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Hello everyone! Last month I signed up for BoxyCharm, so this is my first BoxyCharm unboxing! I want to share with you everything that I received and my first impressions of each item. As always, there will be lots and lots of photos!

What is it? A monthly beauty subscription box that includes 4-5 full-sized and luxury-sized products from various companies.

USA: $21 USD/Month + FREE shipping.
CANADA: $21 USD + $5 USD Shipping –> Ends up being ~$33 CAD with the exchange rate.

September BoxyCharm: Boxy Baddie



PÜR The Complexion Authority Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette

Retail Price: $34 USD

Claims: “The pro secret is out! Creating a flawless eye look is super simple if you have the perfect mix of neutral, copper and bronze shades handy. Now you can turn everyday and night into a soiree with this super versatile 12-piece eye shadow collection. Filled with highly pigmented and silky smooth shadows, the four versatile matte shades, four satin shades and four shimmers work flawlessly together for all skin tones. Super blendable and anything but basic, this essential palette takes the guesswork out of your eye look. Just use the colors in the vertical rows from top to bottom for highlight, definition and drama.”

First Impressions:

  1. This eyeshadow palette comes in a cardboard palette that has marble patterning and a large mirror inside. Gotta say, I’m a basic bitch and I love my marble.
  2. Almost all of the shadows were very blendable and pigmented.
  3. The only shadows that weren’t quite as pigmented were the lightest shades in the top row.
  4. I didn’t get quite as smooth of a blend with the darker matte browns in the two right-hand rows. However, they were certainly workable.
  5. The shimmers work well applied with a finger or a damp brush.
  6. The texture of the mattes feels smooth and almost clay-like (reminiscent of Tarte Amazonian Clay shadows), and the shimmers almost feel gel/powder-like (reminiscent of Make Up For Ever).
One thing that I am a little peeved about is that my palette arrived dirty. There is a sticky spot on the front near the title and the middle of the bottom edge. But I blame BoxyCharm for this.


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 12.18.17 PM.png.jpg

Below are some simple looks that I did with this palette. I tried to stick to using each vertical row for each look, but I did need to dip into the darker colours for all of them to deepen them up.



Shadows used
Private Party: Used to set primer, and on brow bone. Also not very pigmented.
Splurge: Transition/crease.
Glitzy: All over lid. This colour isn’t a true gold, but more of a dirty darker gold.
Epic: Outer corner


Shadows used
Socialite: Used to set primer, and on brow bone. Also not very pigmented.
Stunner: Transition/crease. Nice warm transition shade; blends nicely.
Twinkle: All over lid. This is such a nice metallic!
Snazzy: Outer corner.IMG_7769_Facetune_28.09.2017-10_10_00

Shadows used
Private Party: Used to set primer, and on brow bone.
Gala: Transition/crease. Semi-pigmented.
Snazzy: Crease/Outer corner. Pretty pigmented and blended pretty well.
Dazzle: All over lid. A really nice light brown metallic. Looks great all over the lid and isn’t too dark.IMG_7776_Facetune_28.09.2017-10_28_03

Shadows used
Mogul: Used to set primer, and on brow bone. Not very pigmented.
Gala: Transition/crease.
Epic: Crease and outer corner. I had more issues with blending this shade, but it turned out fine.
Cosmo: All over lid. Cooler dark brown metallic.

MAC Cosmetics Eyebrows

Retail Price: $18 USD or $21 CAD.

Shade: Spiked – Rich brunette

Claims: “Self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow defining. Confidently adds what you need: shape, colour and/or density in one streamlined tool. Like a pen, creates its own just-right point for striking arches. Easy to tote around – no sharpener needed.”

First Impressions:

  1. This pencil is a little bit waxy but surprisingly creamy. It draws on very smoothly.
  2. It is a little bit bigger, and therefore not as precise as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow-Wiz, or the ABH dupe, the Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Brow Pencil.
  3. It works great for the front of the brow, but I prefer a thinner pencil for the tail.
  4. It doesn’t have a spooly which is kind of annoying.
  5. I like to have intense, richly pigmented brows. This gives me a lighter, more natural version of that.

If you scroll back up to all of my eye photos, my brows in all of those photos have been filled in with this pencil.


The MAC Cosmetics pencil is more cooler toned whereas the Maybelline is a bit warmer, but still pretty neutral.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip

Retail Price: $6 USD

Claims: “High pigmentation and a satin-matte finish in liquid lipstick form to keep your lips soft and comfy all day long. You won’t be superstitious but a littlestitious in this dusty pinky purple”

Shade: Littlestitious – Dusty pinky purple

First Impressions:

  1. I already own one Colourpop Ultra Satin lip, so I know that this formula is very comfortable. I am a person that cannot wear liquid lipsticks because I CANNOT handle lip discomfort. Well guess what? I can wear these all day with no problem. This shade is no exception.
  2. The only slightly annoying thing is that the lipstick stays tacky.
  3. The doefoot applicator is very small which makes accurate application pretty easy.
  4. This shade takes at least two layers to get really opaque.
  5. It’s a pretty shade, but a bit pale for me right now. It’s like a light mauvey pink.



Studio Makeup Luminous Loose Blush

Retail Price: $35 USD

Claims: “A silky, light weight blush that gives a pop of healthy radiance on the cheeks.”

First Impressions:

  1. This blush is super finely milled and silky.
  2. It has fine shimmer throughout it, but it doesn’t have big flecks.
  3. The colour is like a dusty coral rose, it’s really beautiful.
  4. It has only a half sifter, that you can close!! I love that packaging design, especially for travelling.



It may not be that noticeable in this photo because my face is at an angle, but I have two different eye looks on 😛 This pic is meant to show you how natural the blush looks.

bareMinerals Perfecting Face Foundation Brush

Retail Price: $28 USD

Claims: “Featuring a truly unique design, the super convenient Perfecting Face Foundation Brush has an exclusive fluid reservoir that holds liquid foundation (as well as other skin-enhancing products) until you are ready to apply it.
Expertly engineered to be paired with bareSkin®Liquid Foundation, the soft, synthetic fibers provide no-mess foundation application directly from the bottle to the brush. This must-have makeup brush gives you the power to adjust your coverage to the drop for a perfectly seamless foundation application. It is so effective and easy to use that we patented its bestselling distinctive design.”

First Impressions:

  1. The bristles are very soft, and the brush has a circular divet in the center of the bristles to hold foundation.
  2. The brush is comfortable to hold.
  3. Applies foundation pretty well with no streak marks. I still prefer using a makeup sponge, which seems to give me better coverage than this brush.



Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!

Retail Price: $20 USD

Claims: “WHAT IT IS:  An intensive weekly treatment to restore essential hydration and enhance hair’s resilience to protect against future damage.
WHO IT’S FOR:  Those with dry, damaged, chemically-treated, and/or lifeless hair.
WHAT IT DOES:  This Deep Conditioning Mask works in minutes to restore essential hydration and natural vibrancy to dry, brittle, over-processed, and otherwise lackluster hair. Formulated with Briogeo’s unique NOVA Complex, this mask delivers an optimal blend of transformative nutrients from B-vitamins, rosehip and argan oils, algae, and biotin to replenish damaged hair to a shiny, healthy-looking, and lustrous state.
SAFE FOR:  Color treated, keratin treated, chemically-treated, and relaxed hair.”

First Impressions:

  1. When using this hair mask, you have to leave it in for 10 minutes. I can’t say that I like having to wait around for 10 minutes after showering, just to get back in the shower. However, it’s not such a big deal for a once a week type of thing.
  2. The texture was like a thick, regular conditioner.
  3. My hair felt no different immediately after rinsing out, other than it helped detangle it.
  4. The next day when I styled my hair, my hair felt softer than ever! I loved the result!



Well that’s it for all of the items in this month’s BoxyCharm!


Box Worth: $141 USD


Did you get this month’s BoxyCharm? Have you tried any of these products? Comment down below what you think!

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14 thoughts on “September BoxyCharm

    1. Yeah it really is! The only thing that could improve it would be to have more mid-tone transition shades, and maybe one metallic that is a white/cream. Thanks for reading!

  1. The September boxycharm looks great!! I love the eye looks you created with that palette 😍
    I’m dying to try the colourpop satin lipsticks when they come to Sephora, they look so gorgeous!
    I really like that briogeo mask. I only use it if I have time to take a bath though, getting out of the shower and then waiting 10 minutes is way too much hassle for me.

    Can I ask how you take your close up eye photos? I epic fail at close ups of my makeup. I don’t know if it’s camera or technique or what, but its such a challenge!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, this was a good first BoxyCharm box for me. I also cannot wait until Colourpop comes to Sephora. I hate ordering from Colourpop and then dreading whether I will get charged customs or not.

      For my up close eye photos I literally use my iPhone (I have the 6). The trick is to use the back camera, and not the selfie camera. The rear camera is a better quality camera. Because I use the rear camera, obviously I can’t see what I’m doing, so I take all of my pictures in front of a mirror so that I can! Usually in my bathroom.
      I also use a small ring light that clips onto my phone that was only about $15 CAD. You can get one on Amazon. It really helps neutralize the lighting, as without it my photos always end up so warm! Hope that helps!

      1. Yes those dreaded customs charges are awful!

        A ring light, THATS what I’m missing, thanks! I normally use the back camera as well, but the ring light would probably help me a lot.

  2. You are so good at eyeshadow!! And eyeliner lol. Love the looks you created! The palette looks super nice.

    I find that brush so interesting! I always prefer sponges for foundation as well though.

    1. Thanks so much! I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the palette, especially since I didn’t already own anything from PUR so I had no idea what the company was like. The brush is cool, but maybe a bit gimmicky 😉

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