🔥UD Naked Heat🔥 : Maybe not as hot as you think..

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I think we all know that the build up for the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was insane. Not only was the instagram propaganda full throttle with pictures of swatches, they also had 4 pre-release dates, two on the UD website and two on Sephora, which is nothing that I have seen before.

I know when I saw the first images of it, it was love at first sight. The packaging was stunning and the colour story inside looked amazing with what I thought would be a good range of colours other than just oranges. They had some lighter shades, and even a deeper purple, which I thought was really interesting. Additionally, the palettes in the Naked range typically only have 2 mattes (This is true for at least Naked and Naked 3). Naked Heat is very different, in that it has 8 matte shadows. Wow what a difference! I do appreciate that, since I, and most of the makeup community, refuse to use shimmer shadows in the crease. This means you will less likely need to dip into other palettes and shadows to finish off or deepen your look.

I have definitely gotten to the point where what I look for in a palette is colour diversity. For example, when the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette was re-released, I was absolutely all over it, merely because of the range in colour and the endless possibilities for eye looks. Naked palettes in the past have definitely been a bit limited when it comes to colour selection. I personally own the original Naked and Naked 3, and they are respectively, very limited to browns and golds, and rose tones only.  Therefore, when I saw the colour selection for the Naked Heat palette, I was ecstatic. I ordered it during the first pre-release sale on Sephora. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to receive it in the mail, and I posted about it on insta right away.

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I was very happy with the creation of my first look.The shadows were very pigmented and blended easily. They were true to the typical UD eyeshadow formula, which I have always regarded as one of the best. The original UD Naked palette was my first high-end eyeshadow palette purchase and I have never regretted it. There was a decent amount of fallout when using the matte shadows, however that is not something that ever bothers me. All you have to do is take a couple extra precautions, such as doing your eye makeup before your face makeup and tapping off your brush after dipping into the pan and applying to the eyelid. If you are doing your eyes after your face makeup, apply a generous amount of translucent powder on your under eye. After you are done with your eye makeup, you can swipe away that powder, and no fallout should remain.

2017-06-26-12-17-35.jpgAlthough my first look was definitely successful, and I was happy with the performance of the shadows, the next time I worked with the palette, I couldn’t help feeling less than impressed. I will reiterate, there is nothing wrong with the quality and the performance of the shadows, they are just like the other naked palettes, however I am very disappointed with the colour selection once they are applied to the eyes. Here is my second look, which again was easy to create with the blendability of the shadows.

2017-06-29 19.58.03Here is the problem, and this is a big problem for me. Shimmer shadows are what make an eye look for me. When I am looking for a new palette to purchase, my first requirement is that there are some great shimmer shadows that will act as a statement colour on the lid. Enter Naked Heat: The three shimmer shadows in the middle, lumbre, dirty talk, and scorched, look exactly the same on the eye, even though when finger swatched you can see subtle differences between them.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 5.46.05 PMI tried them dry, I tried them wet. To add further insult to injury, the shimmer/metallic shadows didn’t look shimmery on the eye at all, even when used wet! They basically looked like a satin on the eye, so that was the most disappointing part. To me, this is absolutely crazy, because UD makes some of the most amazing shimmery/metallic shadows out there. So, while I am happy with the resultant looks that I got out of the palette on the surface of things, I am very disappointed with the versatility and the performance of the shimmer shadows. I knew I would only get 2-5 looks from this palette initially because of the typical small colour range of naked palettes, but realistically I’m only going to get 2-3 because there is no variation in lid shimmer shades. This makes it very difficult to justify this purchase, given it is around $70 CAD. I am actually considering returning it, but it’s hard since the packaging is so beautiful, and the matte shadows are great quality.

Has anyone else found that those shimmer shades are too similar? Let me know what you think! Should I keep it?

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8 thoughts on “🔥UD Naked Heat🔥 : Maybe not as hot as you think..

  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I think these looks are great. I have the Naked 3 palette and was initially disappointed that the two lightest shimmer shades looked similar, but I’m kind of grateful now that I’m hitting pan on one of them (built in backup!)

    1. That’s definitely a great point!! Although I think in Naked heat’s case, a double back up is a bit overkill 😝

    1. Thank you! I’m definitely torn about this one.. Interestingly, I can actually get a similar look to what this palette provides from the Too Faced Natural Love palette.

  2. Great post! But oh what a shame about the shimmer shades….my favourite ever shimmer shade is Half Baked from UD and I’ve always thought that their shimmers were good! I’m so torn whether to buy this palette or not and now I’m leaning more towards not…

    1. Aw yeah it’s hard. If you have other palettes that have a warm colour scheme then you can probably get away with not… At least it is permanent so you can take your time thinking about it. Maybe go swatch it in store if you can.

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