One Month: Almost 700 hits

Hey everyone! Yesterday marked one month of me starting this blog and I am so pleased to see that I am about to reach 700 hits. I am really happy with the progress and so incredibly thankful for all of your support. I also am excited to say that I have my first VoxBox from Influenster on its way. Eek! My first PR (it’s basically PR right?) package with free items! I can’t wait to receive them and review them for you! With this review challenge that I am doing right now I am definitely being kept incredibly busy, but it is so worth it when I get to see your comments and likes afterwards. I have so enjoyed getting to know you all and am so thankful that I am starting to feel like I am part of the beauty blogging community. With this review challenge halfway over, I am looking forward to having more time to read all of your posts in the future!

Thank you so much again for your continued support, and I hope that you will continue to interact with my blog. I love making friends and talking with you!

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