Essence: Satin Touch Blush

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Last week I decided to give two blushes from Essence a try when looking for new drugstore products to haul. I am continually walking through Shopper’s Drugmart looking for sales, and they had a deal going where if you bought 2, you got 1,500 shoppers points. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I find it takes a really long time to rack up those points! These products were only $3.99 CAD I believe, so $8 for 1,500 points was a great deal in my opinion. The only product that I had used from Essence up until that point was their Pure Nude highlighter, which is definitely the most affordable highlighter I have ever purchased, and looks amazing on fair-light skin. So, for these blushes I bought the (only?) shades 10 satin coral (left and top swatch) and 20 satin love (right and bottom swatch).


Satin coral is a muted coral colour whereas satin love is more of an antique rose. So far, I have been really impressed.

I looked on the company’s website but I didn’t see a written description of the blushes on there, other than they should have a satin finish, however there was a was short description on the Shopper’s Drugmart website:

“Blush addicted! This new, silky-soft, highly pigmented powder blush instantly provides your cheeks with glowing color and a light pearl effect.”

The formula is definitely very soft and buttery and it glides easily onto the cheek. It blends beautifully and they are quite pigmented, but not so much that you will get in trouble with them. I was actually quite surprised with the pigmentation. When buying both shades, my thought process was that I probably would not be able to wear the satin love shade until my summer tan had faded a bit, since I am definitely a LOT darker right now than I am during the winter months. I was surprised to find that satin love did show up on my cheeks! I truly think satin love is the shade that will be beautiful year-round, whereas satin coral is a summer essential. Both shades add a beautiful glow, however they appeared matte (to me) so they don’t emphasize texture. I wouldn’t say that I noticed a pearl effect in particular. At this point I have worn both shades several times and they each lasted for at least 8 hours. This is amazing for such a reasonably priced product! Essence is probably the most affordable makeup company I have found that is sold in Canada. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover on their website that they are cruelty-free, which is really in unique in the drugstore game. I will definitely be looking out for more products from this company, who seems to produce great makeup basics!

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