Too Faced Natural Love: More than just natural

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When the Too Faced Natural Love palette first started getting teased earlier this year, it was instant love at first sight for me. Let’s be real, the only time I believe in true love at first sight is when I am describing makeup. Am I right?! 💁

I absolutely love the colour story, and really it is more than just neutrals/natural tones. This especially comes out when you actually start to apply these shades to your eye. When this palette launched in March, I bought it immediately (yes, I stayed up into the evening watching the clock tick down on the Too Faced website until it was released). However, after the launch I barely heard anything about it ever again. There was only pre-release hype, and some reviews as to whether you should buy it or not immediately after. But barely a peep a week later. Therefore, I wanted to do a review on it now, because I was wondering and maybe some of you were too, where are you now, Natural Love Palette?

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In the palette you are, as true to the usual Too Faced style, given a heck of a ton of browns. However, in addition to this you actually get a pretty nice selection of pinks, orangey coppers, greens and purples, therefore the eye looks that you can create with this palette are actually pretty diverse (as they should be for a palette that has 30 shadows). Of these shadows, you get quite a few really nice shimmer shades, which are what I really look for in a palette, since I love the shimmer as a statement lid colour.  In addition to this, you also get a good selection of some pretty pigmented matte shades that will help you to create many complete looks, without having to dip into other palettes.

Here are the claims from Too Faced’s website:

“Too Faced Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jerrod Blandino was inspired to put a modern spin on the natural eyes concept with 30 dream shades that allow you to create the best natural look. He took the most beloved shades from past bestselling natural eye palettes and paired them with cutting-edge textures and brand new colors. Now you can go from “I woke up like this” ease to sexy, seductive and everything in between. It’s the ultimate library of natural shades developed for professional makeup artists and packaged for real, fabulous women. 


  • Rich, pigmented shadows offer true color payoff
  • Silky smooth formula blends effortlessly
  • Complementary for all skin tones
  • Includes our signature Glamour Guide with looks to get you started
  • 7 matte, 13 shimmer and 10 sparkle shades
  • 30 Eye Shadows Net Wt. 0.80 g / 0.03 Oz. Total Net Wt. 24.0 g / 0.90 Oz.
  • Formulated without Parabens
  • Formulated without Gluten”

Now, one thing that many companies do with their eyeshadow palettes, are sell them with an accompanying look book. Too Faced is absolutely one of these companies. What I wonder though is how many people actually use these, and why in these look books do they only have sketches of the look, instead of a real picture of someone who has done it? Maybe it’s easier to show which eyeshadows are used where? Maybe it doesn’t discourage people if their resultant look doesn’t look exactly like the real life picture? However, it absolutely does not give you an accurate idea of how your eyeshadow should look when you are finished. I decided to give all of the looks in this look book a try, to give a real life example, of how I think they should look.

I truly think that giving the eye looks in the look book a try should be included in a review. These are the specific eye looks that the company are trying to sell their product to accomplish. Additionally, trying out the suggested looks will allow you to get to know the palette more, and may help you get your own creative juices flowing. After following some of the suggested looks, you might have a better idea of which colours you might want to combine. You will also learn how the majority of the shadows perform, which will also help educate you in your application methods. So, without further adieu, here are my versions of the look book eye looks (say that three times fast).

Unconditional loveUnconditional love1Unconditional love2

Unconditional love ended up being a shimmery but natural look. Pink cheeks was a semi-matte/satin light pink that worked well for setting your eye primer. Cutie patootie was a pinky bronze shimmer shade that looked really beautiful when applied wet. Love bug was a shimmery deeper purple that in natural light did look a bit purple, but in some lights it was more brown-looking. Undercover was a matte deep purple with purple glitter. The glitter basically all fell out when applied, leaving you with a matte purple, which I actually preferred for the purpose of using it on the lash line. A matte shade with glitter that falls out is typical in Too Faced palettes, however there are only ever one or two of these, and they still work well as mattes (great if you prefer mattes over shimmer).

True loveTrue love2True love1

True love ended up turning into a silvery look with a hint of green. Spotlight was a creamy yellow matte shade that was good for setting your eye primer. Moonbeam was sort of a pewter/tanned shimmery silver. It was pretty pigmented and was especially amazing when applied wet. Nudie was used in the crease, was a light brown and blended nicely. Smokin’ was a shimmery deeper toned ashy green that actually ended up being pretty shimmery on the outer corner. Earlier this week I posted on instagram a video of me showing how shimmery this eye look was. I can’t post videos on here, but here is the link

Lust to loveLust to love1:(

Lust to love really surprised me. Look how green it turned out! Does that look anything like the sketch in the look book? I promise I followed the directions lol. Spotlight was the creamy yellow matte shade previously mentioned. Smokin’ is that vibrant green shade that you see there, and yes I did wet my brush for this shimmer. Night Fever was used in the inner and outer corners and this again is the shade that had crazy fallout. I’m also not sure how much of the shimmer from that shade actually made it onto the lid. All of the glitter may have just fallen out and it turned into more of a deepening matte shade on the lid. Stiletto is a pretty good black. It blended well, however it could have been more pigmented.

Love at first sightLove at first sight1Love at first sight4Love at first sight2

Love at first sight was definitely the girly look of the bunch. Poodle was a very shimmery light pink that was used on the whole lid. I, personally, do not like shimmery brow highlights, so this was a bit much for me. You can see how much light my brow bone is reflecting in these pictures lol. Bunny nose was a bit of a disappointing shade. In the pan it appears to be quite a bright potent peony pink, however it ended up being more shimmery than pigmented. I even used it wet and it still didn’t have a lot of colour to it. You can see on my lids the colour is quite muted. With this look, love bug again looked purple in some lights, and brownish in others. Although, you could definitely notice the purple in this look a bit more, maybe because of the colour scheme of the whole look. Tickle me was kind of a strange inner corner highlight to use with this look in my opinion, because it was pretty yellow. However, it had a nice shimmer and was used wet.

Love sweet love

Love sweet love1

Love sweet love was actually a portion of a look I had already created on my own before using the look book. When doing this look on my own I had gone one step further and added Hot & bothered to the lid to give it that added extra orange coppery feel. However, this look on its own turned out really nicely. Lace teddy was a light peachy pink that worked well for setting your eye primer. Makeup & chill is a really nicely pigmented matte brown that is great for deepening up the crease. It blended really nicely. Honeymoon was actually a pretty beautiful shade that appeared satiny but also slightly duochrome as you can see in the photo above. This was probably my favourite look out of all of them.

Puppy lovePuppy love2Puppy love1

Puppy Love was a nice look to create. Yes, this one is natural. Heaven is a nice cream colour that works well for setting your eye primer. Push-up was a really nice shimmery brown, however I did use it wet to intensify it a bit. Makeup & chill was that very blendable deep brown that I mentioned earlier. I found Night fever was a bit of a bizarre shade to deepen the outer corner with, since I only usually use mattes in the transition area and the outer corner (however, there are no rules in makeup). This shade had a lot of fallout so you need to tap off your brush like a maniac. Additionally, fairy tale, which was used in the inner corner was the chunkiest glitter shade in the palette. For this one I also wetted the brush and that helped it adhere to the lid a bit better. The only thing I would have liked to see incorporated into this look, and how I would usually do my eyeshadow, is  a few more matte transition shades in the crease. In this look, you are told to go directly into Makeup & chill which is a rich matte brown. I find building up the crease slowly with some lighter shades will give you a more natural gradation in colour, and it won’t allow you to make a big mistake right away.

My final thoughts on this palette

  • It has quite a few different light shades for setting your eye primer. Because you have a few different shades from different colour families they will provide a good base for whatever look you are creating.
  • I would advise using the shimmers wet. They were fine dry, but just fine. Using them wet definitely amped up the intensity for most of them.
  • When following the look book, I would suggest throwing in a few more transition shades even if it doesn’t instruct you to do so. Use paler mid tone shades, and intensify as you go. You will end up with a more natural, professional eyeshadow look.
  • Tap off your brush with all the shades, especially the shades on the far right vertical row. The eyeshadow formula that Too Faced uses is very powdery (or crazy glittery like that last vertical row), and that’s ok, but you should use precautions. These include tapping off your brush after dipping into the shadow, doing your eye makeup before your face makeup, or applying a generous amount of translucent powder to your under eye that you can then swipe away after you are done your eyes.

Overall, I really do like this palette and I do believe that it was worth the money. You can get a lot of versatile looks out of it. While some of the instructions and the pictures in the look book may be a bit misleading/not the best information you could have, the looks still turned out pretty damn good. What do you think?

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19 thoughts on “Too Faced Natural Love: More than just natural

  1. Love this post! The eye looks are very pretty on you! However I can’t get over how different they actually are in comparison to the sketches they give you with the palette. I’d never given it much thought before now! 🙂

  2. Your makeup skills amaze me as always!
    Great idea on using the look book to create your looks for the review, the idea didn’t even occur to me. I normally glance through look books once and then recycle them xD

    1. Hahahah totally! Well they’re so weird how they are drawings. They look nothing like the real life product half of the time lol. And thank you so much! These were in my early days of taking photos, and looking through them now I think the photos could be better, but that’s ok! I’ll choose to think of it as that I have made progress 😋

      1. I thought they were highly photoshopped pictures, but now that you say drawings it makes a lot of sense!
        Yes progress! I cringe looking through my old flatlays sometimes, but we have to start somewhere 😄

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