My origin story: Never thought I would blog.. (Cliche upon cliche)

I feel like most everyone says previously to starting a blog, that they would never be caught dead blogging. This girl right here.

2016-12-03 23.18.06

I’m not totally interested in drawing attention to myself, I don’t want to pretend like I am something I am not, or infer that my opinion is important. However, just under a year ago I became intensely obsessed with makeup (Hi, my name is Nova and I am a makeup addict [are there AA meetings for makeup addicts??!]).

Up until last September, I had been an undergraduate student just barely making it in terms of cash flow. This meant I was only buying the bare minimum makeup, and I wasn’t really interested in exploring more beauty products than I had to. I used foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara. I only wore eyeshadow on special occasions. I had never used bronzer, and to be fair highlighter was just becoming popular so I wasn’t that out of touch. I had other hobbies that took up whatever excess money I had, which wasn’t a lot given I had to 100 % support myself as a “starving student”, with no help from family whatsoever. Last September, I started my MSc in Biology, and luckily they pay you for that. Not very much, I am still basically living at the poverty line, however all of a sudden I had a little leeway with money.

In October 2016, I decided it was time to revamp my whole skin care routine. I was clueless, but not so clueless that I didn’t know things should change soon if I wanted to prevent any signs of aging. I was 22 and the years were starting to tick by pretty quickly. I saw that Sephora had begun to offer mini facials so I decided to go in to get one to determine what new products I should get to make up my skin care routine. What started out as only a plan to get new skin care, turned into an afternoon with a mini facial and a mini makeover that led me to buy skincare items as well as some new makeup products. My humble first ideas of evolving my skincare turned into an $800+ purchase. Can you say oops?! That my friends, is what has gotten me addicted to makeup and skin care. I have always been a strong believer of therapy through shopping, I was certainly raised that way, but this day opened me up to a whole new world of items to buy.

As I have continued to purchase new products (continually–totally obsessed–can’t stop) I have been wanting an outlet to record my observations of these new products (every once in a while my analytical nature may come through, I am a biology grad student and that’s all about observation!). Lately, I have been getting more into instagram and have been trying to post every day, although a blog is the best place to post true and thorough reviews. To be honest, my true dream as I watch video upon video of beauty youtubers is to eventually begin receiving free products for the purpose of reviewing them. I know I am not unique in this way, everyone wants free products! So this is my bid to try to accomplish that feat. I am a member with influenster and chickadvisor, so hopefully one of these days they will trust me to be a product reviewer. In the meantime, I buy enough  products on my own to get started, so here we go!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.20.11 PM

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Originator of SUPERNOVABEAUTY. In order to escape the 9-5 life of a graduate student slave, I have devoted myself deeply to beauty products. I am very passionate about trying the latest and the greatest and can definitely say that I am an addict. At all hours of the day you can find me watching beauty tutorials and reviews by some of youtube's most influential, such as Tati, Kathleenlights, Roxette Arisa, jeffreestar and JAMbeauty89.

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