Wow! or Waste? Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection Pt. 6

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to Wow! or Waste? Whether a whole collection has been launched, or just a new product, I’m going to evaluate whether each product is either a Wow! buy or a Waste? of money, in terms of the price and the amount of product you get.

I have started this series by evaluating the Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection. In Pt. 1 we looked at the Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette and the Peach Blur Finishing Powder. In Pt. 2 we looked at the Peach Perfect Foundation and the Peach Mist Mattifying Spray. In Pt. 3 we looked at the Primed & Peachy Matte Perfecting Primer and the Peach My Cheeks Blush. In Pt. 4 we looked at the Sweetie Pie Bronzer and the Peach Frost Highlighter. In Pt. 5 we looked at the Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick and the Bronzed Peach Bronzer. If you want to know the value of these items, please check out those posts!

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Today’s post is the final one for the Wow! or Waste? of the Peaches and Cream Collection. I have one last product to evaluate for you, and then we will do a summary of how all of the items ranked.

If you want to see whether another item in the Peaches and Cream Collection is a Wow! or Waste? then please keep reading 🙂

Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder

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Product Information

“What it is:
A lightweight and comfortable, mattifying loose powder in a universal peach tint. 

What it does:
This transfer-resistant, peach tinted-powder works to visibly brighten skin while creating a silky-smooth, matte finish that lasts up to 14 hours. 

✔ Free of oil and shine 
✔ Transfer-resistant formula 
✔ Delivers a matte finish 
✔ Smells like peaches and sweet fig cream 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates”

Price and Quantity

This loose setting powder is priced at $40 CAD and has 1.23 oz of product. Luckily, loose powders are very popular so there were quite a few to choose from for these comparisons. I chose the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($47 CAD/1 oz), the Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder ($38 CAD/0.67 oz), the Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder ($37 CAD/0.35 oz), the Cover FX Matte Setting Powder ($42 CAD/ 0.35 oz), the Becca Soft Light Blurring Setting Powder ($46 CAD/0.35 oz), the NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder ($46 CAD/0.35 oz), the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder ($32 CAD/0.35 oz), the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Filtered Light Setting Powder ($41 CAD/0.35 oz), and the Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder ($40 CAD/0.56 oz).

Here are the comparisons listed from best deal to worst deal:

Rank Company’s Product Mentioned Above Cost ($ CAD) Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 TF Peach Perfect $40 1.23 $33/oz
2 Laura Mercier $47 1 $47/oz
3 Kat Von D $38 0.67 $57/oz
4 TF Born This Way $40 0.56 $71/oz
5 MUFE Super Matte $37 0.35 $106/oz
6 Tarte Rainforest $41 0.35 $117/oz
7 Cover FX Matte $42 0.35 $120/oz
8 Becca Soft Light $46 0.35 $131/oz
8 NARS Soft Velvet $46 0.35 $131/oz
9 IT Cosmetics Bye $32 0.23 $139/oz

Wow! or Waste? This product is absolutely a Wow! product, ranking at number 1! I am very impressed that this loose powder has so much product! I am always looking for a cheaper alternative to the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting powder, since that one is amazing, however it is also comforting to see that that one also has good value. I will definitely consider picking up this Too Faced Peach Perfect Powder in the future, and I think you should to!

Overall Collection Value

Overall, this collection has done very well in terms of the value. While I haven’t done full reviews of each product, and can therefore not speak to the performance of each product, so many from this collection are priced appropriately for the amount of product you get. What’s really important is that a lot of these items are at a better price than competing products from other companies. Therefore, there are a lot of great products here that you might like to try, now that you know that you will be getting a good value for the money you spend.

Here is the overview of what we have learned through this Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection edition of Wow! or Waste?

Blog Post Product Product Category Rank Within category Wow! or Waste?
Pt. 1 Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette Eyeshadow Palette 5 Neither
Pt. 1 Peach Blur Finishing Powder Finishing Powder 1 Wow!
Pt. 2 Peach Perfect Foundation Foundation 2 Wow!
Pt. 2 Peach Mist Mattifying Spray Setting Spray 5 Neither
Pt. 3 Primed & Peachy Matte Perfecting Primer Face Primer 1 Wow!
Pt. 3  Peach My Cheeks Blush Cream Blush 5 Neither
Pt. 4 Sweetie Pie Bronzer Bronzer 2 Wow!
Pt. 4 Peach Frost Highlighter Cream Highlighter 1 Wow!
Pt. 5 Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick Matte Lipstick 2 Wow!
Pt. 5 Bronzer Peach Bronzer Cream Bronzer 5 Neither
Pt. 6 Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder Loose Powder 1 Wow!

Of the 11 products in this collection, 7 are Wow! products, either ranking first or second in my comparisons.

I think none of you will be surprised to hear that overall, this collection is a Wow!

Well that’s all for today’s Wow! or Waste? Were you thinking about purchasing any of these products? Will you go through with it now that you know their value?

Please don’t forget that I will be posting full reviews of the Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick and the Primed & Peachy Matte Perfecting Primer in the next week or so, so make sure you check back for that!

Now that I have finished evaluating this collection, which collection should I evaluate next on Wow! Or Waste? Tell me in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: All pictures are from Too Faced (EISENBERG + BONEM Copyrights Reserved 2017), and the collection and product descriptions are from Sephora

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