31 Days of Reviews, Day 11: Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray

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Hey everyone and welcome to day 11 of my review challenge. Today is a simple and easy one, the Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray by Healthy Sexy Hair. I’ve been using this hairspray for at least the last 4 years, so it is definitely a go to for me.

Packaging and First Impressions

This hairspray comes in a tall metallic blue container with bold font. The nozzle works well and doesn’t drip when you are spraying the hairspray. I also am not overwhelmed by the scent, which can be the downfall of many hair products. I use one particular dry shampoo by Dove that is just sickening with how smelly it is. People literally think I am wearing perfume when I use it, so I basically don’t use it. While we are on the topic, anyone have any good dry shampoo’s they can suggest that don’t smell to high heaven?


Price and Quantity

I bought this hairspray for $22 CAD at my hair salon, and it has 256 grams (9 oz) of product. This is one of those products that does not have completely standardized pricing, so it can vary by retailer. On the Healthy Sexy Hair website it is listed at $19 USD. Ulta actually has it on sale on their website right now for $11 USD, so you should check that out!

In comparison to other products, this hairspray is maybe a bit above drugstore pricing. If we look at this as a price hierarchy, you would first have drugstore products, then salon products, then high end products in Sephora, with maybe a bit of overlap between salon and high end retailer. For drugstore, there are a lot of hairsprays offered from $5-$10 CAD, however I have never found any that satisfy all of my requirements. The salon usually offers hairsprays that range anywhere from $15-$30 CAD. And then higher end retailers like Sehpora usually offer hairsprays that are more than $30 CAD. So for the comparison I will choose one example hairspray from each level of the hierarchy. On Influenster, the Garnier Fructis Style Hold and Flex Sleek and Shine Spray gets reasonable reviews, and at Walmart is priced at $3.97 CAD for 8.25 oz. For the higher end of the spectrum one of the higher rated hairsprays is the Strong Finish Firm Hold Hairspray by Bumble and Bumble, which is priced at $33 CAD ($29 USD) for 283 grams (10 oz). Here are the comparisons from best deal to worst deal. However, keep in mind that the drugstore hairspray listed here doesn’t have the best ratings. I don’t actually know of a really good drugstore hairspray, do you? If you do please let me know.

Rank Company’s Product Mentioned Above Cost
($ CAD)
Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Garnier $4 8.25 $0.50/oz
2 Healthy Sexy Hair $22 9 $2.5/oz
3 Bumble and Bumble $33 10 $3.3/oz

As you would usually expect, of course the best deal can be found in the drugstore, while the worst deal is in the higher end retailer. However, I think the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Hairspray is a good in between option, since it works really well (as you will find out below), but doesn’t break the bank as much as higher end brands like Bumble and Bumble, Ouai and Drybar, all of which are often popularized on Youtube.


Here are the claims from the Healthy Sexy Hair website:

“Use Soy Touchable when you want natural-looking hold, volume, and shine WITHOUT the product feel. Great for humidity-resistance and controlling frizz. Also ideal for protecting hair from damaging heat styling tools & harmful UV rays.

  • Soy Hydrates, restores and protects
  • Cocoa Strengthens and protects
  • Argan Oil Protects, detangles, nourishes and controls frizz
  • Keratin Proteins Fills in gaps in the hair cuticle that are cracked, dried or damaged

Spray on finished style and layer as needed to build stronger hold without the added weight. Also ideal for protecting against heat stylist tools, offering a medium hold and intense shine.”


I personally do not have a lot of requirements when looking for a good hairspray. I basically want it to provide good hold for my hair style, and not feel crunchy. This hairspray checks both of those boxes.

My hair is typically stubborn when it comes to holding curls, however it has gotten better over time. This hairspray definitely works to help hold my curls. I also like to use this hairspray to get rid of frizz/flyaways and it does a good job at that. I have encountered a few hairsprays in my life that actually encourage flyaways (how does that work?), but this one does not do that.

My favourite thing about this hairspray is that your hair does not FEEL like it has hairspray in it! I absolutely despise using hairspray if I know I will have to have crunchy hair all day. This hairspray keeps your hair feeling smooth and silky, whether you have straightened it or curled it.

Final Thoughts

This is a great staple hairspray for me and I don’t see myself switching to any others any time soon. I don’t style my hair a lot so I don’t use hairspray all that often. However, when I do use hairspray I know that this one will work just how I need it to.

Do you have any high end or drugstore hairsprays that you love? I wouldn’t mind shopping around a bit, especially if it is a cheaper alternative!

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