31 Days of Reviews, Day 30: Revlon Gold Series Titanium Coated Lighted Slant Tweezer VS Revlon Diamond Collection Tweezer

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Hey everyone. Welcome to the second to last day of my review challenge! Today’s review is supposed to be on tweezers.. which seems kind of boring. So I thought that I would do a battle of the tweezers with the two pairs I own. Coincidentally, they are both from Revlon. Revlon actually really seems to dominate the drugstore tweezer game. I hardly ever see tweezers from other brands at places like Shopper’s Drug Mart and London Drugs, that aren’t more expensive brands. I have never been one to buy expensive tweezers, I just find it really hard to justify the high prices. But maybe one day I will treat myself 😉



The first pair that I bought of the two were the Diamond Collection Tweezers with the pink jewels. I obviously bought these tweezers because they were so cute and girly. On the Revlon website they only display a pink tweezer that also has pink metal, however mine has silver metal and I’m pretty sure it has always been silver, so mine must just be an older version (I did buy them at least 3 years ago). Clearly, they aren’t as cute as they once were since I have had them for such a long time. The only con with the packaging is that the writing has rubbed off the end, which would have said “Revlon”. However, these have been living in my purse for the last couple of years, so it is understandable that some wear has occurred with them knocking against other items. On the converse, a major pro of the packaging is that every single jewel has stayed on after all these years! Major props to Revlon for that! The ends of these tweezers are slightly slanted.


I recently purchased the Gold Series Titanium Coated Lighted Slant Tweezer because it was on sale at London Drugs. They have a very chic gold quilted design which I really like. Additionally they have an LED light to make discreet hairs more visible when you are tweezing. The body of the light is black and is positioned at the base in between the tweezers. The button to turn the light on is on the side of the light and is a diamond-shaped gold button. The ends of these tweezers are slightly slanted, probably exactly the same as the Diamond Collection ones.



The cost of the Diamond Collection Tweezers varies between retailers, but seems to range from $9-10 CAD. It is $9.49 CAD at London Drugs and $9.99 CAD at Shopper’s Drugmart.

The cost of the Gold Series Titanium Coated Lighted Slant Tweezer is almost double the price depending on where you go. I purchased these on sale at London Drugs for $10.99 CAD I believe (regular price is $15.49 CAD). At Shopper’s Drug Mart these tweezers are $17.49 CAD.


Here are the claims from the Revlon website:

Diamond Collection Tweezer

“Add sparkle to your beauty routine. Dazzling tweezer with precise slant tips for high-precision tweezing and a larger gripping surface for easy tweezing.

• Perfectly aligned slant tips for high precision tweezing
• Stainless steel
• Irresistibly attractive”

Gold Series Titanium Coated Lighted Slant Tweezer

“Titanium coated for strength and durability. Bright light provides a clear view for exceptional accuracy while tweezing.

• Titanium Coated

• Perfectly aligned slanted tips for high precision

• Replaceable LR41 battery included”


Just a quick little background. I never get my eyebrows done and have never gotten them done in my life. From the beginning I am the one who shaped my brows from those furry little caterpillars, and I am the one who keeps up the maintenance. That being said, of course I need good tweezers to help expedite the process. I also don’t always want to stand in front of my bathroom mirror for forever, so I like to pluck my eyebrows while I am watching TV. Unfortunately the lighting in my living room is terrible, so these light-up tweezers could have totally been an amazing addition to my collection. Unfortunately they were not.

What more can you say for a pair of tweezers other than whether they work or not? This is it simply: The Diamond Collection Tweezers are perfectly aligned and pluck every hair easily, whereas the Gold Collection Tweezers are not, and do not work the same. The light on the Gold Collection Tweezers is amazing. It is the perfect brightness and really helps you see those invisible hairs. However, no matter how good the light is, it cannot make up for the fact that it will take 5-10 tries to actually pluck the hair since the tweezers just don’t seem to connect that well. It’s unfortunate, but at least I didn’t buy these tweezers at full price.


Final Thoughts

Well, it looks like I am back to shining my iPhone light on my face while plucking my eyebrows with my trusty pink bejewelled Diamond Collection Tweezers. What I need to do is find a way to attach a light to my Diamond Collection tweezers, but that will probably just ruin them or be too much trouble.

Do you have an amazing pair of tweezers? Should I bite the bullet and buy an expensive pair?

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Reviews, Day 30: Revlon Gold Series Titanium Coated Lighted Slant Tweezer VS Revlon Diamond Collection Tweezer

  1. Well at least the idea of the light was a good one lol. I wish they worked better though. I tweeze my own brows too (although I’m super lazy about it lol) so I could really use some that light up!

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