31 Days of Reviews, Day 17: Colourpop Medium Shader Brush

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Hey everyone! For today’s review I wanted to talk about one of the brushes that Colourpop just released in their brand new brush collection. I decided to get the medium shader brush because I didn’t already have anything quite that shape and size. Since brushes are brand new to Colourpop, I didn’t want to buy a whole set since they may very well be still working on making “the perfect” brushes. Therefore, I just got the one to try it out and to see if they are going in the right direction.

The day before the brushes were released, I watched the video that KathleenLights posted, and she suggested that the medium shader brush would be really good for packing super shock shadows onto the lid. Until now, I have predominantly just used my finger to do this. However, I don’t really enjoy dipping my fingers into products. I would much rather apply with a brush, because it gives you a more precise application and is less messy.


Packaging and First Impressions

I like the design of this brush, it is very simple and sleek. I don’t own any brushes with a white handle, so that is unique. However, now that I think about it, it may get dirty more quickly due to this. Other than the handle, the rest of the hardware is silver, and “Colourpop” is written in silver on the brush handle. One thing that may be a little annoying for some is that the name of the brush is not written on the handle. The brush handle is plastic, however it doesn’t feel cheap. What kind of weirds me out is that “CHINA” is printed on the handle. So I guess the brushes were either assembled in China, or parts were bought from China. This is too bad since Colourpop has always boasted to be a “Made in USA” company.

The bristles of this brush are very soft, yet firm in their shape and form. By this, I mean that they flex around the tip, but won’t flex towards the base. This makes it a really good and sturdy brush for packing shadows onto the lid. The bristles are synthetic, which is perfect for picking up product, whether it is a cream or pressed powder.





The price of this brush is $6 USD. This is incredibly affordable for a brush in my opinion, but similar in pricing to Morphe brushes (also affordable and very popular). I usually buy MAC brushes, which are often $20-30 CAD each, so one brush for a quarter of the price is amazing!

I know some people were a bit shocked when they saw that the price of the brush bundle was $78 USD (you get 12 brushes), since Colourpop is classically such an affordable brand. However, these brushes ARE sold separately and are still extremely affordable! If you go to MAC, if you go to Sephora, one face brush is going to cost you upwards of $40. 12 brushes for $78 is not the end of the world. And guess what, it is better to buy brushes separately anyways.

People often get sucked into buying these brush kits or sets, however, not all of the brushes in a kit may suit your needs. It is better to build your own brush kit with different brushes from different brands that you know will work for you, or that have good reviews. This is usually the more expensive way to do things, because brushes sold separately are typically more expensive than if you bought a bunch of brushes in a kit. However, brushes sold in sets are also usually poorer in quality than brushes that are sold separately. This is a typical complaint that I see about Morphe brushes.


Here are the claims from the Colourpop website:

“Cover your bases with this medium flat tip, firm shader brush. For powder, cream, or liquid eyeshadows or concealers.”

Colourpop is a cruelty free company and these brushes have synthetic bristles.


So far I have used this medium shader brush with Colourpop eyeshadows and some Too Faced eyeshadows from the Sweet Peach Palette. I have used this brush with a metallic shade in the “She” Palette and with a super shock shadow. With both, I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, when I used this brush with the She palette, that was also my first time using that palette. Therefore, my results may either be from this palette being formulated exceptionally well, or this brush performing very well. I was very surprised at how good the colour payoff was with this brush, even when it was dry. Of course payoff was better when the brush was wetted, however I would say that the payoff with the dry brush was better than normal. I usually use a Mac shader brush that is not synthetic, so that is probably why there was such a difference.

When using this brush with the super shock shadow, I wasn’t really expecting it to apply better than when you just use your finger. However, I think that it worked about the same as your finger. I really like this, because I don’t always like to use my finger for shadow application. If I want to precisely apply a shadow in a certain area, I need a brush. This brush has turned out to be perfect for this!

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a really reliable brush. It seems to pick up and deposit shadows really nicely, regardless of their texture and formula. This definitely makes me curious about the other brushes that Colourpop released! However, since Colourpop is crazy about releasing new products all the time, I’m sure there are even better brushes on their way to us, so I will wait for the next release.

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