that video here.

Now let’s go through all of the shades! I’ve also included the press photos of KathleenLights modelling each shade. I love how they styled all of them! KathleenLights is so beautiful!


Here are all of the polishes with only one coat. Prince Cornelious shows up really quite red with only one coat. I think the polishes that you can get away with wearing only one coat are Princess Penny and Wishbone. Also Prince Cornelious if you like it more on the red side.
Here are all of the polishes with two coats. I think the shades shown in this picture are very true to real life.

Princess Penny

This is a warm metallic gold polish that has a hint of copper with a pearl finish. Some of the pictures that I see online are really quite coppery and warm, so maybe the colour appearance varies with skin tone. I haven’t yet tried this shade, but it didn’t swatch overly warm.


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 4.27.39 PM.png

Cozy In There?

This polish is a deep dusty heather blue crème. This shade is so unique, I definitely don’t own anything like it! I think because it is dusty, it is so much more wearable!




This polish is a deep, dusty purple crème. This has got to be the perfect purple for both fall and winter. I am wearing it currently and I just love the colour.


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 4.26.28 PM.png

Prince Cornelious

This polish is a very warm bronze metallic that has both larger glitter and shimmer in it. With only one coat, this polish appears like a very deep bronze-y red. But with two coats, it looks like a proper warm bronze. It is very beautiful, and again, I own nothing like this shade! The picture of it in the bottle doesn’t quite do it justice, in terms of how warm it is. The swatches at the end show it better.




This polish is a cool, greyish cream-coloured crème. I haven’t tried this one on yet, but I bet it will be beautiful. I am not usually one to wear all white nails, so this is a great alternative and again, works beautifully for both fall and winter.


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 4.27.25 PM.png


This polish is a warmer olive/army green crème, that is a bit muted. This was the first colour that I decided to wear. Greens are not usually something that I gravitate towards, but this one is the perfect fall green. It is so hard to find army/olive green polishes, and this one is a total winner!


This is after 4 days of wear. My nails look like they were just painted!

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 4.27.52 PM.png


So far I have only worn one colour for a week, and that was the shade Chloe. Usually I wouldn’t evaluate the wear of the formula with only one week of testing, but man have I been impressed by this polish! After a full week of wear I had only one chip on one nail, and that happened on the 5th day of wear. The polish was worn down a bit on the tips of most of my nails, but the wear was not obvious and there were no chips, except for the one. This is basically unheard of with regular lacquers. I usually experience chipping within two days. I will say that my nails are a bit shorter than usual right now, however chipping within 2-4 days for me in the norm, regardless of my nail length. And I am not easy on my hands. I play softball once a week, I go to kickboxing twice a week. This polish might be heaven-sent…

However, let’s all take this with a grain of salt to begin with. I just applied my second colour, Mozart, so we will have to see how that one wears and if it does a similarly good job. All I can say is that I am very excited about this nail polish formula!

Have you tried KL Polish before? What do you think of these shades for fall?

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.20.11 PM

14 thoughts on “KL Polish: 70s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection

      1. Haha I know what you mean. I’m that weird person that never matches my nail polish with the season. It’ll be winter and I’ll be wearing hot pink. 😂

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  1. I only learned about her nail polish line recently from a friend! I’m glad that the formula is really good! Most polishes chip within 2 days so I always appreciates ones that can go 4-5 days and longer. I really like the fall shades she created!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are awesome! Both are so unique. Really all the shades are, which is impressive to do! So often it feels like “newly released shades” are so “been there done that”.


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