Givenchy: Rouge Interdit Lipstick

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Today I decided to give my most bougie lipstick a try, Rouge Interdit by Givenchy. I received a promotional deluxe size through an online Sephora purchase and I have been itching to try it ever since. I am definitely all about getting those smaller lip samples, as I very rarely go through a whole mini, let alone a full-sized lip product. I have like 50 after all…. Anyways, after researching this lipstick that goes for $40 CAD (!), I have been extremely excited to try it, despite my current summer trend of only wearing nude glosses. The promotional sample came in the shade No. 23 Fuchsia-In-The-Know, which is the perfect stand-out fuschia colour for the summer (if you aren’t stuck on nudes like me).

2017-07-18 18.44.33

Here are the claims for this lipstick on the Givenchy website (they are lengthy):

“Givenchy has unveiled its new Rouge Interdit. This sensual, signature red lipstick is guaranteed to make a mark and turn heads. With long-lasting wear, absolute comfort and a vibrant, satin color, this is the perfect lipstick for any occasion.

Its creamy, silky texture arises from a combination of cutting-edge ingredients with unprecedented performances. Only Givenchy uses the precious oil of the dark and enigmatic black rose in its lip beauty products. This oil helps keep lips soft and moisturized, while other feather-light oils create a sheer layer so unbelievably weightless you’ll forget it’s there, providing endless comfort and unparalleled texture.

The AbsoluteColor complex contains micronized pigments and highly reflective, perfectly even crystals that accentuate the depth and glow of the shade.
Designed for the beauty devotee, this lipstick is available in twenty-four shades to suit any fashion look.”

2017-07-18 21.10.022017-07-18 21.12.13

Before actually knowing what the claims of this lipstick were, I gave it a wear test. Upon first application, I was delightfully surprised. It was extremely emollient, and felt like a gel-type of lipstick. The texture is exactly as if you are wearing lip balm, it is so smooth and glides on very evenly with no tugging or effort at all. It also applies thinly, so you don’t have to be afraid of it wearing out of your lipline. I did not wear a lip liner with this lipstick. Although it applies in a thin layer, it is extremely pigmented with one swipe. You do not need to layer it and it is not patchy. When I was first applying it, it definitely reminded me of the Smashbox Legendary lipstick, however the Smashbox lipstick is a tiny bit stiffer, and less emollient.

2017-07-18 18.37.45

2017-07-18 20.13.42
Unfortunately I took this photo on snapchat, so the colour of the lipstick is a bit drained.

The finish of this lipstick is quite glossy and looks very luscious. It just makes your lips look downright juicy. Again, it is lip balm-like. Throughout the day, although it was not transfer proof (and it does not claim to be), the pigment still remained through eating and drinking, requiring barely any touch ups. This lipstick lasted well on me for 5 hours and was hydrating. A 5 hour wear time is amazing for a lipstick that is not matte. Moreover, in terms of hydration, I naturally have very dry and sensitive lips, and even some lip balms can dry out my lips. That being said, by the end of the day of wearing this lipstick, my lips had not gained any texture or areas where they felt like they might peel. Additionally, when this lipstick does wear down, the glossiness goes down without the loss of pigmentation. And most of all, the pigmentation wears down evenly! So you do not need to be worrying about constantly looking in the mirror as the day goes on, wondering if you need to touch up.

In conclusion, I believe that this lipstick is great. It’s moisturizing, long-wearing for a hydrating lipstick, and it is very pigmented. While I am not typically one to spend $40 on one lipstick, I might consider it in the future if I do run through my sample, or if I want to try out some of the different colours in the line (there are 24!). However, one thing to keep in mind is that this is only a review of one colour in the line. Depending on the type of pigment, lipsticks can wear and perform differently within the same line of products. However, this is not always the case, sometimes one colour can be representative of the rest.

Have you tried this line of lipsticks? What do you think?

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.20.11 PM

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