Double Review: Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick and Primed & Peachy Matte Perfecting Primer

Hey everyone! It’s time to get back to a good old fashioned makeup review. I finally feel that I have tested the Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick and the Primed & Peachy Matte Perfecting Primer enough to give you a review. Previously in Parts 3 and 5 of the Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection edition of Wow! or Waste? I evaluated whether these two products were actually worth it, in terms of price and the amount of product you get. If you want to see what I found out, and how these products compared to other similar products offered at Sephora, please check out those posts!

Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick

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Packaging and First Impressions

I’ve gotta say, this is probably the most beautiful lipstick packaging I have ever seen. Even the unit carton is adorable! The lipstick casing is white, and it almost looks like white enamel, with gold detailing. Where the cap meets the base, there is an adorable little golden peach medallion with the Too Faced initials. On the top of the lipstick cap, there is also a colour-coded molded peach logo with the Too Faced initials, that matches the colour of the lipstick. I purchased the shade Sunday Funday, a warm nude. This lipstick is definitely weighted and noticeably more heavy than other lipsticks, giving it a really luxurious feel.

On the lipstick bullet itself, there are little peaches engraved and the Too Faced Initials are on the tip. The shape of the lipstick tip itself is interesting, a little narrower than others, with a more rectangluar shape. It’s easy to apply this lipstick accurately because of this.

This lipstick smells so good. I didn’t totally notice it at first, but when I was applying it, I cannot believe how good it smelled. It’s kind of like a vanilla peachy scent with some fig, and is not too strong.

IMG_4776 IMG_4777




Something that you may not know is that Tatcha is actually suing Too Faced right now for allegedly copying their Sunrise: A Plum Blossom lipstick design. Tatcha claims in it’s allegations that the Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick “use[s] and/or imitate[s] Tatcha’s inherently distinctive trade dress,” and that before the Too Faced Lipstick had even launched that it was “already causing confusion in the marketplace.” This is evident by comments made by users on instagram posts that were advertising the Too Faced lipstick. Some of the instagram comments used in the formal complaint are: “So bummed, I thought this was [T]atcha releasing new shades!!!! Packaging is exactly the same?” and “The lipstick has the exact same packaging as the newest Tatcha lipstick lol.”

This complaint launched by Tatcha is very convincing when you compare the two lipsticks side by side. While there are minute differences, the overall look is extremely similar. The most significant similarities are that “Too Faced has added a gold band and logo medallion at the closure, added a molded logo plate at the top, and significantly adjusted the dimensions and placement of its tube indentations to mimic Plaintiff’s distinctive Tatcha Trade Dress.” Very interesting stuff!

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 4.33.04 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-17 at 4.38.37 PM.png

Price and Quantity

The price of this lipstick is $25 CAD ($21 USD) and has 0.14 oz of product. If you want to see a comparison of this lipstick to others, in terms of price and the amount of product you get, please visit my Wow! or Waste? Pt. 5 post to see.


Here are the claims from the Too Faced website:

“Achieve a burst of intense matte color, unsurpassed comfort, and hydration with this long-wearing refreshing peach and sweet fig cream infused formula.


  • Provides intense, full-coverage matte color
  • Color lasts up to 8 hours
  • Creamy formula glides on comfortably and evenly
  • Has a precise bullet tip for easy application”

Pigmentation and Performance

This lipstick applies very smoothly with no tugging at all. Even though it is matte, it is very creamy, and you can move it around when pursing your lips together. It feels neither hydrating, nor dehydrating, and is pretty comfortable. The finish is semi-matte to matte. This is where the good things end.


When you apply the lipstick, from far away it looks pretty pigmented and like it is one opaque layer. However, upon closer inspection, no matter how many layers you add, it doesn’t seem to build up to true opacity. The lipstick seems to apply in a very thin layer, which may be the source of these issues. When testing out this lipstick I was having a really hard time telling whether it was applying opaque or not, because I had a nude shade. However, the pictures below make it really obvious. It’s strange, because when you swatch it, it looks great.

2017-09-06 08.27.11.jpg
Here is the swatch of Sunday Funday.

Within 5 minutes of application, the colour actually starts to separate out of the lines in your lips, leaving you with a very stripey look that is not at all attractive. This is bizarre, since this lipstick is so creamy, but I think it is because it applies in such a thin layer. It also looks odd immediately on the inner part of your lower lip.

This is the lipstick within 5 minutes of application, with no eating or drinking.

After taking only a few sips of tea, the lipstick transfer is significant, leaving very little pigment behind on your lips. The separating out of lip lines also gets worse and worse over time.

This is the lipstick after taking a few sips of tea. You can see it wears terribly, and the cracking just gets worse and worse.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I am so sad with the outcome of this lipstick. I was so excited, and so enamoured by the packaging. However, I can never see myself wearing this, since you can’t even leave it alone for half an hour without it looking terrible. For a while I was thinking that maybe I should try buying a brighter colour, that would make how it performs and the opacity more obvious, but I don’t think I should bother. The performance of this lipstick could very well be just the case for this specific colour, but I’m not going to take the chance and try another, despite the cute factor. Overall, I do not recommend this lipstick based on my experiences with this specific shade.

Primed & Peachy Matte Perfecting Primer


Packaging and First Impressions

I received a sample of this primer through a Sephora promotion. I can’t quite speak to the full-sized packaging since it is a bit different. The full-sized primer is in a squeezy tube that has a pump, which is super handy for making sure that you are able to use all of the product. This smaller sample size also comes in a squeezy tube, but no pump. A pump is not really necessary for this small size. The packaging is super adorable with pink ombre and gold detailing.

The consistency of this primer is on the thicker side and is more creamy than silicone-y feeling. It is very peachy pink, but when spread out is fully translucent. This primer smells just like the lipstick, with a vanilla peachy fig-y scent.



Here is a small amount of the primer. You can see the peachy pink colour clearly.

Price and Quantity

The price of this full-sized primer is $40 CAD ($32 USD) and has 1.35 oz of product. If you want to see a comparison of this primer to others, in terms of price and the amount of product you get, please visit my Wow! or Waste? Pt. 3 post to see.


Here are the claims from the Too Faced website:

“Refreshing Peach and Sweet Fig Cream is infused in our long-lasting cooling matte primer that blurs and smooths your complexion with a brightening peach tint that works on any skin tone. Wear alone or under foundation for mattifying soft-focus finish that’s lightweight, comfortable, and smells as good as it feels.

Apply a small amount of primer to forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Then, blend product using your fingertips or a brush. The peach color becomes invisible once fully blended.Tip: Skin shiny mid-day? Apply a small amount of the P&C primer on top of your foundation by gently patting a thin layer onto skin with fingertips to mattify and absorb shine.


  • 12+ hours of shine control and 16+ hours of wear
  • Oil-free, lightweight texture feels fresh, cool, and comfortable on the skin
  • Soft-focus matte finish
  • Peach tint brightens skin and dries to a translucent finish
  • Reduces shine for a matte finish”


I have only used this primer on my nose, because that is the only place where I use primer typically. I have larger pores on my nose that I want to fill, and I find primer helps keep my foundation from rubbing off my nose. My nose is also my oiliest area, and usually gets very oily after only an hour of wearing makeup, therefore I have to touch up often. I typically use the Benefit POREfessional Face Primer on my nose, because it does a good job of filling my pores, however it does nothing to reduce the oil coming through my makeup.

When you apply this primer, it is very peachy pink. But as you rub it in there is no noticeable colour difference. There is an obvious cooling sensation as you rub it in, which almost makes you feel like it is wet, but it is very creamy. This primer does a good job of filling pores and the overall look is mattifying before applying makeup. This primer seems to set pretty quickly.

As I have learned more about my skin, I have started to think that I have sensitive skin, therefore I am very careful about scented products. Although this primer is slightly scented, I have had no adverse reactions to it.

Makeup applies really well over this primer, but it does not control shine for their whopping claim of 12 hours. However, I do think that it doubles the length of time I can go without touching up compared to when I use Benefit’s POREfessional. So this is really great! Any progress is good progress for me, since nothing seems to actually help my oily nose.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I quite like this primer and I think it is comparable to the Benefit POREfessional Face Primer, maybe even better. When I run out of my sample, I will very likely buy the full size!

Have you purchased either one of these items? Have you had a similar experience to me?


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12 thoughts on “Double Review: Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick and Primed & Peachy Matte Perfecting Primer

  1. Such a shame about the lipstick. You can definitely see in the pics how it doesn’t apply well. So crazy about the Tatcha lawsuit too! The packaging does look eerily similar!

    I’m glad at least the primer worked out for you! I’m a Porefessional fan so I’m sure I would love it too!

    1. Yeah it really was disappointing, especially since it was a comfortable matte for once! Also everyone on Sephora has given it such good reviews, I can’t see what I’ve done wrong lol. Yes I’m pretty happy with the primer. Might purchase the full size when I finish this mini.

      1. I trust the blogs I read more than the Sephora reviews. They are known to delete negative ones! I just read a review on these from a trusted blogger and she had the same issues as you!

  2. Hello, after much looking, I came upon you site and am glad that before following the crowd that I didn’t buy the lipstick (a shame as I really wanted to find a great nude…guess maybe Pat McGrath instead). I am glad to see the positive review on the primer as I can always use finding a primer that fills those nose pores. LOL! Would you say that if you have mature skin that is combo to dry it’s good as well?

    1. Yes I still use that primer to this day, so I’ve been using it for a year or two now! I only use it on my nose still, because that is my pore problem area. I imagine it would work well on mature skin! I am also combo, less so dry, but the primer itself isn’t drying!

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