31 Days of Reviews, Day 9: Scratch @NinaNailedIt Monthly Mani Kits

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Hey everyone, welcome to Day 9 of my review challenge, and my third post today! So today’s review task was to review a nail polish, however I like to make things more interesting, so I am going to be reviewing a mani kit subscription that Scratch offers. I just signed up for this service a couple months ago, so so far I have only received two months-worth of kits. However, a third is on its way and I do feel that I have a good handle on how much I like these, so lets get into it!

Packaging and First Impressions

These monthly mani kits arrive in a shiny bubble mailer that includes all of the items. Each month this kit will include an exclusive and limited edition set of nail wraps designed by @NinaNailedIt plus handpicked nail art extras to accent your manicure! For June, the kit included shark themed nail wraps, blue holographic striping tape and blue holographic triangles. For July, the kit included abstract summer nail wraps, orange flashes green duochrome glitter and gold and rose gold lightning bolts. I love that the kits also come with a cute information card, that includes instructions on the back for how to apply the nail wraps.

2017-06-16 22.42.37
Here are the items that came in June’s Monthly Mani Kit
Here are the items that came in July’s Monthly Mani Kit


Price and Quantity

The price of this subscription service is $10 USD per month, plus shipping and handling. I am in Canada and the shipping and handling is $4.99 USD and I don’t get charged customs. I’m not sure if it is more or less for other areas. For the price of only $20 CAD, you actually get a lot of really great stuff. You get 2 sets of 8 nail wraps, most of them with different designs. Within these sets of 8, some are bigger and some are smaller so that they can fit different nail bed sizes. Then, to go with the nail wraps you get two additional items to decorate your nails with.


“Each month, you will receive one set of nail wraps (8 wraps per sheet, 16 wraps total), a mini nail file, an orange stick, and hand-picked nail art extras (charms, tools, stickers, studs, or foils).

Our wraps are screen-printed on a thin adhesive with 5-free polish inks. They go on smoothly and last like real nail polish. Unlike other nail wraps, ours look like real nail polish when applied. The application requires no heat at all. Just clean hands and a clean nail surface.

With correct application, you can expect 5-7 days and even longer when encapsulated in gel or clear acrylic! I’ve gotten 12 days before taking them off with a hard gel top coat!”


Overall, I am really happy with these nail wraps. In the past I have had issues with using nail vinyls because my nails are quite curved. Jamberry nail wraps do not work for me at all. Therefore, in the past I have stuck to using water decals, which are also a great alternative.

These nail wraps are very easy to apply. You can apply them on your natural nail or on top of dry nail polish. I prefer to always apply these over nail polish (especially if the wrap is transparent) since my natural nails are quite stained from always having them painted. When applying these nail wraps, I would suggest that you apply from the center of the cuticle, down to the center of the nail to the tip. Once you have the wrap on your nail with the center flattened down from the cuticle to the tip, you can then start flattening to the right of the center and to the left of the center. Here are a few pictures in case this is confusing. You are basically trying to ensure that no air bubbles get trapped between the wrap and your nail. After application you should top with a top coat that is preferably non-quick dry.

Here you can see I have the nail wrap pressed firmly against the nail only down the center of the nail.
Then you can start working to the right –> of that center line, by pressing the nail wrap down with an orange stick. After that you can start working to the left of that center line <–

From there, you can be as creative with your mani as you would like! What I really like about these nail wraps is that you can create quite a few manicures with only the one set that you receive each month. For the shark nail wraps in June, I will be able to create 3 different manicures, and I’ve created two so far. Same goes for the July wraps. You can also extend your use by just using one wrap on one nail as a feature nail for your manicure. Here are some that I have done:

2017-06-17 17.23.00-1 (dragged).tiff




These nail wraps last a reasonably long time without chipping, around 4-6 days on me. It also really depends on how long your nails are. When my nails are longer, of course they chip faster. I also go to a kickboxing class twice a week so that means that I am a bit rougher on my nails.

Final Thoughts

I am really excited about this subscription service. It is very fun for only $20. I typically order all of my nail art supplies from Born Pretty Store, however shipping usually takes over a month which I am not the biggest fan of.

If you are into beautiful manicures that look professional but are easy to accomplish, you should definitely try out this subscription service, even if it is just for a month. Scratch has an instagram page that you can follow that showcases what other people do with their nail products. Additionally, you should check out the designer of these nail wraps, @Ninanailedit on instagram. She creates beautiful manicures and is really fun to follow!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.20.11 PM

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