Tatcha: Violet-C Radiance Mask

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This week I received my free sample of the Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask from Sephora, which was on promotion if you spent $25 on a purchase, with the code SUPERFOOD (sorry ladies, it’s not longer available). So far I have used this mask twice, and I believe that the sample size is about three masks-worth of product (I’m definitely trying to stretch this out ladies, it’s expensive).

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Upon first opening it, the mask is a lovely violet colour and is very creamy. I didn’t notice any overwhelming scent, but something that you should know about me is that I am a bit “nose-blind”. I don’t have a great sense of smell. However, I can definitely determine when something is too scented, and this is very mild, if there is any scent at all.

Here are the claims for this mask on the Tatcha website:

“What it is:
A creamy anti-aging mask packed with Japanese beautyberry, 2 types of Vitamin C and AHAs from 7 fruits that unveils softer, glowing skin.

Why it’s different:
This creamy rinse-off treatment mask features two types of Vitamin C: a water-soluble vitamin C derivative that absorbs quickly for an immediate glow and an oil-soluble vitamin C derivative that remains in skin longer, providing antioxidant protection from UV damage for brighter, more even toned skin over time.

The mask is also powered by the Japanese beautyberry, a glossy purple superfruit rich in antioxidants that was found to stabilize Vitamin C, maximizing its effectiveness.

A gentle 10 percent AHA complex of seven fruits removes debris and the buildup of dead skin cells to visibly improve skin texture and support the production of new skin cells.

Tatcha’s signature trio of Japanese anti-aging superfoods—green tea, rice, and algae—helps to restore a more youthful appearance.

Who it’s for:
Ideal for all skin types.”

After reading the claims I was definitely interested in finding out more about the Japanese Beautyberry, Callicarpa japonica, and what actual medicinal/beneficial properties it has. However, there was little to no information online. The only thing that I could find were other companies claiming that it has antioxidant properties, like those of superfruits.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 10.32.46 AM.png
This is a picture of the Japanese Beautyberry, Callicarpa japonica, which was named as such because of the striking appearance of its berries. I do not own this image, it can be found at this location.

Before applying this mask, I first cleansed and used the Pixi Glow Tonic to prep my face for the mask. The instructions are listed as follows:

“After cleansing, apply a generous, even layer to skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Can be used two to three times per week.”

I can’t say that I applied too generous a layer each time, mainly because I was trying to stretch my usage of this sample out. I don’t think you do need to be too generous, I believe most companies state that in the “how to” so that you have to repurchase the product sooner. However, that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a balance between too thin a layer and too thick a layer. I left on the mask for at least 20 minutes, but I wasn’t so careful about timing it since this isn’t a mask where you need to be afraid of over-drying your skin.

You can see that I wasn’t so careful about application (eyebrows). You can also see from here that I didn’t put on so much of the mask that it was completely opaque, just enough to give some good coverage. Isn’t the purple colour so nice?? 💜 Please excuse my hair, I had just gotten back from kickboxing.

After only two uses, usually you can’t tell much about a mask, however there are a few things you can decidedly tell:

  1. Does this cause breakouts? No, absolutely not! I have oily/combination/dry skin that I am starting to believe is sensitive, so I am always wary of trying new skincare products. However, there were no signs of pimples after using this mask.
  2. Does this over-dry or over-hydrate your skin? No! And that is what I am loving most about this mask. After washing it off, your skin feels hydrated and supple (gross word, sorry) to the touch and I absolutely love that. It also does not over-hydrate to the point where you are getting breakouts, like previously mentioned. It makes sense that balanced hydration is the immediate result of this mask, since it is supposed to be a radiance mask, which typically translates into meaning a hydrating mask. The typical masks oily/combo girls are told to use are clay masks that suck the life out of your skin for the sake of “deep cleaning”. I am realizing after a long time of trial and error that this is just not right, at least for me. Not even on a once a week basis. I only use clay masks that dry completely on my nose, which is the only area where I get noticeably oily. If I use clay masks, or any masks that dry down completely on my whole face, my cheeks and jawline area get so dry that my skin begins to overproduce oil, which causes breakouts as well, of course.
  3. This mask is supposed to give you a radiant complexion, is that a visible result? Truth be told, I always think it’s difficult to tell the effects of a face mask right after application and washing it off. However, I find that your reflection in the mirror the next morning can tell you a lot. While I didn’t notice anything significant (how could you? Your face won’t actually be glowing) either of the mornings after I had used this mask, when I looked in the mirror, I did think to myself “Wow, my skin looks really good”. Over the last 6 months I have been battling really bad and constant hormonal acne (I am 23, why are you out to get me hormones?!), so the fact that I could look in the mirror the next morning and not see any budding acne spots is pretty much a miracle. It doesn’t usually matter what skin care I use, my acne is out to get me. So not seeing anything popping up, that’s pretty remarkable and almost makes me suspect that this mask actually has some great properties to it. For a while now I have had a hunch that my “hormonal acne” has been exacerbated by dehydration. So if this mask is truly helping my acne, then I truly believe that it is very effective at hydrating your skin. In addition to this, I do think that my skin did look pretty awake, luminous and fresh. Of course this is subject to bias, but with only two uses, I am pretty excited to explore this mask further.

The take home of this story is that I will be buying the full size of this mask when I run out of my sample (and when my budget allows 🤑😢). This mask is expensive, it is $75 CAD, however I am very curious to see what the long term effects of using it are. It is supposed to be anti-aging, and I believe that that could very possibly be the case because it is so hydrating.

Have you tried this mask? Let me know if you love it as much as I do!

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