Chick Advisor and Premier Protein: Premier Protein Shakes

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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some products that I received complimentary from Chick Advisor in exchange for a 100% honest review. However, this post is a bit different, in that I am sharing products with you that are not beauty-related, but health-related. Chick Advisor is another website that acts as an online community for sharing product reviews for items in categories like beauty, wellness, food & drink, shopping, mom & baby, and house & home. You can also choose to join the Product Review Club on their website, where if you review enough products and have a high enough social media following, they may send you complimentary products for testing purposes. However, Chick Advisor is different in that it focuses on reviews from Canadian women, which is refreshing and really quite exciting. If you want to check out my previous Chick Advisor post where I reviewed two eos Organic Lip Balms, you can do so here.

Premier Protein Product Review Club

When the package arrived, it came in a small shrink-wrapped box that had Premier Protein and Chick Advisor labelling on it. Inside the box, there was pink tissue paper, four protein shakes (two vanilla and two chocolate) and an information card.


Packaging and First Impressions

These protein shakes come in small tetrapak containers that have a screw-cap spout. The vanilla shakes had blue details on their packaging while the chocolate shakes had brown detailing. Each also had a picture of what the shake actually looked like and important nutrition information on the front.



Price and Quantity

These shakes have 325 mL or 11 oz of product. Depending on the retailer, these proteins shakes seem to be priced at around $12 CAD for a pack of 4. On their website, a list of suppliers is given, which is really handy.

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However, they are also sold at London Drugs for $11.99 CAD (on sale right now for $8.99 CAD). Overall, $4 CAD per shake isn’t terrible, but it isn’t a fantastic price.


On the Premier Protein website, both flavours of these shakes are claimed to have:

  • “30 grams of healthy protein, including all of the essential amino acids.
  • 24 vitamins and minerals.
  • A good source of calcium.
  • Just 160 calories.
  • Low in fat and only one gram of sugar.”


Both flavours of these shakes have the same nutritional information, however their ingredients and amino acid profiles differ slightly.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 4.31.07 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-09 at 4.31.28 PM



Both the vanilla and chocolate shakes were pretty good. Often pre-prepared protein shakes are too thick, but these ones were not. For the vanilla shake, the consistency was very thin, almost like water or low percentage milk. It could have been a bit creamier. The chocolate shake was a bit thicker than the vanilla, and was the perfect creamy consistency in my opinion.

The vanilla shake had a pretty sweet vanilla flavour. Unfortunately, this shake was too sweet for me. I typically like to drink protein shakes in the morning for breakfast, and this one was too sweet for that purpose. I just cannot handle a lot of sugar in the morning. However, the chocolate shakes were not at all too sweet and tasted more like dark chocolate than milk chocolate. They were perfect for the morning. I typically like to make smoothies with protein powder, but these pre-prepared protein shakes are super handy and easy when you are in a rush. Both of these shakes also smelled delicious.

One cool thing is that on the Premier Protein website they actually have recipes so that you can make different smoothies with their pre-prepared shakes. When I saw Pumpkin Pie Smoothie I KNEW I had to make that. I even topped it with coconut whipped cream, yum!

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After drinking these shakes, I found that I was satiated for hours. They made me feel full and like I didn’t need to eat a meal any time soon, so they work really well as a meal replacement, even though they are not intended for that purpose. I loved drinking these shakes after a run or a softball game, because they were delicious, satisfying and provided a good pick-me-up!

What is really great about these shakes is that they each have 30 g of protein, which is more than my regular protein powder provides in a single serving (I use Natural Factors Vegan Protein Powder). I am also impressed that they have less than 1 g of sugar and are low in fat. Obviously, if you are drinking protein shakes you don’t want them to come with a bunch of sugar and fat, so these are a great healthy option. The only slightly questionable thing about the ingredients in these shakes is that they have carageenan as an ingredient. Carageenan itself has no nutritional value, but is added to products as a thickener. For a while now, the health benefits of carageenan have been called into question, and has even been alleged to have harmful gastrointestinal effects.

To summarize, the usage of this ingredient is highly controversial, so it is a little disappointing that a product that is supposed to support health-conscious people includes this potentially harmful ingredient.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these shakes were good, but I am concerned by the addition of carageenan. Therefore, I don’t think that I would repurchase. Of the two shakes, the chocolate was my favourite.  If you were to buy these, I would only suggest to drink them occasionally because of the presence of carageenan.

Have you tried these protein shakes? What other protein shakes do you like?

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